Lawrence Libations: Bourbon Hot Cocoa at Milton's Café


Bourbon Hot Cocoa, $8, at Milton's Café

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Now that fall has officially hit its stride, the winter months aren’t far off. It may be time, then — for those of you who like to break out the twinkle lights and holiday jams before Thanksgiving — to once again enjoy that favorite wintertime drink: hot chocolate. It’s a treat that’s often tied to childhood memories, but the folks at Milton’s Café are shaking things up a bit with an adults-only version spiked with bourbon.

The drink starts with a hefty base of Hershey’s hot cocoa (it’s made with whole milk, but you can ask for lower-fat options) and a shot of Bulleit Bourbon. The bourbon’s high rye content packs a punch, but a generous swirl of whipped cream helps soften the taste. A sprinkle of cinnamon tops off the whole thing.

The hard stuff: Bulleit Bourbon

Where it’s served: Milton’s Café, 901 New Hampshire St.

What it costs: $8

Other libations at this location: Milton’s Café serves up a variety of breakfast cocktails, including a mimosa, bloody mary, Kahlúa latte and an Irish coffee. Of course, if you’re looking for non-alcoholic day-starters, there’s always plain old coffee and tea.

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