Stories for August 2014


Sunday, August 31

Lawrence Arts Center resident artists explore the human body in printmaking, ceramic figures

Printmaker Tonja Torgerson and ceramist Gunyoung Kim were selected for the highly competitive Lawrence Arts Center resident artists program. They will spend the next year teaching classes, taking part in community-driven programs and creating a body of work for an exhibition at the end of the year. The center offers curatorial and technical assistance in ensuring the artists fulfill their vision. Torgerson and Kim stood out among the 60 to 70 applicants because of the many ways they have explored techniques in their respective fields.

Friday, August 29

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Today in Lawrence: Final Friday, live music, Wizard of Oz screening, poetry

Today in Lawrence: Final Friday, live music, Wizard of Oz screening, poetry at Eighth Street Taproom

Thursday, August 28

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Today in Lawrence: Rain likely; festival down the road; Raven readings

Today in Lawrence: Rain likely; festival down the road in DeSoto lets summer last a little bit longer; authors set for Raven readings.

Lawrence Fall Music Preview 2014

The Lawrence music scene is relatively quiet in the summer. We lose some of our most-devoted concertgoers when Kansas University students go home. But the silence is finally over. Mark your calendars now for nationally touring bands, jazz ensembles, emerging artists, musicals and other acts making their way through town this fall. Here’s a preview to get you started:

Wednesday, August 27

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Off the Beaten Plate: Sausage Pie at Daylight Donuts

Kind of like a jelly doughnut’s strange, savory cousin.

Style Scout: Emma Bayless

Tell us a secret: I’ve watched “The Notebook” every day for the last 10 days. Sometimes twice a day... Embarrassing!

Style Scout: Cameron Gentry Iturri-Carpenter

What would you like to see more or less of in Lawrence? More murals and beautiful art on the side of buildings.

The Fashion Column Twins: Fall denim preview

Fall is all about the denim. Everyone should have a great assortment of denim for building a stylish fall wardrobe. It’s usually the foundation to any outfit, so you’re going to need options.

Cooking From Scratch: Preserving tomatoes

A jar of preserved tomatoes is a wondrous thing. It carries the overabundance of summer into winter, and with a few tucked away in your pantry you can have a homemade dinner on the table in the time it takes to cook spaghetti.

Fix-It Chick: Replace a Delta Monitor shower cartridge

Replacing the cartridge on your Delta Monitor single handle shower faucet is a simple and affordable way to eliminate annoying leaks, drips and a host of other problems.

Garden Variety: The root of the problem

When tree roots push above the soil surface, they can make it difficult to maintain a lawn or other groundcover. But chopping them out, piling mounds of soil over them, or shaving off the tops of the roots can impair the livelihood of the tree. To get trees and lawns (or other plants) to coexist, the best solution is to understand what is causing the problem in the first place.

Megan on the Move: Learning to let it go

“There is a huge amount of freedom that comes to you when you take nothing personally.” — Miguel Ruiz

Home Style: Getting your decor in touch with nature

Here’s a simple home-decorating plan: Spend a lot of time outdoors, connect with your surrounding by noticing and collecting natural pieces along the way, arrange those items around your home in a way that feels good.

Lawrence Magazine celebrates 10 years with local art exhibition

The Lawrence Public Library is hosting its first-ever art show opening event this Final Friday to celebrate local artists in the “Vision of Lawrence” exhibition.

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Today in Lawrence: Community forum on the Arab-Israeli conflict; hip hop at the Granada

Today in Lawrence: Community forum on the Arab-Israeli conflict; hip hop at the Granada

Bite Sighs: Apple oatmeal bread worth your time

Bread-making is, truth be told, a little time consuming. It can also be tricky if you don’t pay attention to what your hands are telling you. On the other hand, the amazing smell (and taste) of freshly-baked bread makes almost any amount of effort worth it.

Tuesday, August 26

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Today in Lawrence: Take a swim to beat the heat; help orphans in Tanzania

Today in Lawrence: Take a swim to beat the heat; help orphans in Tanzania.

Monday, August 25

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Today in Lawrence: Heatwave continues; live country music; Audubon program

Today in Lawrence: Heatwave continues; live country music every Monday; Audubon program looks at Baker Wetlands.

Sunday, August 24

Documentary 'After Tiller' to air on PBS

Lana Wilson and Martha Shane’s Sundance award-winning documentary “After Tiller” will premiere nationally on PBS on Sept. 1.

Kansas City Connection: Bakeries for any diet, and the return of Irish Fest

While more and more restaurants are offering gluten-free options and low-carb alternatives to bread, pastries and baked goods, I can’t seem to get enough of the stuff.

The Dinner Party Project: Bringing art to the table

Local artist Emily Kate Johnson caters more than just the food at her dinner party events — she also caters artwork, serving up conversations with and about artists along with fine dining.

Saturday, August 23

Faith Forum: In light of Robin William's recent passing, do you think faith can help fight depression? How?

Rob Baldwin, Trinity Episcopal Church, and Edna Mosher, Unity Church of Lawrence, answer.

Friday, August 22

KU coffee shops going local with rebranding

Coffee drinkers on the Kansas University campus will soon be seeing a lot of airplanes. KU is rebranding its various coffee shops and stations to highlight their affiliation with a Kansas City, Mo., based coffee company that air-roasts its own beans and features a vintage propeller plane in its logo. By Sara Shepherd

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Today in Lawrence: Buskers or bust; hot rods and fiddling competition

Today in Lawrence: Street performers invade downtown Lawrence at the Seventh Annual Lawrence Busker Festival; hot rods and fiddling competition take over South Park.

Thursday, August 21

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Today in Lawrence: Getting hotter, candidate potluck, Busker Ball and Sharknado 2

Today in Lawrence: Getting hotter, candidate potluck, Busker Ball and Sharknado 2

Wednesday, August 20

The new kids on the block at the Lawrence Busker Fest

Five Busker Fest newcomers to look out for this year including poets, a ping pong manipulator and a comic daredevil.

Mad for midcentury modern: the retro room makeover

Characterized by simplicity, clean lines and sleek form, midcentury modern is considered the edited interior design style; its key motto is “less is more.” Here is some decorating advice from some experts of the style.

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Off the Beaten Plate: Thousand year egg at Panda and Plum Garden

This Chinese treat looks like a 1,000-year-old hard-boiled egg. It doesn’t taste THAT old — but it sure doesn’t taste new.

Critter Buzz: The dreaded nail trim

Nothing strikes fear in the hearts of pet owners more than THE DREADED NAIL TRIM. It is a necessary but often terrifying event in which both pet and owner wage a battle of wills that frequently results in hurt feelings, wounded pride and physical trauma.

Style Scout: Treet Alan Ward

Describe your style: It’s probably the same things I have been wearing since sixth or seventh grade: band T-shirts and either jeans or cargo shorts. I am not as fashionable as I appear to be!

Style Scout: Carly Griffith

Fashion influences: Music! Stevie Nicks is my role mode, pretty much. I also get a lot of inspiration from Disney movies. I love the villains in movies ever since I was little. Cruella de Vil was who got me into fashion.

The Fashion Column Twins: A secret summer accessory

Summer and scarves are two words that usually aren’t in the same sentence, but they really are a great accent to any outfit.

Family Adventures: A wild time at the zoo

Animals, education and fun for the whole family at the Kansas City Zoo.

Fix-It Chick: Use a block and tackle

If you have a heavy load to lift, using a series of pulleys and a rope, otherwise known as a block and tackle, will give you a mechanical advantage roughly equal to the number of pulleys used.

Garden Variety: Tougher poison ivy

Can poison ivy really get any worse? For gardeners and outdoor enthusiasts who regularly encounter poison ivy, the rumors that the plant is becoming more abundant are starting to look true.

On the Cheap: Dollar for dollar deals

Every dollar counts when you are on a budget, and the local dollar stores can help you make the most of them.

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Today in Lawrence: Kennel Club dog walk; domestic violence seminar

Today in Lawrence: Explore the myths and facts surrounding domestic violence; take your dog for a walk with the Jayhawk Kennel Club.

Fair's fare: The best baked goods from this year's county fair

Here are the recipes for the top baked goods from this year’s Douglas County Fair, provided by the Douglas County K-State Research and Extension Office.

Tuesday, August 19

Filmmaker seeks 'Lessons from Exes' for upcoming project

Set aside the emotional baggage and once-shared cat. Did any of your exes leave you with practical advice you still use? An area artist is seeking those stories for a film project. By Sara Shepherd

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Today in Lawrence: Heat, art and City Commission

Today in Lawrence: It's going to be another hot one; get into the air conditioning at the Lawrence Arts Center or the City Commission meeting.

Monday, August 18

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Today in Lawrence: Vocal auditions for teens, quilter's class for beginners

Today in Lawrence: Vocal auditions for teens, quilter's class for beginners

Sunday, August 17

KU student's film selected for Kentucky festival

Kansas University visual arts student Allison Flom recently had a short film selected to be in the 2014 Autumn Shorts Film Festival in Somerset, Ky., this September.

Kansas City Connection: Going on a bacon run

Kansas City loves its 5Ks. Whether it’s a novelty run involving colorful powders and glow lights, or a long-established charitable event, you’ll find races every weekend throughout the warmer months.

Entries for Hughes Creative Writing Awards being accepted

Submissions to the 2015 Langston Hughes Creative Awards are now being accepted through Dec. 18.

Pledging through paint: John Sebelius peers into college greek life

John Sebelius's “Do You Know Who My Father Is?!” exhibit at the Arts Center explores the vibrant Greek life by painting images found in photos from public Facebook profiles of Kansas University students.

Friday, August 15

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Today in Lawrence: Weekend heats up; stage shows, Quantrill's remembrance and Museum Day

Today in Lawrence: Weekend heats up; stage shows, Quantrill's remembrance and Museum Day

Thursday, August 14

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Today in Lawrence: Sunny day, opera treat and writers join forces

Today in Lawrence: Sunny day, opera treat and writers join forces

Ensemble Ibérica to perform flamenco with a twist at Lied Center concert

Ensemble Ibérica will serve up traditional Spanish sounds — mixed with other musical influences from around the globe — to Lawrence audiences with its new show, "Flamenco Mío," Friday night at the Lied Center Pavilion, 1600 Stewart Drive.

Natural History Museum to celebrate member support and new exhibits

The Kansas University Natural History Museum is highlighting new exhibits and showing an outdoor film for its first-ever members day this Saturday.

Teen drama miniseries to premiere this weekend

“A Band Apart” will premiere this Saturday at the Lawrence Arts Center followed by a Q&A session with the cast and first-time filmmaker Grace X. Oliver.

Fashion Column Twins: 8 classic staples for every closet

When we are drawing blanks on what to wear, we always go back to the staples that everyone should have in their wardrobe. It’s almost like our “backup” outfit if nothing else is working. These pieces will always be in style and have you looking your best with little to no effort.

Off the Beaten Buy: Nose eyeglasses holder at Kretyen

This mustached nose eyeglasses holder may be a bit comical, but it's completely practical for those who can never seem to find their glasses.

Beat the heat with ovenless cooking

After a long day at work, turning on the oven to make dinner when it’s 90 degrees outside may not sound appealing. But there are many alternatives for dinner that don’t involve heating up the kitchen and also use fresh produce that is abundant at this time of year.

Cooking from Scratch: Celebrate tomato season with homemade mayo

Whether you like to slice into beefy heirlooms or you’re popping cherry tomatoes into your mouth like candy, there can be no doubt that tomato season has arrived in the Lawrence area. My favorite way to celebrate the season is by making a thick, stacked bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich.

Style Scout: Trevor Langer

Whom do people say you look like? When I wear my glasses, people say I look like Clark Kent or Superman.

Style Scout: Meredith Brownell

Tell us a secret: In fourth grade, I could beat every boy in my class in arm wrestling.

Garden Variety: Saving flowers for winter decor

A couple of years ago, I made it a habit to cut bouquets from my garden throughout the summer. Even a small arrangement on the corner of a desk or the middle of the dining room table brightened the time spent on chores that prevented me from being outdoors. This summer, I am taking it a step further by drying some of the blossoms for fall and winter decorations.

Fix-It Chick: Install a pre-hung interior door

Installing an interior pre-hung door is best accomplished with two people, a large box of shims and a box of 10d finish nails.

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Off the Beaten Plate: Grilled octopus at Genovese

This antipasti dish at Genovese has a few tentacles and suction cups.

Lawrence Opera Theatre celebrates anniversary with 'Don Giovanni'

Lawrence Opera Theatre is diving into uncharted territory this summer with their first full-scale opera production in conjunction with their five-year anniversary celebration.

Wednesday, August 13

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Today in Lawrence: Art exhibit visit; Nerd Nite economics

Today in Lawrence: Another gorgeous day; art exhibit visit; Nerd Nite economics

Delicious/Nutritious: Peachy keen

Juicy and sweet, peaches are the dribble-down-your-chin favorite of summer. They work well in pretty much every course of an August dinner menu, adding warm-weather flavor to everything from salad to soup to entrees or dessert. You can even grill them!

Tuesday, August 12

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Today in Lawrence: Great weather for makerspace and blood drive

Today in Lawrence: Great weather for makerspace meetup and blood drive

Monday, August 11

Lawrence announces hiring of arts and culture director

A woman currently serving as a public art coordinator for Denver has been hired as Lawrence’s first arts and culture director, the city announced today. Christina McClelland is scheduled to begin her new job here on Sept. 29.

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Today in Lawrence: Sun, science and rock mockumentary 'This Is Spinal Tap'

Today in Lawrence: A beautiful day filled with science and rock mockumentary 'This Is Spinal Tap'

Sunday, August 10

Kansas City Connection: Celebrate the best of KC's international flavor

At Kansas City’s 35th annual Ethnic Enrichment Festival, a handful of cash is your ticket to a culinary tour that would otherwise take thousands of dollars and many years of travel to complete.

Renowned sculptor to host assemblage workshop for kids

Fantastic realist sculptor Kris Kuksi is hosting a 3-D assemblage workshop at the Lawrence Arts Center this month.

Writing on the walls: The art of graffiti

When an art form is viewed as vandalism in the eyes of the law, the challenge for the artists responsible is as much about how to create as about what to create. Graffiti is such an art form, with authorities quick to document the crime and property owners eager to scrub the paint off. To protect themselves, graffiti artists rarely reveal their true identities, and as a result don't always receive recognition for their work. And the ones that do come out of hiding risk being arrested. So it begs the question: Is creating graffiti art worth the risk? We asked some local graffiti artists, law enforcement and art experts to find out.

Friday, August 8

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Today in Lawrence: Fair fun, ConfabuLarryum, rummage sale

Today in Lawrence: Fair fun, treasure hunting at rummage sale and creative festival for your weekend!

Thursday, August 7

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Today in Lawrence: More rain, Vinland Fair and Dinner and a Movie

Today in Lawrence: More rain, Vinland Fair and Dinner and a Movie downtown on Vermont Street

Wednesday, August 6

Megan on the Move: It's the little things

I've taken a lot of those personality inventories over the course of my professional life, and they all say the same thing: "You like to start things. You are energetic and like being social. You have control issues. You are lame with details."

Style Scout: Alyssa Hudler

Tell us a secret: Messy buns are always OK!

Style Scout: Tony Shepherd

What would you like to see more or less of in Lawrence? More creativity and individuality. Less of? No more basketball shoes with jeans and pants. That has got to stop.

Family Adventures: Time to hit the trails

One of my favorite Lawrence amenities is the abundance of well-maintained and nearby trails. The following are some that have features that are particularly fun for kids. They're also all under 2 miles, which makes them definitely small-leg friendly.

The Fashion Column Twins: Hidden treasures at Essential Goods

Elizabeth and I love small boutique shops with everything from local handmade jewelry to one-of-a-kind gifts. Essential Goods is one of those places.

Garden Variety: Summer flowering bulbs

If you take a walk around the neighborhood to get ideas for your garden, the plants putting on their greatest show this month are summer-flowering bulbs.

Lawrence Libations: Hog Wash Sazerac at 715

It may not be the most appetizing of names, but true fans of the classic sazerac cocktail will swoon over this smoky signature 715 rendition.

Fix-It Chick: How to control bindweed

Bindweed is a pernicious weed with arrowhead-shaped leaves and white to pink flowers. The only way to completely rid yourself of bindweed, the scourge of farmers and gardeners alike, is to move or to die. Persistent management can help control this deep-rooted nuisance.

6 next-generation food icons, plus ghosts of Lawrence food wonders past

In the years it takes food icons to build their fame, countless other menu items will be 86’ed for good. But every icon has to start somewhere, right? Rookie food players, this week’s list is for you.

Kansas wine: You needn't go far to taste state's unique terroir

The first rule about trying Kansas wine? Be open-minded to trying Kansas wine. “Get the California out of your mind,” said Lori Henderson, who along with her husband owns the newly opened Crooked Post Winery in Ozawkie. “Put all preconceived notions out of your head about what wines are supposed to taste like.” By Sara Shepherd

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Today in Lawrence: Hot, humid and peaceful

Today in Lawrence: The heat and humidity take center stage; a group plans a Hiroshima Day demonstration; learn to use your sewing machine.

Tuesday, August 5

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Today in Lawrence: Hot weather, farmers' market and bloggers convene

Today in Lawrence: Hot weather again, farmers' market has live music, and bloggers collaborate for stories about men.

Monday, August 4

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Today in Lawrence: Art variety, pink firetrucks and mystery reading

Today in Lawrence: Check out the LACES art variety, pink firetrucks roll in and listen to a mystery reading.

Sunday, August 3

New charcuterie goes nose to tail at 19th and Massachusetts

In a land where “processed meat” is synonymous with yellow plastic-clad bologna in a giant supermarket, the version at Hank Charcuterie may surprise. Lamb sausage, chorizo, duck liver pate, ham hock rillette and hand-cut bacon fill Hank’s meat counter. Each is processed by hand within eyeshot of the cash register, from butchering a whole animal to packaging the products made from it — all of it. By Sara Shepherd

Behind the Lens: Is a broken camera worth repairing?

You basically have two choices for repairing a camera: mail the broken equipment to the manufacturer or start shopping for a replacement.

Kansas City Connection: Shatto Milk and Baldwin hats

We've talked a lot about Kansas City beer festivals and cocktail bars in this column, but there's another local beverage that's just as refreshing and probably a lot more wholesome: Shatto Milk.

Getting inked: The bodies of artwork in Lawrence

It’s not enough for some to get a simple black text tattoo. Some sit down for hours at a time to have tattoo artists ink intricate designs all over their bodies. Take a look at several stunning pieces created in Lawrence.

Friday, August 1

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Today in Lawrence: Great weather, fair events, dance and film

Today in Lawrence: The great weather sets the stage for fun at the Douglas County Fair. You can also hang out at the Lawrence Arts Center for a dance performance and film discussion.