Stories for February 2014


Thursday, February 27

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Style Scout: Jessica Mantia

Fashion trends you hate: I’d say the “Little House on the Prairie”/bohemian chic is not my kind of thing. Like the cut-off mom shorts are not so good.

February Final Friday Preview: Sublime, heroic and timely works on display

The art at this month’s Final Fridays is nothing less than sublime, for that was the inspiration for the art on display at Phoenix Gallery Underground, 825 Massachusetts St.

Theatre Lawrence's ‘Other Desert Cities’ explores secrets, family dynamics

Few things are more powerful than a secret. And, if they get out, few things are more destructive. That’s the hook of Theatre Lawrence’s new production, “Other Desert Cities.”

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The Fashion Column Twins: Gameday style slam dunks

Right now is about the time you should be scouting out your March Madness gameday outfits because the madness is about to begin.

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Off the Beaten Plate: Venison tartare at Pachamama’s

Eating raw deer meat from a stone slab feels more chic than caveman-ish with this appetizer.

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Style Scout: David Baca

Describe your style: Mine is kind of city oriented from Denver. I’m repping the 303!

Mrs. Mass.: Framewoods the picture of KU fandom

Here in the land of crimson and blue, Jayhawk memorabilia has a value all its own.

Building your own KU basketball shrine

The passion of a Jayhawk fan generally extends far beyond Allen Fieldhouse and find its way into the home. Some make collages of ticket stubs, quilts of KU T-shirts and displays of signed memorabilia; some dedicate entire rooms in the house to our beloved basketball players; and some have a 400-pound Jayhawk in their foyer. Here are eight ways to take your dedication to the Kansas basketball team from Allen Fieldhouse and extend it to the home with a DIY shrine. By Nadia Imafidon

Off the Beaten Buy: Branding meat with your pride

Nothing proves your commitment to all things KU basketball like searing steaks with your favorite mascot.

Sunday, February 23

Kansas City Connection: Where to find the best Chinese food

A friend asked me the other day what the best Chinese restaurant is in Kansas City. That’s easy, I thought. Bo Lings. “Besides Bo Lings,” he said before I could answer out loud. That’s a little trickier

Music therapy: Healing through the power of song

Violet Russell holds a 'snowflake' as she dances around a class taught by Sarah Niileksela, a practicing music therapist. Ten years ago, maybe 25 percent of an introductory music therapy class at Kansas University had seen a news story about the field, says KU associate professor of music therapy Dena Register. Now they say they’ve known about the career since eighth grade, she says, a quick change she credits to fairly recent publicity. By Nadia Imafidon

James Turrell exhibit at Spencer Museum of Art to bring noteworthy figures

Richard Andrews, Lawrence Weschler and Suzanne Deal Booth will be speaking this spring on behalf of the Spencer Museum of Art exhibit, “James Turrell: Gard Blue.”

Friday, February 21

Lawrence Arts Center receives $100,000 grant

The Ethel and Raymond F. Rice Foundation has donated a substantial gift to support children's programming at the Lawrence Arts Center.

Thursday, February 20

The Fashion Column Twins: 3 simple ways to wear stripes

Wearing stripes is so classic that you don’t have to ever worry about it going out of style. By Emily and Elizabeth Kennedy

Style Scout: Angela Candela

Describe your style: It’s casual and comfortable with a little zip and bright colors to jazz it up.

Style Scout: Shae Murff

Describe your style: It’s based on whatever I’m feeling that day: preppy, urban, casual. I like color.

Mrs. Mass.: Yoga Center of Lawrence helps students find peace

Yoga is the practice of connecting the mind and the body to achieve a state of spiritual tranquility. In fact, as I’ve learned from my yoga instructor, the term yoga is Sanskrit, and it means “to yoke.”

Free State to celebrate 25th birthday this weekend

Festivities include 25 brews free cake, and a Chuck Mead concert at The Bottleneck.

International and local quilters featured at Spencer Museum of Art

“Personal Geometry: Quilts by Yoshiko Jinzenji & Virginia Jean Cox Mitchell” will be on view through May 18.

Five hot drinks for cold days

Kansas still has a bit of winter left up its sleeves. For when temperatures inevitably dip back below freezing and you're looking for ways to warm up, make the rounds in town for a hot glass (or five) of these concoctions.

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Off the Beaten Plate: Thukpa at Zen Zero

In the Himalayan mountains, where most homes don’t have central heat, residents eat a lot of this spicy, satisfying soup to take off winter’s chill.

Making home-cooked meals simple with 'mise en place'

If you are frequenting fast food joints because that’s all you have time for, it’s time to be introduced to a chef’s secret weapon and your new cooking mantra. By Nadia Imafidon

Wednesday, February 19

Make your own chocolate-hazelnut spread

While it certainly isn’t health food, this chocolate-hazelnut spread is an easy-to-make treat that’s every bit as smooth and addictive as Nutella, but with less oil, sugar and calories.

Monday, February 17

Think you can beat the critic? Make your picks in our Oscar contest

The 86th Academy Awards are coming up quickly, and this year and Liberty Hall have teamed up to bring you an Oscar contest that could win you free passes to movies, concessions and free movie rentals.

Sunday, February 16

Behind the Lens: When photos require a higher perspective

After a long and happy relationship, I recently had to give up my 1996 Toyota RAV. It was a super vehicle and a surprisingly great creative device for my photography.

Kansas City Connection: Folk music conference takes over Crown Center

Though you might not have realized it, Kansas City is now widely regarded as the folk music capital of America.

John Waters to join Lawrence in celebrating William Burroughs' 100th birthday

Filmmaker John Waters is bringing his “The Filthy Life” monologue to the Lawrence Arts Center on Feb. 20. Waters was famously called “Pope of Trash” by Burroughs, a name earned because of his trashy, absurd cult films in the 1970s and 1980s. By Nadia Imafidon

Faith Forum: Are hunting and fishing consistent with Christian values?

Judy Carman, author of "Peace to All Beings: Veggie Soup for the Chicken’s Soul," answers.

Friday, February 14

New and improved Mayer Hawthorne headed back to the Granada

He’s changed the game up on this last album.

Thursday, February 13

Fashion Column Twins: A peek ahead to spring styling

Fashion always moves faster than Mother Nature. So as the stores roll out their spring styles, we are hesitant to shop for warm-weather pieces thanks to the inevitable 20-degree highs this time of year.

KU students’ production puts 3 spins on ‘Hamlet’

One of the hardest things to do in art is to make something old and familiar fresh. Danny Devlin has some ideas about that. "‘Hamlet’ is the most well-known, well-researched play ever,” he says. “We’re taking three very different approaches to it.”

Film on doctors who perform late-term abortions to screen at Liberty Hall

A special screening of Sundance award-winning documentary “After Tiller” will take place on Feb. 16.

Style Scout: Holden Krom

What would you like to see more or less of in Lawrence? There’s too much cookie-cutter (fashion styles). Everybody almost dresses the same so it would be good to see more people dressing broadly.

Style Scout: Jillian May

Tell us a secret: One of my biggest secrets is that I am always trying to get other people’s secrets!

Mrs. Mass.: BKB Leather the heart and soul of shoe repair

As easy as it is to find a great pair of shoes, it can be a pain in the butt (or should I say sole?) to repair them. Fear not! Bruce Barlow’s BKB Leather business in North Lawrence is prepared to repair and renew.

Garden Variety: A growing organization

Master Gardeners are not just in Douglas County — they are everywhere.

Off the Beaten Plate: Chili Mac Attack at Bigg's BBQ

What you’re really looking at is a layer of deep fried mac and cheese in a new creation on the menu at Bigg’s BBQ.

Kansas considers banning minors' use of tanning beds

For Kansans younger than 18, the trip to the tanning bed to get that desired golden glow may become a thing of the past. State House members are set to vote, perhaps this week, on a bill that would ban minors from tanning beds and fine salons $250 for breaking the law. At issue is the risk of life-threatening melanoma, a dangerous form of skin cancer associated with exposure to sunshine or tanning beds. Evidence is mounting that those exposed to ultraviolet radiation from indoor tanning have a much higher risk of developing melanoma, said Lawrence dermatologist Lee Bittenbender.By Nadia Imafidon

100 years ago: Heavy snowfall delays trains

"The government forecaster in Topeka said snowfall should prove of great benefit to wheat."

How to shop vintage (everything)

Let these vintage-savvy folks guide you.

Wednesday, February 12

Bite Sighs: Cash in on extra-rich brownies

Have you ever had one of those uncontrollable chocolate cravings? The kind of wild craving that sends you scrounging through the cabinets, looking for a can of frosting and a spoon? Me, too.

Delicious/Nutritious: White chocolate for Valentine's Day

Two sweet treats featuring white chocolate for Valentine's Day.

Tuesday, February 11

Donations enable dairy to purchase boiler, resume bottling milk

Donations from community members enabled Iwig Family Dairy to purchase and install a used boiler, and milk is back on store shelves. By Sara Shepherd

Sunday, February 9

Kansas City Connection: Love, music in the air for Valentine's Day

Whether you’re madly in love, happily single, or somewhere else on the spectrum entirely, a visit to Kansas City could be just what you need to snap out of the winter doldrums and avoid the Valentine’s Day blues.

'Jayhawkers' brings a legend back to life

Film tells story of how Wilt Chamberlain changed Lawrence on and off court

Broad, sweeping biographical films that try to sum up a person’s entire life in two hours rarely ever get it right. That’s why the best thing that happened to Kevin Willmott’s movie “Jayhawkers” was not being able to raise the $12 million dollars they needed.

Saturday, February 8

Faith Forum: Why do you think there is hostility between different religious groups in all regions of the world?

John McFarland, Christ Covenant Reformed Presbyterian Church, and Gary O’Flannagan, Cornerstone Southern Baptist Church, answer.

Friday, February 7

Locally produced Web series take funny look at gaming culture

The Gaming Wildlife Foundation, made up of a handful of Kansas University film and media studies graduates, hopes to take its 15 minutes of fame to full-time work.

Laverne Cox speaks volumes on acceptance within communities

If anyone was solely on the campus of Kansas University to see prison hairstylist Sophia Burset from "Orange is the New Black," I’ve got to say I’m happy that got them in this auditorium.

Thursday, February 6

Read Across Lawrence kicks off

Lawrence Public Library is hosting a series of events during February on this year’s Read Across Lawrence selection, “Housekeeping” by Marilynne Robinson.

Style Scout: Tyler and Janelle Barta

Fashion trends you love: Tyler likes bright colors and colorful things. I tend to like laid-back country or lacey, flowy stuff. Although I like the ’20s and ’50s era, I’m also a country girl: I like my boots, my overalls and stuff!

The Classic Sartorialist: Suiting up for date night

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, it’s time to talk date night. Putting a little effort into your dress can mean a lot to your date, whether you’re on a first date or trying to kindle a bit of romance in a long-term relationship.

Family Adventures: Playing for laughs

When the combination of polar vortex and toddler energy threaten to do me in, we can always release some of the pressure with a trip to Laugh Out Loud, 1000 Massachusetts St

Mrs. Mass.: Let them eat cupcakes

Whether it’s due to the polar vortex or my sweet tooth working overtime, I’ve certainly had chocolate on my mind a lot lately.

Vicki Lawrence and 'Mama' to perform at the Oread

Vicki Lawrence is traveling across the country for her co-written cabaret-style two-woman production; both parts played by herself, of course.

Lawrence Libations: Shiner's Punch at Famous Dave's

“Get your ‘Shine on” with Famous Dave’s new selection of Moonshine beverages as of last week.

Wednesday, February 5

Iwig suspends bottled milk sales after equipment breakdown

Bad news for Iwig Family Dairy fans. The dairy has suspended bottled milk sales because of an equipment breakdown it can’t afford to fix right away. By Sara Shepherd

Warm up with homemade chai

There are only two ways to get through January and February weather: cozy socks and warm drinks. While I can’t help you with the socks, for warm drinks there’s not much to beat a chai tea.

Sunday, February 2

The alternative Oscars

Awarding the best, worst and weirdest achievements in film

In the spirit of awards season, and after some serious reflection on the past year in films, I’d like to present my own particularly dubious set of awards: the Alternative Oscars, if you will. And the winners are … (Warning: Some light spoilers ahead.) By Eric Melin

Behind the Lens: Outside perspective sparks creativity

The New Jersey Press Association asked our photo staff to judge its state’s newspaper photography contest for 2013. Ten photo categories, including, sports and portraits, comprising about 1,000 photographs, were reviewed. While looking at the images, I couldn’t help but be reminded of Dorothy’s famous line, “Toto, I’ve a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore.”

Kansas City Connection: Plenty of culture to keep you out of the cold

Anyone in doubt about whether Kansas City offers world-class arts, music and theater entertainment should take a look at this week’s cultural calendar, which features premier soloists, cutting-edge theater and unique art openings.

Library fundraiser asks kids to leave mark on new building

Lawrence Public Library is asking kids to participate in the Love Your Library Tile Project on Valentine's Day weekend to leave their mark on the new library building.