From hand games to quilling, upcoming week is chance for public to experience American Indian traditions

American Indian arts and traditions will be on display for the public throughout the upcoming week at Haskell Indian Nations University.

Haskell community members and visiting artists will give a series of presentations and workshops on traditions from hand games to quilling, planned in conjunction with Native American Heritage Month.

The events are organized by Haskell Extension and funded by the USDA Tribal College Extension. Events are free and open to the Haskell community and the public, though space is limited in some cases.

“Part of the objective is to get the Lawrence community, too, to be aware of what’s going on at Haskell,” said Cindy Grounds, Haskell’s director of grants and sponsored programs. “It’s something that we should be celebrating.”

In its announcement about the events Haskell urged attendees to “Please enjoy, learn, and pass on the knowledge gained from these events.”

The following events are planned on the Haskell campus, 155 Indian Ave.

Hand games presentation and competition

6 p.m. Monday, Tecumseh Hall

Joe Fish (Kiowa tribe), a “Southern traditional hand gamer,” will present on the history of hand games and songs that are sung for them. A competition will follow the presentation. To participate in the competition, call Rex Cully at 749-8404, ext. 480.

Cradleboard presentation

11 a.m. Tuesday, Haskell Cultural Center

Jancinta Warrington (Menominee, Potawatomi and HoChunk), director of the cultural center, will talk about the significance of the cradleboard in woodland tribes.

Drum making demonstration

4 p.m. Wednesday, Haskell Auditorium

Jason Buffalohead (Kiowa-Ponca) will talk about pow-wow drum making and demonstrate tying a drum together.

Quilling demonstration

4 p.m. Thursday, Haskell Cultural Center

Noah Holder (Wichita and Affiliated tribes of Oklahoma), a Haskell student, recently taught a quilling workshop in which fellow students made medicine wheels, bracelets and earrings. He will discuss quill wrapping and his techniques for dying quills.

Beadwork presentation

1 p.m. Friday, Haskell Cultural Center

Brenda Racehorse (Shoshone-Bannock), Haskell’s chief financial officer, will give a presentation on her beading artwork.

Master beader presentation

2 p.m. Friday, Haskell Cultural Center

Jessica Gokey (Ojibwe), a full-time artist who specializes in floral beading, will give a presentation on her beading artwork.

Beadwork workshop

1 to 3 p.m. Saturday, Haskell Cultural Center

Racehorse will lead an open bead workshop for beginner and intermediate beaders.

Master beader workshop

11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturday, Haskell Cultural Center

Gokey will lead a workshop for advanced beaders. Participation is limited to 15. To reserve a spot email


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