Off the Beaten Plate: Deep Fried S'mores at Tad's Pizzeria


Deep-fried s'mores at Tad's Pizzeria, 1410 Kasold Drive.

It’s true; anything can be deep fried these days. At Tad’s Pizzeria, one of their dessert offerings is deep-fried s’mores, or three large cookie pouches of chocolate and marshmallow. The graham-cracker coating resembling a toasted ravioli is crispy around the edges but soft in the center.

This is a less messy version of the traditional s’more, but once broken through the outside, the warm, swirly chocolate and marshmallow insides will likely coat your fingertips.

Where to get it: Tad’s Pizzeria, 1410 Kasold Drive

What you’ll pay: $3.75 for three; $7 for six

Try it with: A glass of milk, if you take it to go.

Also on the menu: A variety of bread knots including garlic, Parmesan, oregano and jalapeno; an assortment of fried foods including regular and topped fries, fried pickles, onion rings, fried mushrooms and mozzarella sticks; specialty pizzas including the vegas (onions, tomatoes and basil), the big pig (sausage, bacon and ham) and the hangover (ham, bacon, onions, green peppers and eggs); calzones; and hot dogs. Other desserts include cookies, funnel fries and fried raspberry cheesecake bites

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