On the Cheap: Bargains on bed sets

My recent search for new bedding made me feel like I might need a small business loan to accomplish the task.

It is hard to find bedding “on the cheap,” even for an experienced bargain shopper like myself.

Here are some tips I learned to help you revamp a bed set for less than $100.

Think beige

Several years ago my dad got me a beige comforter from Bed Bath and Beyond. At the time I didn’t realize how important this would be. Solid, neutral-colored comforters and quilts provide the perfect template for any bedding set.

Quilts and comforters are the most expensive bedding item to purchase.

When you choose a neutral blanket, you can change the look of your bedding set without purchasing a new quilt or comforter. I’ve mixed up my bedding several times over the years, with minimal cost.

You can a colorful throw blanket at nearly any nearly any store during the holidays for less than $20. (Kohl’s, JCPenney and Target usually mark these blankets down on Black Friday). Place a folded colorful blanket at the foot of the bed to add a splash of color.

Add some pillow shams to complement the blanket, and bam — you have a coordinated bed set.

My favorite place to purchase pillows and pillow shams is World Market, 3106 Iowa St. World Market has a great variety and you can purchase a set of quilted pillow shams for $19.99 and a set of quilted pillow cases for $14.99.

Go liberal on pillows

If you have a conservative budget, I advise you to go liberal on the pillows.

Start with your neutral-colored comforter, and add pillows to give your bedding that polished, posh look. My method is to purchase solid-color pillows from the cheapest place you can find, and then splurge on a handcrafted pillow at Ten Thousand Villages, 835 Massachusetts St., or Made, 737 Massachusetts St.

Ten Thousand Villages has a variety of pillows for $35 and up. Pillows at Made start at $20 and up.

Buy a bag set

If don’t have time to create your own hodgepodge bed set, the most economical way to go is the purchase a bed in a bag set.

These sets are available at stores such as Bed Bath and Beyond, JCPenney, Kohl’s, and just about everywhere else that sells bedding. But if you are going to go this route, I recommend bedinabag.com. Twelve-piece bed sets start at $99. That’s by far the best deal I’ve found.

— Arley Hoskin is a writer, mom and avid bargain shopper.


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