Off the Beaten Plate: Love Burrito at Mi Ranchito


Marit Ehmke/Journal-World Photo

The Love Burrito at Mi Ranchito, 707 W. 23rd St.

There’s a lot to love about Mi Ranchito’s Love Burrito. The chicken-stuffed bundle started out as a special at one of the restaurant’s Kansas City-area locations, but customers loved it so much that it eventually earned a permanent slot on the menu — hence the name.

It starts with shredded white-meat chicken and liberal chunks of spinach, and then sprinkles in mushrooms, pico de gallo, rice and Monterey Jack cheese, topped off with a creamy chipotle sauce.

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Where to get it: Mi Ranchito, 707 W. 23rd St.

What you'll pay: $7.99, plus tax

Try it with: Of course, this dish — also loaded up with rice and refried beans — is plenty for one person or even two, but that didn't stop us from sampling more of the menu. In a somewhat halfhearted attempt at healthy eating (after already filling up on chips and espinaca dip), we paired the burrito with one of Mi Ranchito’s signature dishes: the chicken avocado salad. Served in a crispy tortilla bowl, the tasty mix is composed of grilled chicken, peppers, salad greens, tomatoes, Monterey Jack cheese and a couple of plump, luscious avocado slices resting on top. Drizzle with your choice of jalapeno ranch dressing or salsa ranchera, and dig in.

Also on the menu: The restaurant, which opened its Lawrence location in October, boasts an extensive menu of Mexican favorites. Think enchiladas, fajitas, chiles rellenos, and yes, lots of burritos. There's also a "gluten-friendly" section, plus some salads and soups.

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Bruce Collinson 3 years, 5 months ago

I went to Mi Ranchito today (4/9/15) for the Love Burrito and was informed that it was not on the lunch menu. I ordered the dinner portion which was the only option provided after the waiter left to ask. It unfortunately cost $9.99. That is a 25% increase over the published price. I won't be going back!!

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