Style Scout: Lars Erickson


Clothing details: Van suede shoes, $50; jeans, $2, Goodwill; shirt, $2, Goodwill.

Name: Lars Erickson

Age: 19

Hometown: Ten miles east of Lawrence near De Soto

Time in Lawrence: I’m a freshman.

Occupation: I’m studying mechanical engineering but I want to minor in entrepreneurship.

Dream job: I want to own a longboarding company. Ideally, I’ll be making enough money to have my own sailboat to sail around the world and just bum out.

What were you doing when scouted? I was skateboarding/longboarding this hill. It’s not really popular in Lawrence but I’m just out here spreading the stoke — trying to make (longboarding) popular here.

Describe your style: My style, I’d say, is pretty unique. I definitely go for cheap. So you know Goodwill? That’s where it’s at! This shirt was like $3 and it was probably never been worn before. It’s flamboyant and colorful. I definitely like that kind of stuff. Also, I always wear suede shoes: I have like seven pairs.

Fashion trends you love: I like five-panel hats. They come in the most ridiculous designs. I have a space one. So if you get a telescope and look into my hat you can see constellations.

Fashion trends you hate: I just think when people wear the same stuff it’s not exciting. I don’t want to be super judgmental but I think you got to wear your own style!

Fashion influences: I get them from the longboarding community. Plus I’m sponsored by a boardshop in Portland, Ore. If you go to a longboarding sesh, everyone is wearing beach shirts and chilling out. It’s all high-fives and positive vibes.

What would you like to see more or less of in Lawrence? More people doing their own thing. Less of? No way. Lawrence is great! I love the atmosphere, and concerts at the Granada and Bottleneck are awesome.

Whom do people say you look like? Once at camp, when I grew my hair out, I was called Harry Styles from One Direction.

What type of music do you like? Alternative indie folk to super old-school rap. But I love all music: instrumentals, trumpets to trombones and piano.

Tell us a secret: Over the past four years I have been building longboards in my parents’ basement and I’m about to launch a real company called Bare Necessity Boards.


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