James Turrell exhibit at Spencer Museum of Art to bring noteworthy figures

In honor of James Turrell’s innovative artwork and ideas, Richard Andrews, Lawrence Weschler and Suzanne Deal Booth will be speaking this spring on behalf of the Spencer Museum of Art exhibit, “James Turrell: Gard Blue.”

Richard Andrews will deliver a lecture called “A View from the Eye of the Crater,” as he is the director of Skystone Foundation, the organization who helped Turrell turn a 400,000 year-old volcanic crater near Flagstaff, Ariz., into a monumental art piece and naked-eye observatory. On March 6, Andrews will speak on how Roden Crater emerged from Turrell’s early explorations of light and space, and the evolution of Turrell’s vision over three decades.

On March 26, New York writer and well-known art theorist Lawrence Weschler will speak generally on a relatively new concept of using art and science as distinct approaches to probing the world. Weschler has written extensively about Robert Irwin, one of Turrell’s collaborators.

On April 16, Suzanne Deal Booth, art historian, conservator and collector, will present “Stepping into the Light: Shared Experiences with James Turrell,” which includes her personal and professional encounters with the artist.

The “James Turrell: Gard Blue” exhibit has been on display since September of last year and will be open to the public through May 18.


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