Off the Beaten Plate: Chorizo Sloppy José at Global Cafe

For this week’s Off the Beaten Plate, we decided to try out a Latin American-inspired twist on a popular American dish: the chorizo sloppy José at Global Café.


Chorizo sloppy José at Global Cafe, 820 Massachusetts St.

Unlike a traditional sloppy Joe, Global Café’s version swaps chorizo for ground beef and piles on the veggies: roasted red peppers, caramelized onions, avocados and jalapenos, which give it a little heat.

It should be said that its name is a bit of a misnomer. This sandwich is pressed, eliminating the whole sloppy factor — a welcome change if you have the unfortunate tendency to let food dribble down your shirt like I do.

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Where to get it: Global Cafe, 820 Massachusetts St.

What you'll pay: $7.50; includes a side

Try it with: A cup of green chile posole

Also on the menu: Lots of coffee options, like the barraquito (a traditional Spanish espresso with sweetened, condensed milk and lime slices floating around the bottom) and the Viennese coffee, an espresso-and-chocolate blend topped with whipped cream and chocolate sauce. In the way of food, you'll find plenty of sandwiches (including the arepa, a flatbread made with ground maize), salads and breakfast dishes. Green chile is Global Cafe's signature ingredient, so it's a common addition to several dishes at the restaurant. The salmon quesadilla — stuffed with grilled salmon, veggies and Monterey Jack cheese — is smothered with house-made green chili sauce.

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Regina Nowatzke 3 years, 6 months ago

I hear Global Café has delicious food, its a shame they do not care enough to make the place accessible. Limited Café would serve as a more accurate name.

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