Off the Beaten Plate: Strange Chicken at Jade Garden

Strange Chicken at Jade Garden, 1410 Kasold Drive

Strange Chicken at Jade Garden, 1410 Kasold Drive

At a place where you can dine on such Chinese delicacies as “pork blood with innards” and “spicy intestine with tofu,” I have to admit that we were expecting something a little more, well, weird, when I ordered up a plate of Jade Garden’s “Strange Chicken” earlier this week.

The chicken itself — boneless, skinless pieces of white meat — is served with vegetables. Once again, nothing too abnormal there: broccoli, carrots, mushrooms, onions, celery, bell peppers, water chestnuts and bamboo shoots.

The “strangeness,” apparently, is in the sauce, assistant manager Javier Martinez tells me. It’s a little sweet, a little spicy and a little sour, giving the dish an unusual flavor profile, he says.

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Where to get it: Jade Garden, 1410 Kasold Drive

What you'll pay: $5.25 for a small, $7.25 for a large

Try it with: An order of Jade Garden's perfectly crunchy-on-the-outside, soft-and-melty-on-the-inside crab Rangoon

Also on the menu: This place has one of the largest and most varied menus in town. There's the aforementioned "authentic Chinese" offerings, which also include spicy dried fish and pigs' feet, and Chinese-American classics like beef with broccoli and Kung Pao Chicken. You'll also find a few dishes from other Asian countries, such as the stir-fried Japanese udon noodles. Served up with vegetables, soy sauce and your choice of protein, the rice noodles are deliciously thick and chewy.

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