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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Jimmy John’s

922 Massachusetts St. • (785) 841-0111

1720 W. 23rd St. • (785) 838-3737

601 Kasold Drive • (785) 331-2222

Don’t get confused that a gourmet sandwich has to be complicated. In fact, the crews at Jimmy John’s Gourmet Sandwiches work hard to keep it simple.

“We try not to be complicated,” says Russell Hacker, general manager for Jimmy John’s in Lawrence. “We focus on making the same perfect sandwich every time, and making it as quick as we can.”

Speed definitely is a focus at Jimmy John’s, which topped the Best of Lawrence delivery category this year. Hacker says the restaurant takes pride in its delivery program, which covers essentially all areas of Lawrence.

“Speed is what sets us apart,” Hacker says.

The company also focuses on specialization. Jimmy John’s has a policy of having a menu that includes only sandwiches and sides. It doesn’t try to do salads, lettuce wraps or other entrees. The menu includes more than a half-dozen specialty sandwiches, another half-dozen single-meat sandwiches, and about a dozen “giant club sandwiches,” including favorites such as the Ultimate Porker and the Billy Club.

The company operates three restaurants in Lawrence, making sandwich cravings easy to cure.

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