Stories for July 2014


Thursday, July 31

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Today in Lawrence: Carnival at the fairgrounds, and live music all over town

Today in Lawrence: It's family night at the Douglas County Fair, and the carnival is open from 6 to 11 p.m. It's the last Brown Bag Lunch Concert for the summer -- head over to US Bank and listen!

Wednesday, July 30

Home Style: 5 ways to accessorizie an outdoor space

To more fully enjoy the benefits of being outdoors, homeowners can expand the comforts of their homes into yards, patios and porches.

Cooking from Scratch: Fridge pickles

Can we talk about what a wonderful year this has been for gardens so far? I haven't had to water once, yet everything looks healthy and green.

Local Finds: Pitcher perfect

Impress guests at your next summertime cookout with a drink poured from these stylish pitchers with personality.

The Fashion Column Twins: Summer shorts

As we’re in the heart of summer and can’t seem to escape this heat wave lately, Elizabeth and I thought it would be fitting to show our favorite styles of shorts.

Fix-It Chick: 11 things you need in your toolbox

Whether you are a homeowner, a renter or just a kid going off to college, having a properly stocked tool box is the key to Fix-It happiness.

Garden Variety: New blooms for old irises

Irises are by far one of the easiest and most reliable plants to grow in Kansas, but sometimes a hidden insect pest affects their ability to bloom.

Style Scout: Greyson Honaker

Dream job: To publish books and not have to do real work ever.

Style Scout: Rebekah Taussig

Tell us a secret: I use swear words more than anybody would know. I hope my sweet mother doesn’t read this!

Hair vs. Humidity: Fighting summer frizz

With a few adjustments in the hair care beauty regime, and some trendy styling tricks from some local hair experts, fight off frizz and finish this summer with great hair despite the aggressive weather.

Top 10 wonders of the Lawrence food world

What are the top 10 wonders of the Lawrence food world — our city’s most iconic, most delicious, most notorious, must-have, can’t-miss, original-to-us menu items? Here's our list.

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Today in Lawrence: A lot to do, eat and pet at the fair

Today in Lawrence: Chow down at the fair's Chef's Challenge, and bring the kids for animal judging, the petting zoo and pony rides.

Tuesday, July 29

KU confident in its sexual assault investigations

Kansas University’s Title IX coordinator says she’s confident her office’s handling of sexual assault complaints will pass muster with a federal probe. By Sara Shepherd

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Today in Lawrence: Mountaineer talks about Everest; artwork dedication at library

Today in Lawrence: Mountaineer talks about Everest at the Dole Institute; artwork dedication at library celebrates light

Monday, July 28

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Today in Lawrence: Submit your art for juried show; golf with Mario Chalmers

Today in Lawrence: Celebrate a glorious, sunny summer day; submit your art for juried show; golf with Mario Chalmers

Sunday, July 27

Kansas City Connection: Everybody's gonna be happy

Happy Gillis is back. Although the popular eatery at 549 Gillis St. in Columbus Park never technically went away since it opened in 2008, a new pair of owners and some tasty additions to the menu have given new life to an already-refreshing locale.

Spreading her wings: Illustrator's pursuit of book deal spread continents

Author and illustrator Lindsey Yankey shares how the idea for her children's book "Bluebird" came into being after two gutsy trips to the Bologna Children's Book Fair.

Arts Center ceramist, KU partner for excavation in Crete

The Lawrence Art Center’s ceramist-in-residence Kyla Strid will be traveling to Gournia, Crete, this week with an archeological team led by Kansas University’s classics professor John Younger to consult on the excavation of a Minoan Pottery site.

Friday, July 25

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Today in Lawrence: Final Friday, library opens, Broadway at Baker

Today in Lawrence: Final Friday, library opens, and Broadway at Baker brings "The Wiz"

Thursday, July 24

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Today in Lawrence: Sidewalk concert, blood drive, Spamalot

Today in Lawrence: Lovely weather for a sidewalk concert, a blood donation and a laugh with Spamalot.

July Final Friday preview: Sock sculptures, women authors and Lawrence artists 'Inside Out'

Among the items on this month's Final Friday roster: sock sculptures, literary readings and a look at art from the 'Inside Out.'

Wednesday, July 23

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Off the Beaten Plate: Barbequed Egg Rolls at Bigg's

Every barbecue restaurant serves a pulled pork sandwich. Not every barbecue restaurant has this. By Sara Shepherd

Off the Beaten Buy: Dog Casino Interactive Game

It’s not exactly dogs playing poker, but now dogs have the opportunity to try their hand (or paw, rather) at a little gambling.

Garden Variety: Plants to avoid if you have pets

Are pets and plants compatible? They can be, but plant lovers who also care for cats and dogs should be aware of the risks of keeping both in the same household.

Critter Buzz: Pets and vets go hand in paw

Those of us working in animal sheltering are frequently asked how we can bear to do our jobs when faced with staggering odds and numbers that just don’t seem to be in our favor.

Fashion Column Twins: Fashion for fido

Here are some cute finds for your dog that will keep them seriously stylish this summer.

Style Scout: Jenny Parker

Fashion trends you love: I like the high-wasted thing and the bohemian type of feel because it goes with my current style now.

Style Scout: Tristin Hogan

Tell us a secret: Ever since I watched the movie "Congo," I’m afraid of gorillas.

Fix-It Chick: Build a French drain

French drains are named after Harold French, the Massachusetts farmer who invented them. They are basically channels filled with gravel that direct water down and away from your home and property. Installing a French drain can be back-breaking work, but it is a relatively easy fix to a soggy problem.

Cooking from Scratch: Cherry-infused rye whiskey for Christmas

Infused liquor is one of the simplest at-home preserving projects there is. While you can always get fancier, at heart it requires only four ingredients ― strong alcohol, some fruit, a little sugar and several months of time.

Megan on the Move: Does everyone feel like a fraud or is it just me?

It’s a funny thing, not growing up in Lawrence but feeling like a townie.

Pet proofing your home

Whether it’s keeping them safe or making them feel comfortable in the home, Kemberling and other local pet experts share some helpful guidelines for pet-proofing the house for your new companion.

Fair necessities: 7 essential things to do at this year's Douglas County Fair

With no admission charge for the Douglas County Fair there’s no reason not to hang out and check out all of the exhibits, says Margaret Kalb, executive secretary of the fair's board. But if you don't have time to hit up everything, here are seven essential things to do at this year’s fair:

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Today in Lawrence: A break in the heat; arts candidates meet and greet; piano recital

Today in Lawrence: A break in the heat; meet the arts candidates; piano recital

Tuesday, July 22

Blackberry pie like Grandma used to make

When attending a wedding, it is normally customary to RSVP, choose an outfit, talk the hubby into a tie. But recently, my wedding prep became RSVP, choose an outfit, bake a pie. Actually, two pies.

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Today in Lawrence: Extra hot, with a side of archaeology and a helping of music, poetry

Today in Lawrence will be extra hot, with a side of archaeology and a helping of music and poetry.

Monday, July 21

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Today in Lawrence: Heat advisory; fair fashion revue; community bike ride

Today in Lawrence: Stay hydrated as heat advisory takes effect; the fair fashion revue kicks off; community bike ride rolls out

Sunday, July 20

Behind the Lens: Turn your camera into a time machine

Time-lapse photography consists of making a series of still or video images of a subject at variable times and over an extended period. When you combine the images later in a linear format and view them back at a faster speed, the passage of time is compressed.

Artwork in the DNA of new library building

Spanning across the atrium of the renovated library and above the staircase are six panels of multicolored glass strung together to make “A Ribbon of Light” created by Dierk Van Keppel. With the framework resembling a double helix, anyone drawing scientific conclusions from its aesthetic would be exactly right.

Kansas City Connection: A new bakery, and a matter of records

This week, Kansas City Connection recommends a delicious new bakery and a vinyl record store that's practically a museum.

Stripper-turned-author coming to Signs of Life

Louis Agnello, the author behind the spiritual thriller "The Devil's Glove," will share insight into his "PG-13-rated morality tale" at a book signing at Signs of Life this week.

Saturday, July 19

Public invited to meet finalists for new city arts director

Before Lawrence hires its first director of arts and culture, members of the community will have a chance to meet him or her. There are three finalists for the newly created position, and they’ll be the guests of honor at a public meet and greet and reception Wednesday evening. By Sara Shepherd

Friday, July 18

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Today in Lawrence: Stories, swimming and the Douglas County Fair

Today in Lawrence: Activities to keep you and your family busy all weekend, including stories, swimming and the Douglas County Fair!

Thursday, July 17

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Today in Lawrence: Sidewalk sale has great weather for even better deals; Hobbit takes the stage

Today in Lawrence: Sidewalk sale has great weather for even better deals; Hobbit takes the stage

Wednesday, July 16

Legendary KU sports photos, portion sizes at new West Lawrence bar and grill

The new Legends sports bar and grill serves athlete-sized plates of food under the gaze of Kansas University sports stars from days gone by.

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Off the Beaten Plate: Baozi at Oriental Pearl

In China people eat these doughy pork-filled steamed buns for breakfast, often carrying out a couple in a paper bag to eat on the run.

On the cheap: Save on back-to-school supplies

It seems like school just let out, and already it is time to think about back-to-school sales. How is this possible?

The Fashion Column Twins: Back-to-school style

Back to school shopping can be a daunting task because there are so many options out there nowadays, which is why we are going to break down some easy trends that your little ones can incorporate into their back-to-school wardrobes.

Style Scout: Mitchell Wolf

Describe your style: I’d say it’s a little bit eccentric. It’s very me. I don’t like to dress like the norm. I’m pretty laid back.

Style Scout: Rachael Hampton

Tell us a secret: I like to read vampire romance novels.

Family Adventures: Pool time

Forget the “summer learning slide” — my biggest concern these days is the slipping that's happening to our bedtime.

Fix-It Chick: Install a smarter lockset

Installing a Kwikset SmartKey lockset can increase security and save money.

Garden Variety: Ripe for the picking

Many fruits and vegetables announce their ripeness with bright colors and bigger sizes, but a few garden favorites like to leave a little more to mystery. While mystique can be good, cutting into an unripe melon is a bit disappointing. Here are a few ways to help with the guessing game of growing melons, winter squash and pumpkins.

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Today in Lawrence: Glorious weather for a band concert, Nerd Nite

Nerds get nerdy three minutes at a time at Nerd Nite; the beautiful weather continues and the Lawrence City Band wraps up its season.

Tuesday, July 15

Downtown Lawrence Sidewalk Sale 2014: The basics

The 55th annual Downtown Lawrence Sidewalk Sale is Thursday. Massachusetts Street merchants are already getting prepared. Are you?

Bite Sighs: Make cookies out of your favorite pie

Greetings, all! Summer is here, bringing with it intense heat and an intense longing to avoid cooking anything more involved than a toaster waffle. While looking for a summer-worthy (read: simple, with minimal stove time) dessert, I stumbled across Arlene Cummings’ recipe for Mini Cannoli Cups.

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Today in Lawrence: Enjoy the weather!

Today in Lawrence, a beautiful day is a great time to voice your opinions on the transit center and then head to the farmers market for some fresh produce.

Monday, July 14

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Today in Lawrence: Sun, storms, piano and meditation

Today in Lawrence: Sun, storms, piano music and meditation are among the things you can find in the city.

Sunday, July 13

Practice makes perfect: Young pianist from Mexico represents Lawrence in international competition

Honestly, Ulises Magaña de la Paz, 14, does not particularly like practicing the piano six to eight hours every day. But wowing audiences and winning competitions? That’s more like it. So he practices. And practices. And practices some more. By Sara Shepherd

Kansas City Connection: Cornering the farmers markets

The Kansas City area is filled with a wide variety of farmers markets that are well worth a visit. This week I’d like to take a look at some of the most interesting weekend and weekday markets in the area.

Through the looking glass: the artists behind window displays

With a college campus nearby, and some graduates staying put, local businesses are bound to find creative artists to spruce up their storefronts and get noticed from the streets.

Lawrence Inside Out: the people's art project

Local artist Rachael Perry is setting out to capture Lawrence as a "city of the arts" with her own community take on the global Inside Out Project. Perry is not only seeking out musicians, dancers, writers, artists, designers and any other kind of artist imaginable, but she is looking for the art-enthused and supporters.

Friday, July 11

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Today in Lawrence: Events on stage, on screen and on foot

This weekend in Lawrence is packed with events on stage (musical in Baldwin City), on screen (World War II film screenings) and on foot (veterans' walking tour of Oak Hill Cemetery).

Thursday, July 10

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Today in Lawrence: Cool weather, hot drums, 'Best in Show'

Today in Lawrence: A beautiful day before the heat hits; take in a drumming show at Liberty Hall, and come back later for the "Best in Show" screening.

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Off the Beaten Plate: Okra Enchiladas at El Potro

Okra in an enchilada — something different under all that cheese.

Wednesday, July 9

Strategizing for the Sidewalk Sale

The 55th annual Sidewalk Sale is on July 17 this year, and those who are familiar know that it’s “sun-up to sundown” affair that requires a bit of strategizing. With the help from director of Downtown Lawrence, Inc., Sally Zogry, here is a breakdown of the five-block territory to make sure shoppers know where to search, where to break and how to make the most out of the occasion.

Master craftsman: Ted's Taphouse embraces craft beer movement

Ted’s Taphouse, 1004 Massachusetts St., is Lawrence’s only craft-beer-exclusive hang out spot, and big contributing factor to the craft beer movement in Lawrence.

Cooking from Scratch: Ice cream without the ice cream maker

Until a few years ago, our little family didn’t have an ice cream maker. Fortunately, if you’re in the same boat, there are still several options for homemade frozen treats. One of those options is semifreddo.

The Fashion Column Twins: Style for sale

The famous “sunup to sundown” Downtown Lawrence Sidewalk Sale is right around the corner, and we’re ready to take advantage of some amazing deals.

Mrs. Mass.: Tips for the Sidewalk Sale

It’s practically an annual holiday in Lawrence. With downtown Lawrence abuzz before the sun rises, you know something good is going on.

Fix-It Chick: Waterproof a concrete floor

Drylok Clear Masonry Waterproofer is one of the first non-pigmented products designed specifically for use on bare cement floors and other surfaces. Applying a waterproofing product such as this on basement floors can create a vapor barrier beneath adhesives and new flooring, and it can reduce seepage caused by hydrostatic pressure.

Garden Variety: Looking for an easy fruit to grow? Try blackberries

If you have been enjoying the flavor of sweet, delicate blackberries that are in season right now in much of the Midwest, you will be happy to know the plants are a great addition to your garden. They are really the easiest fruit to grow in Kansas.

Style Scout: Brittany Lichty

Describe your style: I love hats! I’d love to rock a hat every day, including in the classroom if I could get away with it.

Style Scout: Tim Tanis

Whom do people say you look like? I’ve never got anybody. How about Leonardo DiCaprio? That’ll be the day!

Kansas Classical Repertory Theatre set to debut this weekend

The Kansas Classical Repertory Theatre will kick off its inaugural season Friday evening with “The Boys From Syracuse” at Kansas University’s Murphy Hall. The musical — along its source material, William Shakespeare’s “The Comedy of Errors” — with be performed in rotation throughout the rest of July.

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Today in Lawrence: Perfect weather for canoeing, outdoor concert

Today in Lawrence: A beautiful summer day is in store with plenty to do, from canoeing to the Lawrence City Band outdoor concert.

Delicious/Nutritious: Mouthwatering watermelon

Watermelon, juicy and sweet, can be regarded as the food mascot of summer for many Americans. Though available year-round, these melons begin to come into season in July and can be found locally through September.

Tuesday, July 8

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Today in Lawrence: Break in the heat; kids' nutrition class; swing dancing

Today in Lawrence: The heat is giving us a break, so take the kids to a lesson in nutrition and learn a swing dance to impress your partner.

Monday, July 7

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Today in Lawrence: Deal with the heat; art exhibit; Lilith Fair karaoke

Today in Lawrence: It's gonna be a hot one, so go inside for an art exhibit, then travel back to the '90s for some Lilith Fair karaoke.

Sunday, July 6

New exhibit asks what's with the gender imbalance in art?

Wonder Fair show features all female artists

When curators of a new show at Wonder Fair Gallery started counting how many female artists were represented in regional galleries compared with males, they discovered disparities. The gender gap at Wonder Fair, owner Meredith Moore admits, was pretty much equally as wide. By Sara Shepherd

Kansas City Connection: Artwork, dreamcoats and video game music

With the staccato crackle of fireworks ringing in my ear and a deluge of friends’ vacation photos to sift through on my Instagram stream, I’m finding it difficult to concentrate on any one topic this week. That’s OK, though, because there are a lot of exciting events to mention.

Vinyl addicts unite: the lasting culture of record collecting

Three local residents share their motivations for vinyl collecting and their reasons for keeping the plastic tradition alive.

Behind the Lens: Why iPhones are better than cameras

As the quality of smartphone camera images improves, there are more reasons to reach for an iPhone instead of a DSLR to take photos.

Friday, July 4

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Today in Lawrence: Fireworks, film anniversary and the visual arts

Today in Lawrence: The weekend's festivities have someone for everyone from celebrating the Fourth to the visual arts.

Thursday, July 3

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Today in Lawrence: Fizz, Boom, Read; battle lessons; and jazz concert

Today in Lawrence: Dino O'Dell performing at Fizz, Boom, Read; learn battle lessons and take in a free jazz concert.

Wednesday, July 2

The top spots for watching Fourth of July fireworks

It’s a given that on every Fourth of July wherever you may be, the sky will explode in a kaleidoscope of colors to celebrate Independence Day. It’s not a given that you’ll have a primo viewing spot of the fireworks display.

10 ways to ensure a successful garage sale

Setting up shop in the garage isn't as easy as you might think.

Lawrence Libations: Apple Mint Bourbon Iced Tea

It’s absolutely mandatory to sip on an iced tea this summer, whether there’s a porch in your life or not.

Mrs. Mass.: Turning over a new Basil Leaf

There aren't many restaurants that had their humble beginnings at a small gas station mini-mart. Truth be told, you probably know exactly which restaurant I'm referring to, don't you?

Style Scout: Jordan K. Dimond

Fashion trends you hate: Cover up! I don’t like seeing people’s private parts hanging out. Looking presentable, instead of trashy, is key.

Family Adventures: All aboard to St. Louis

I know there's still a lot of time, but I think the Kid is going to grow up to be a train engineer. We have tinker toys and stuffed animals and a miniature farm, but the only toys that really get played with are the trains. Which is why, when blessed with a free Memorial Day weekend, we decided to let the Kid see some real-live trains up close as we hopped on the Amtrak to St. Louis.

Garden Variety: With mimosa trees, don't just think pink

Mimosa trees in the Lawrence area are in full glory right now with their unrivaled fluffy, fragrant pink blossoms.

Fix-It Chick: Keep mosquitoes at bay

Female mosquitoes require two things to reproduce: water and blood. Stemming their access to these resources can greatly control mosquito populations.

The Classic Sartorialist: Style down to a T

It is the simplest piece of clothing in every man’s wardrobe: the classic T-shirt. If worn well, it can exude ease and relaxation as well as a keen sense of fashion.

Style Scout: Garrett Rathbone

Fashion influences: Mainly skateboard culture. A lot of skateboard companies make fantastic clothing. They’re usually well-made and stylish.

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Today in Lawrence: Great weather for activities, Kidsapalooza, City Band Concert

Today in Lawrence: Beautiful 75-degree weather complements kids activities like Kidsapalooza and the weekly outdoor concert by the Lawrence City Band.

Tuesday, July 1

After successful event, organizers look toward next Free State Festival

Good things came from expanding the Lawrence Arts Center’s annual film festival into the larger, longer, multidisciplinary Free State Festival. For one, movies sold out for the first time. By Sara Shepherd

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Today in Lawrence: Free Marine Corps band tickets, Red Dog workouts, and the arts at Percolator

Today in Lawrence: Get free U.S. Marine Corps band tickets, work out with Red Dog and celebrate the arts at the Percolator.