Donations enable dairy to purchase boiler, resume bottling milk

Donations from community members enabled Iwig Family Dairy to purchase and install a used boiler, and milk is back on store shelves.

Marty Falkenstien, who manages the North Lawrence Iwig Dairy Store, 622 N. Second St., said the boiler was up and running Monday. Skim and 2 percent milk arrived at the store later that day and whole and chocolate milk should arrive today, she said.

The Tecumseh dairy’s boiler — which provides heat for pasteurizing milk and cleaning glass bottles — gave out about a week and a half ago, forcing Iwig to suspend bottled milk sales. Unable to pay for a replacement, the financially struggling dairy turned to Facebook fans and requested donations online.

Iwig’s other store is at 724 SW Gage Blvd. in Topeka. The dairy also sells its milk at the Baldwin City Market, 112 N. Eighth St. in Baldwin City, where it should be back on shelves by the end of this week, Falkenstien said.


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