Off the Beaten Plate: Chocolate Cheese Smoke Burger at KC Smoke Burger

The Chocolate Cheese Smoke Burger at KC Smoke Burger, 1008 Massachusetts St.

The Chocolate Cheese Smoke Burger at KC Smoke Burger, 1008 Massachusetts St. by Joanna Hlavacek

Considering some of the wacky hamburgers we’ve covered in this feature, I thought I’d seen it all. I really did.

Well, it turns out I just hadn’t been to KC Smoke Burger, where two of the most universally loved foodstuffs — chocolate and 100 percent Angus beef — have been merged into one smoky, sweet creation called the Chocolate Cheese Smoke Burger.

As with every burger at the downtown eatery, the Chocolate Cheese is flame-grilled and “smoked to perfection.” It comes with all the standard toppings — lettuce, tomatoes and pickles — but thankfully leaves out onions and mayo, which probably wouldn’t have paired well with all that Hershey’s chocolate syrup slathered on top of the patty.

Yes, chocolate syrup. Protected by a thin layer of American cheese, the syrup takes on the consistency of Nutella, perhaps because of the cooking process, our waitress guessed. (As you can see, I've punctured the cheese in my picture to give you an idea of what the chocolate looks like.)

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So, go ahead and try the Chocolate Cheese Smoke Burger. Just make sure to load up on the napkins first — as you might imagine, this one gets pretty messy.

Where to get it: KC Smoke Burger, 1008 Massachusetts St.

What you'll pay: $10

Try it with: The burger already comes with a liberal helping of french fries, but if you're in the mood for more chocolate zaniness, KC Smoke Burger also offers fried Oreos for dessert.

Also on the menu: More than 20 varieties of burgers, from the weird (PB&J; Bacon Cheese Smoke Burger) to the traditional to the gourmet, like the restaurant's Pesto Feta Cheese Smoke Burger. You'll see an extensive selection of appetizers, chicken wings, hot dogs, sandwiches (Phillies, chicken, gyros, lamb and a handful of veggie options), plus a few desserts, nearly all of which are fried. If you're watching your waistline, it might be best to abstain from this place — or just throw caution to the wind and treat yourself. YOLO, you guys.

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