Lawrence Libations: Bad Idea at Prime Blu

The Bad Idea at Prime Blu sushi bar, 619 Massachusetts St.

The Bad Idea at Prime Blu sushi bar, 619 Massachusetts St. by Joanna Hlavacek

For some of us, the college experience is just as much about the questionable life choices one often makes while intoxicated as it is about scholarly pursuits.

So, in honor of university students’ recent return to Lawrence, we thought we’d revisit some of those iffy decisions with a drink Prime Blu manager David Kwon has simply dubbed “Bad Idea.” (Which, I have to say, is either a genius marketing ploy or a horrible one, depending on what you’re looking for in a drinking experience.)

Kwon says the creation takes its name from the sheer amount of alcohol (vodka, gin, rum, triple sec and blue Curaçao liqueur are among its ingredients) craftily disguised by Sprite, Coca-Cola and energy drink.

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The effect, after just one drink, is interesting. If you’re a lightweight like this reporter, you might find yourself feeling a tad tipsy but also invigorated and strangely productive, thanks to Bad Idea’s generous serving of energy drink.

So, is Bad Idea really a bad idea? You be the judge.

The hard stuff: Vodka, gin, rum, triple sec and blue Curaçao liqueur

Where it’s served: Prime Blu sushi, 619 Massachusetts St.

What you’ll pay: $7

Other libations at this location: The similarly scary-sounding Scorpion, plenty of martinis (from the ubiquitous Appletini to the Japanese-inspired Saketini) and classic cocktails like Moscow Mules.

— Drink up. Stay classy. Don’t forget to tip your bartender. And let us know if you want to suggest a libation for this feature — email or Tweet her at Cheers.


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