Stories for May 2014


Friday, May 30

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Today in Lawrence: Art Tougeau celebrates all things wheeled; HUGE Final Friday

There is so much packed into this weekend, it's a crime. From Art Tougeau to a massive Final Friday lineup, there's more than enough to keep you busy.

Thursday, May 29

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Today in Lawrence: More fresh goods for summer, and an insight into art

Blue skies and warm temps continue, perfect for enjoying the Cottin's Hardware Farmers' Market and an insightful art discussion at Lawrence Arts Center.

Fix-It Chick: Patch a cement board

Hardie Board, WonderBoard and Durock are all classified as cement boards. These sheet goods are made with a mixture of Portland cement and sand instead of the powdery gypsum that’s used in drywall. The cement basis of the product dictates the use of thin-set mortar to properly repair cracks or holes.

Style Scout: Gabriella and Chelsea Martin

Tattoos or piercings: Three (tattoos) and all very meaningful. Although my dad wishes I had none.

Style Scout: Joel Vandervelde

Fashion influences: Honestly, my dad has really been a functional guy. I want to be able to look good and just be able to be outside, run around and have fun in whatever I’m wearing.

Mrs. Mass.: Suggestions for Father's Day

Just like Mother’s Day, Father’s Day is a bonus opportunity each year to appreciate the love and support a parent has given us. While there’s still some time before holiday June 15, it’s never too soon to consider thoughtful gifts!

The Fashion Column Twins: Rocking the block

When Elizabeth and I were asked to style a few models for Rock The Block Fashion Show in Kansas City this May, we jumped at the chance. This was our first time attending the annual event and we know it won’t be the last.

Garden Variety: Pretty poison

Both hemlock and Queens Anne’s lace look like parsley or wild carrots. All are members of the parsley family, and they are showing up now. The parsley, carrot or lace is not the problem — what is the problem is that they’re a bit hard to distinguish from poisonous hemlock.

Mapping out Father's Day for different kinds of dads

Whether he’s understated or extravagant, athletic or a book worm, or a little bit of everything, make sure this year’s Father’s Day says just how much your father figure means to you with a well-planned day catered to his style.

Wednesday, May 28

Renowned artist to speak at Arts Center this Sunday

Artist Nina Katchadourian will be lecturing at the Lawrence Arts Center, 940 New Hampshire St., this Sunday, June 1. Her visit is in conjunction with the Free State Festival later during the month (June 25-28).

Outdoor sculpture exhibition inspires public discourse on art

Standing tall in front of Merchants on Eighth and Massachusetts streets and made entirely from stacked wooden disks is a visual puzzle for the community to solve created by local artist Kelsey Stertz. As if popping up from the ground overnight, Stertz’s piece and seven others now adorn the downtown Lawrence area as part of this year's Outdoor Downtown Sculpture Exhibition.

Off the Beaten Plate: Hibiscus ice cream at Limestone Pizza

Hibiscus is a flower native to tropical regions of the world, so if you’re unfamiliar with this particular ingredient, it’s not something springing up in Lawrence. While the large flower petals may appear in white, orange, pink, red, yellow or purple, this dish will arrive at your table as a purple-y magenta color, almost too pretty to devour, but that would be a mistake.

May Final Friday Preview: Spotlighting art through the ages

There’s yesterday and today on display at this month’s Final Fridays.

Tuesday, May 27

Homemade ricotta is easy cheese

Unless you’re already canning, brewing and fermenting your own foods, the thought of making homemade cheese probably sounds intimidating. Half of you are probably thinking, “Don’t I need a cheese press and a cave for that?” And the other half, “Wait, what’s a cheese press?”

Today in Lawrence: Farmers market, Tuesday concert

The moisture continues, the farmers market tees up the night, and Fortnight performs at the Lawrence Arts Center.

Monday, May 26

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Today in Lawrence: Make Memorial Day memorable

Make your Memorial Day one to remember with an activity remembering active military members who have died. If you're taking the day off, try a charity run or a swim at the city pool.

Sunday, May 25

Kansas City Connection: Looking ahead to summer's big events

This week’s column pays tribute to a personal Kansas City Connection, and then takes a look ahead to some of the biggest summer events.

2014 Summer Movie Preview: Sci-fi spectacles take over

With three superhero movies, a monster-movie reboot, and a Biblical epic being released in the last two months, the summer movie season seems to have started extra early this year.

2014 Summer Arts Preview

Just because college students have vacated Lawrence doesn't mean the city won't be coming to life with summer events.

Friday, May 23

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Today in Lawrence: Metronomy, 'Fading Gigolo'

"Fading Gigolo" opens at Liberty Hall, the Lawrence Arts Center welcomes the works of John Paul McCaughey, and Brit electropop act Metronomy comes to The Granada.

Thursday, May 22

Today in Lawrence: Stuck in traffic? Tell us about it

Help us keep track of traffic with the Lawrence Fast Lane project; Riff Raff at Liberty Hall.

Fix-It Chick: Burning weeds with a torch

Using a propane flame torch to wilt away weeds is a great alternative to herbicides or other traditional weeding methods. Proper use of a flame torch is safe and easy for gardeners and farmers alike.

Garden Variety: Time again for annuals

Planting annuals for me is hit and miss. There is guidance courtesy of Kansas State University, which has research and a published list of what to plant. A Web search for “Prairie Star Flowers” will get you to that guidance.

Style Scout: Cecil Keyes

Describe your style: I guess it’s like “preppy” slash… I don’t know. I just like J.Crew a lot!

The Fashion Column Twins: Hot shoes for summer

There are so many amazing and new shoe styles out there for spring and summer, and even some from the past that are making a huge comeback.

Mrs. Mass: The king of pop

Pop, soda, soft drink — no matter what you call it, there’s a new abundance of it on Mass. Street. Mass Street Soda opened last month, and it is truly refreshing the popularity of this carbonated beverage. With over 1,000 varieties of soda, it’s set up to satisfy almost any taste.

Cocktails for a bloody good time

To help sort through the bloody mary madness, here's a rundown of how a handful of Lawrence restaurants and bars put their own twist on this classic cocktail.

Style Scout: Shay Hlavaty

Whom do people say you look like? Shaun White, the flying tomato! Maybe that’s not a compliment.

Are we there yet? Making summer travel plans simple

Putting together a travel plan that satisfies the needs of over-energized children, and your needs as parents to kick back and actually feel like you’re on vacation isn’t as impossible as you might think. In fact, stop overthinking.

Wednesday, May 21

Today in Lawrence: Some new high school grad will win a car

Antonya Nelson at The Raven Book Store and Project Graduation on the riverfront.

Bite Sighs: Pseudo tiramisu

I wanted to make tiramisu for Mother’s Day, but exotic items like mascarpone cheese and ladyfingers (Seriously?!) are not to be found within 30 miles. To that end, I decided to create a simplified version, made with everyday stuff that’s easy to get ahold of.

Tuesday, May 20

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Today in Lawrence: Morrissey, Lied Center tickets on sale

Lied Center ticket pages are on sale, and Morrissey will be at Liberty Hall.

Monday, May 19

Today in Lawrence: Heat returns, road work begins

The heat returns, Liberty Hall looks at Kansas wind energy, and Theatre Lawrence's "The King and I" tickets go on sale to the general public.

Sunday, May 18

Behind the Lens: Avoid being fenced in with this trick

My wife and I recently visited the International Crane Foundation in Baraboo, Wis., where we saw large, long-legged and long-necked birds like the Grey Crowned Crane of Africa or the White-Naped Crane of Asia.

Kansas City Connection: A new place for pigging out

Unless you’re headed to the riverboat casinos to gamble or to Knuckleheads Saloon to see a concert, there probably aren’t a lot of good reasons to visit the East Bottoms of Kansas City. At least not until Pigwich opened last spring.

Raven to host best-selling author Antonya Nelson

National best-selling author, Kansas University alumna and Wichita native Antonya Nelson will be doing a reading of her new collection of short stories “Funny Once” at Raven Book Store at 7 p.m. Wednesday.

Printmaker fuses real world with virtual in Arts Center exhibit

The level in which technology has advanced is making the physical world around us slightly fuzzy. Printmaking artist-in-residence John Paul McCaughey has been working on a new display at Lawrence Arts Center called “Not Compatible” that provides a physical representation of the blurred line between reality and digital that we encounter daily.

Faith Forum: What does a just society look like?

Matt Cox, EastLake Community Church, and Tom Brady, First United Methodist Church, answer.

Friday, May 16

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Today in Lawrence: KU graduation weekend

Throw your caps, burn your textbooks and hand your car keys over to someone responsible. It's graduation weekend at Kansas University!

Thursday, May 15

Today in Lawrence: Final concert at Swarthout Hall

More cool weather, learn to be a citizen lobbyist, take in the sounds of the old Swarthout Hall at a decommissioning concert.

Style Scout: Molly Connor

Fashion trends you hate: Crop tops need to die! Unless you’re like a double zero they just make everyone look so bad! I’ve seen very few people look good in them.

Swarthout Recital Hall to host final pre-renovations concert tonight

After more than a half-century of service to the Kansas University School of Music, Swarthout Recital Hall will host a special decommissioning concert at 5:30 p.m. today. The event will mark Swarthout’s final performance before renovations begin on the venue later this month.

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Off the Beaten Plate: Kansas Roll at Oriental Bistro

The Kansas Roll at Oriental Bistro provides you with dinner and dessert at the time.

Arts Center to hold Final Dance Gala this Saturday

The Lawrence Arts Center’s School of Dance is holding its end-of-year gala at 7 p.m. Saturday to celebrate student progress made this term, each dancer’s dedication to the program and feature a number of guest performances.

Fix-It Chick: Refinish a wood floor

With the advent of fast-drying polyurethanes, applying finish to a recently sanded wood floor can often be done within a day.

Garden Variety: high-definition gardening

The simplest raised bed is just mounded soil, high in the center, tapering to the edge. Most have a border made of almost any material; lumber, logs, rocks, bricks, cinder blocks, etc., to retain this soil. The goal is to hold the growing media above ground level and truly define a place not to walk.

Style Scout: Bret Ivy

Describe your style: Normally, I try to appear classy every day. I usually wear a collar, sometimes a tie and dress shoes almost every single day; it’s just something that kind of makes my personal brand, and me, stand out a little bit more.

The Fashion Column Twins: Summer’s best trends

Elizabeth and I wanted to break down two of this season’s popular trends that we have been embracing with open arms: the cropped top and the woven short.

Wye Oak's Andy Stack on the not-so-drastic change in the duo's sound

For a band who broke out in 2011 as a guitar-centric indie folk duo, it could have been a crisis that Wye Oak’s Jenn Wasner had a mental block when it came to songwriting for their fourth album 'Shriek', and it had everything to do with her guitar. The record released last month, bandmate Andy Stack doesn’t see the “drastic” change in sound everyone else keeps bringing up. Wye Oak will be in Lawrence this Saturday, headlining for the first time in town at the Granada, 1020 Massachusetts St.

Getting the skinny on at-home facials

It’s easy to overlook proper skin care when professional facial services can cost more than you’re willing to shell out on what seems like a frivolous pampering. Let two local skin care specialists guide you on the proper practice of an at-home facial, closely resembling a spa treatment and keeping your skin in check.

Family Adventures: Making a summer family bucket list

Last year, for the very first time, our family made a summer bucket list. At first, I was unsure if it would be encouraging or if it would just turn into one more list of Things That Must Be Done. Happily, the former was true.

Wednesday, May 14

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Today in Lawrence: Catch these art exhibits before they close

Cool weather continues, "Gard Blue" and quilts closing soon at the Spencer Museum.

Mrs. Mass: Great pizza a stone's throw away

Most people have a favorite type of pizza. Whether it’s thin crust, Chicago style, or other, there’s a lot of variety in pizza styles, and many Americans know what they prefer when it comes to the almighty pie. Recently, Lawrence gained another kind of pizza to add to the mix courtesy of a new downtown business: Limestone Pizza + Kitchen + Bar.

Delicious/Nutritious: All-purpose arugula

Pungent, spicy, delicate and fresh, arugula is a “grown-up” ingredient if there ever were one. But it’s also delicious and versatile, perfect for pepping up almost any spring dish.

Cashew chicken meets Southern comfort food

Created by David Leong, a Chinese immigrant to Springfield in the 1950s, Springfield cashew chicken is a fusion of Leong’s native Chinese food and the fried chicken and mashed potatoes that he discovered that Southerners loved.

Tuesday, May 13

Today in Lawrence: Stop and plant the roses

Today in Lawrence

Monday, May 12

Today in Lawrence: What's that smell?

Another crazy weather day, the North Lawrence Improvement Association and passing the sniff taste at Free State.

Sunday, May 11

Kansas City Connection: A Taste of Brazil and an air show

With the FIFA 2014 World Cup right around the corner and the next Summer Olympics taking place in Rio De Janeiro in 2016, Brazil will soon be enjoying plenty of time in the global spotlight. No place in Kansas City is more conscious of that than “Taste of Brazil,” a new market and cafe in the City Market..

Faith Forum: Is there a mandate for justice in your scriptures?

Mike Scully, Saint John the Evangelist Catholic Church, and Mark Rich, Trinity Lutheran Church, answer.

Kris Kuksi: High-profile sculptor shedding light on darkness

The 117-year-old St. James African Methodist Episcopal Church in North Lawrence has undergone changes since the arrival of artist Kris Kuksi. The plush red carpet and pews have been ripped from the ground and replaced with hardwood floors. Shelves of odds and ends from various model kits, statue collectibles, and kitsch items are scattered throughout the restored building.

Friday, May 9

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Today in Lawrence: 7 ways to spend your weekend

From Stop Day fun to Mother's Day.

Thursday, May 8

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Today in Lawrence: Spring semester ends, peace and justice award

Spring semester ends, weather confuses, Spencer hosts arts discussion, and the Lawrence Coalition for Peace & Justice Coalition honors a local favorite.

Fix-It Chick: Sand a hardwood floor

Sanding wood floors is a daunting task, but it is a job most homeowners can tackle successfully.

Garden Variety: The meddling nettle

Nettle is an inconspicuous plant, especially when small. It has a wiry stem, alternate heart-shaped leaves with serrated edges, and a cute white flower at the very top. It was not a plant I wanted; however, it does have both good and bad qualities.

Style Scout: Maxwell Gustav Moore

Fashion trends you hate: A flock of girls wearing neon Nikes. I call them the Neon Nike warriors!

Style Scout: Julia Zukus

What would you like to see more or less of in Lawrence? More neutral and less neon colors.

The Fashion Column Twins: The best graduation dresses

Graduation is a time to break out the spring dresses that have been hanging in your closet all winter long, or, better yet, go shopping for a new one!

Mrs. Mass.: A new coffee shop for the ages

A new coffee shop recently opened in East Lawrence, and it’s beautiful, fresh and prepared to rouse your senses.

Celebrity Fashion Fusion: A fashion friendly look

Ever since she debuted “the Rachel” on “Friends,” women have aspired to look like Jennifer Aniston.

DIY wedding: Going to the chapel without going bankrupt first

Those in the throes of planning a wedding and married couples offer some creative tips and tricks to put together a beautiful day that won’t break the bank.

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Off the Beaten Plate: Banoffee Pie at The Roost

Ordered as a single serving, this miniature tart banoffee consists of just about every delectable ingredient you’d want in a pie.

Preparing for Lawrence's first food truck festival

What better way to bring hordes of people together in celebration of the creative world than food on wheels.

Wednesday, May 7

Easy tortilla soup utilizes on-hand ingredients

The last few times my mother-in-law has visited, she’s whipped up this easy tortilla soup. We’ve started calling it “Tin-Can Tortilla Soup” because — other than any optional toppings that you want to doctor it up with — all of the ingredients come in cans or are otherwise shelf-stable.

Today in Lawrence: Spoken word, Primal Fear

The Lawrence Poetry Slam at the Eldridge and Primal Fear at The Granada.

Tuesday, May 6

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Today in Lawrence: Farmers' market, Tony Horwitz

Lawrence Farmers' Market adds Tuesdays, Tony Horwitz at the Carnegie Building, and more beautiful weather.

Monday, May 5

Today in Lawrence: Cinco de Taco, 'Journey of the Universe'

"Cramming for Employment" at Eaton Hall, "Journey of the Universe" at Liberty Hall, and burlesque tacos at the Replay.

Sunday, May 4

High school pianist wins highest award at YoungArts Week

Sixteen-year-old Chaeyoung Park recently won the highest award in classical music at YoungArts Week in Miami.

Wolf pack: Women filmmakers come together to mentor youths

When most new organizations first get together, they vote on a committee, draft some policies and have meeting after meeting to decide what to do next. WOLF didn’t do that. It started by making an original short-film anthology.

Behind the Lens: Photography from another dimension

Over 140 years before the 3-D movie “Avatar” played in area theaters, 3-D had already reached Lawrence.

Kansas City Connection: Celebrating jazz, BBQ and booze

People’s associations with Kansas City often begin with barbecue and end with booze. On the other hand, when you’re really, really good at something, why not take a little pride in it?

KU Symphonic Band, Wind Symphony to perform shared concert

The University of Kansas Symphonic Band and Wind Symphony will perform a shared concert at 7:30 p.m. on Tuesday, May 6 at the Lied Center.

Local artist's photography featured at Kauffman Foundation

The Kauffman Foundation is displaying work by multimedia artist Tim Forcade as the featured artist through June 30.

Friday, May 2

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Today in Lawrence: 5 things to do this weekend

"Gloria" at Liberty Hall, dance on display at the Lawrence Arts Center, Art in the Park, Master's of Magic at Theatre Lawrence and a Love Garden Sounds party Sunday.

Thursday, May 1

Masters of Magic come to Theatre Lawrence

Theatre Lawrence is hosting the International Brotherhood of Magicians for family-friendly matinee and evening shows of illusion on Saturday.

Today in Lawrence: Pop-up library, an evening with Naismith

A pop-up library at Watson Park, James Naismith artifacts at the Adams Alumni Center, and a museum view of national security at the Dole Institute.

How Love Garden's Kelly Corcoran went from music lover to music store owner

Love Garden Sounds has called downtown Lawrence its home for the past 24 years. Owner Kelly Corcoran first began shopping at the store in 1993, when it was located on the 900 block of Massachusetts St. Corcoran has been an owner since 2004 and the store moved to its current location, 822 Massachusetts St., in 2009.

Love Garden to celebrate 24 years with show at the Granada

Love Garden Sounds, 822 Massachusetts St., is an iconic Lawrence record store that is home to 100,000 records and two cats, and its staff is ready to celebrating the store's 24th anniversary with a big concert at the Granada.

Concert to celebrate retiring Baker band director's 48-year career

Baker University is honoring Ray James after 48 years as a band director during the Baker University Symphonic Winds Guest Artist Concert this Sunday.

Parts and crafts: Everything you need to throw a craft party

Whether you create something for charity or just your own enjoyment, planning your next gathering around a craft project is a way to party with a purpose. But while an afternoon or evening of making things with friends is fun, it does require a little more planning than the average shindig.

Mrs. Mass.: Acme has making shirts down to a T

My childhood summer vacations were made all the more special with matching T-shirts — worn by me and all 25 members of my extended family (oh yeah). In an effort to honor this year’s summer vacation, we’re bringing back the matching tees!

Family Adventures: In the market for fun

Pendleton's Country Market goes out of its way to make every family's visit a fun one, and picking asparagus is the perfect excuse to head down there this season.

The Classic Sartorialist: Summer essentials

With temperatures steadily rising, it’s time to think about getting your summer attire in order. Every man’s closet should include a few essentials like T-shirts, shorts, sandals and sunglasses to get him through mercury-rising months.

Fix-It Chick: Help save the bees

According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, 80 percent of flowering crops are pollinated by bees. On average, one out of every three bites of food we eat is created through bee pollination. Without bees, there would be very little food.

Garden Variety: Take extra care when planting early

Gardeners often try to get a jump on the season by planting tomatoes as early as possible. Though this can be successful, there are certain precautions that should be observed, especially this year with the abnormally cool spring.

Stories ‘N Motion Film Festival this weekend

Haskell Indian Nations University is hosting its 10th annual Stories ‘N Motion Film Festival, this year bringing critically acclaimed film director Sterlin Harjo.

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Lawrence Libations: Leaning Tower at Paisano's

If you’re going to take a trip to Italy via large plates of pasta (and endless breadsticks and salad), it would be foolish not to check out the Leaning Tower.

Uh Huh Her: Empowered independent artists

Without the control of any major label, Leisha Hailey and Camila Grey of electro-pop duo Uh Huh Her, don't feel the need to adhere to the sexualized standard many female musicians face these days. Without “the handlers” it’s easier to stay focused on making music meaningful to them. The two are turning the Granada into a nightclub Saturday night in support of latest album "Future Souls." Tickets are $15.

Blood on the Wall back together to celebrate Love Garden anniversary

A little more than 10 years ago, Courtney Shanks convinced her brother, Brad, to move to New York City. The Kansas City natives hadn’t played music together as kids or planned to start a band in NYC — but they soon formed Blood on the Wall with drummer Miggy Littleton, leading to three albums and a tour with the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

Style Scout: Anne and John Hedeman

Fashion influences: John: My fashion has not changed in four decades. I have yet to be influenced by fashion trends.