Off the Beaten Plate: Salted caramel bacon pops at Ted's Taphouse

They might look like small pieces of chocolate cake from far away (remember Hostess Zingers? I do, because my mom never let me near them as a kid) but the salted caramel bacon pops at Ted’s Taphouse are a mostly savory affair.


Salted caramel bacon pops at Ted's Taphouse, 1004 Massachusetts St.

Dreamed up by chef Amos Hurst, the ultra-luxurious bacon pops debuted about two weeks on Ted’s new menu. Each 3-ounce rectangular cuboid (apparently, that’s like a cube, but without all the square sides) is cured and smoked in-house, grilled, skewered and served up on a plate of Ted’s homemade salted-caramel sauce.

From what bartender/server Amanda Rouillard tells me, they’re usually split between two people — which makes sense, given how rich these salty-and-sweet little pops are. She’s yet to see anyone hold the pops by the stick and take a bite Popsicle-style, though. This is one kind of finger food that’s probably best eaten with a fork and knife.

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Where to get it: Ted's Taphouse, 1004 Massachusetts St.

What you'll pay: $6 for two bacon pops

Try it with: A cold one. Ted's has more than a dozen craft beers to choose from.

Also on the menu: Plenty of appetizers (if you're a fan of the bacon pops, you might also try Ted's Vietnamese pork belly), salads, sandwiches, burgers and entrees (meat-lovers have plenty of options, though the restaurant also offers a Portobello Napoléon). For the kids, there's cheesy mac and "fingers and fries."

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