Fashion Column Twins: Comfortable fall looks

As the weather outside gets cooler, one thing comes to mind: comfort. There is nothing better than curling up with a warm blanket on a cool fall day, right? So who wants to be in something uncomfortable and cold? Not me!

Some may say the words trendy and comfort don’t belong in the same sentence, but I disagree. You can be just as stylish and trendy in something that feels great. Wearing everyday casual wear this fall can be a great way to incorporate a few different trends into one look. It’s so easy to do and will keep you feeling happy at the end of the day.


Elizabeth, left, and Emily Kennedy in their comfortable fall outfits. Elizabeth went for more of a boho/southwestern look while Emily picked out an outfit with more of a grunge feel.

Let’s start with the most important component: jeans. We love denim, and it should be the base of your comfortable, stylish look.

You could opt for skinny jeans like we did or even boyfriend jeans. I love skinny jeans because they are always in style and you can wear them with flats and transition into boots as the weather changes.

In our outfits, Emily’s look is a little more un-done and grunge while mine has more of a boho/southwestern feel.

Emily chose ripped skinny jeans to go with her rugged look. We paired both looks with a simple tee made by a local Kansas City brand Ocean and Sea. Over the top of the tee, I kept with her boho/southwestern feel by adding a knit sweater with fringe detail and topping it off with a beanie.

The key to this look is to not overdo it because the sweater has a bold print and added texture with the fringe. The beanie is a neutral color in baby blue. It’s super comfortable and super easy to pull off.

Emily wore a utility jacket over her tee and took a stroll back to the ’90s with a flannel tied around her waist. Layering is a great thing to keep in mind with these looks.

As mentioned before, you’re going to want to dress warmer as the weather gets cooler. Emily could add the flannel under her jacket as a way to mix up the look a little bit and stay cozy.

So, as you come up with your favorite fall looks, always remember that trendy looks can always be achieved while still feeling comfortable!

— Emily and Elizabeth Kennedy are twin sisters and fashion bloggers who share a blog called Fashion Column Twins. Elizabeth wrote this column. They can be reached at


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