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Yello Sub

1814 W. 23rd St. • (785) 843-6000

Nick Beck says he will likely be the general manager of Yello Sub until he’s 70 years old.

Starting in the mid-1990s, Beck spent a seven-year stint working in the sandwich shop before pursuing a career change. In 2013, however, Beck found himself working once again at Yello Sub, and all was right with the world.

“I felt like I was returning to the fold. It was good to come back,” he says. “People who work there take a lot of pride in what they do.”

While there are other sandwich shops in Lawrence, Yello Sub tries to offer something the rest can’t.

“We try to provide an experience when our customers come in,” he says. “We try to make it feel like it’s their place, their secret.”

That secret includes a list of fresh ingredients, lovingly stacked on homemade buns with combinations you simply can’t find anywhere else.

“We use quality ingredients, make bread from scratch, and we hire the kind of people who take pride in the restaurant,” he says.

While Beck has a few years at Yello Sub under his belt, some have been there even longer, he says, including one baker who has worked at the restaurant for more than 25 years.

Yello Sub’s longevity and continuing success are largely due to the employees, all of whom make up the best team Beck says he has ever worked with — in any job.

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