EMU Theatre to perform Shel Silverstein short plays

EMU Theatre of Lawrence will perform a compilation of short plays by famed poet Shel Silverstein at the Lawrence Percolator this Friday and Saturday.

Both shows are scheduled for 8 p.m. at the venue, located in the alley behind the Lawrence Arts Center, 940 New Hampshire St.

Though perhaps best known for his children's books, such as 1964's "The Giving Tree" and 1974's "Where the Sidewalk Ends," Silverstein was also a prolific singer-songwriter and playwright.

EMU Theatre's production will include six of the 14 plays from the collection "Shel's Shorts," lasting about an hour.

The works are adult-oriented, so parental discretion is advised. Tickets can be purchased at the door for $8, and parking will be accessible in the parking garage near the Percolator.


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