Stories for January 2016


Sunday, January 31

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The stories behind the storytellers: Langston Hughes Award winners to be honored Monday

On Monday, two Lawrence scribes will be honored with the Langston Hughes Creative Writing Award, given annually by the Raven Book Store and the Lawrence Arts Center to Douglas County residents who continue in the celebrated writer’s tradition of portraying life experience through poetry and prose.

Friday, January 29

City seeks artists for Outdoor Downtown Sculpture Exhibition

The Lawrence Cultural Arts Commission is seeking artists for its annual Outdoor Downtown Sculpture Exhibition.

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Style Scout: Raven Milam

Tell us a secret: My secret to life is just to make the art that you wanna make, and really love it and enjoy it.

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Style Scout: Cedric Vinson

What’s your spirit animal? A lion because he's mighty within, the king of the jungle, and doesn't fear anything or anyone.

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Weekend Guide: 'Peter and the Wolf'; Read Across Lawrence pizza party; Kid Karaoke at Frank's; 'They Also Ran: America's Would-Be Presidents'

Kids (and kids at heart) will have plenty to do in Lawrence this weekend, with "Peter and the Wolf," a Read Across Lawrence pizza party and kiddie karaoke all on the table. Also, a Dole Institute lecture on the unfulfilled aspirations of 19th century politicians, for history buffs young (there have to be a few of them out there) and old.

Thursday, January 28

Souper Bowl Saturday returning to Lawrence Arts Center in February

Hundreds of handmade bowls produced by area artists, community members and students will be on sale Feb. 6 at the Lawrence Arts Center's Souper Bowl Saturday.

Wednesday, January 27

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East Ninth Project committee discusses updates to design plan; parking a concern

A design plan introduced to the East Ninth Citizen Advisory Committee last month made a second appearance, with amendments, in the committee’s meeting Wednesday.

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'People's State of the Union' to take place Sunday at library

The Lawrence branch of the U.S. Department of Arts and Culture will host its second annual People's State of the Union Sunday at the Lawrence Public Library, 737 Vermont St.

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Susan Tate to resign as Lawrence Arts Center CEO by end of 2016

Susan Tate, CEO of the Lawrence Arts Center, will retire at the end of the year.

Tuesday, January 26

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Head off heart failure risk with exercise

The heart is a muscle, and it’s clearly the most important muscle in your body. Composed of a special type of tissue found nowhere else in the body, the heart muscle is made to beat powerfully and continuously minute after minute, day after day, without rest, for your entire life.

Monday, January 25

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John Mellencamp to make 'Plain Spoken' stop at Lied Center in April

Rocker John Mellencamp will bring his "Plain Spoken" tour to Lawrence this spring, the Lied Center announced Monday.

Sunday, January 24

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New exhibit at Watkins Museum chronicles history of medicine in Lawrence

A brick urging pedestrians to not spit on the sidewalk is one of nearly two-dozen artifacts and photographs on display in “Remedies and Memories: Changing Medicine in Lawrence.” Slated to open Friday, the exhibit spans nearly 100 years, cataloging Lawrence’s early days up until the medical advances of the 20th century’s second half.

Friday, January 22

Art in the Park now seeking applicants

The Lawrence Art Guild is seeking artists for the 56th annual Art in the Park, slated for 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. May 1 in South Park.

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Style Scout: Shannon Barry

Fashion trends you love: I like that the trend is oversized things because everything is always oversized on me because I'm so small, so I'm glad it's a "trend" now. I don't look weird if I wear things that are drastically too big for me.

Sunday, January 17

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'Real' characters, zany humor take center stage in Theatre Lawrence's 'Girls' Weekend'

After a successful launch just over a year ago at the Des Moines Community Playhouse, Karen Schaeffer’s romantic comedy about a book club meeting gone awry is now slated to make its Kansas debut Friday at Theatre Lawrence, 4660 Bauer Farm Dr.

Friday, January 15

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Style Scout: Brogan Sievers

What’s your spirit animal? I like bats, I like armadillos, I like things with big ears. Armadillos roll into balls; I feel like that says something about me, maybe.

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Style Scout: Katelyn Gilland

Tell us a secret: A second-grader punched me in the face when I was in third grade; that's not a secret, that's just something that happened to me. But it's kind of funny.

Wednesday, January 13

Winners of 2016 Langston Hughes writing awards announced

Fiction writer Kate Russell and poet Tai Amri Spann-Wilson are the winners of this year's Langston Hughes Award for writing, the Raven Book Store announced Wednesday.

Tuesday, January 12

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George Paley, 'one-of-a-kind' Lawrence businessman and artist, dies at 67

Ask Ernie Cummings about his late friend George Paley, and he’ll offer up the old Ripple Effect, in which one action causes a series of events to unfold incrementally. “The analogy would be those circles,” Cummings said, reminiscing about the longtime businessman and artist who died Sunday after a 14-year battle with prostate cancer. “You know, throw a pebble in the pond and all those waves go out? That would be George.”

Sunday, January 10

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Acclaimed artist Kris Kuksi to make Lawrence Arts Center debut

Scattered throughout Kris Kuksi's North Lawrence studio are the pieces — in various stages of completion — that he intends to show at his first official Lawrence Arts Center exhibition, opening Jan. 15.

Friday, January 8

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Style Scout: Nikki Collins

Tell us a secret: One of my secrets is I really like Justin Bieber for some reason. He's just perfect.

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Style Scout: Daniel Bradshaw

What’s your spirit animal? Maybe the sloth, because the sloth doesn't seem to bother that many people and it's very casual.

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Weekend Guide: 'Visions of Right;' Jayhawk Audubon Society winter sale; Lawrence Arts Center theatrical auditions; LEGO Club

The Lawrence social scene is still taking things slow after the holidays, it appears, but there's still plenty to keep theatre lovers (plus fans of birds and LEGO toys, natch) busy this weekend.

Thursday, January 7

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Lawrence Art Guild unanimously votes to remove officers in Thursday's emergency meeting because of 'irregularities' in guild management

The Lawrence Art Guild voted unanimously to remove its governing officers, including president Amanda Monaghan, from their posts during Thursday night’s “emergency meeting” at the Lawrence Public Library.

Monday, January 4

Lawrence Art Guild to hold 'emergency meeting' Thursday; election of temporary officers planned

The Lawrence Art Guild will hold a public “emergency meeting” Thursday evening at the Lawrence Public Library, 707 Vermont St., to review “irregularities” within the nonprofit known for long-running events such as the annual Art in the Park and Holiday Art Fair.

Sunday, January 3

Lawrence bands to watch in 2016

It’s been an exciting year for music, and the past few months have acted as a buildup to what is sure to be a very showy 2016. Here are some bands that should be watched carefully over the next year.

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Future of Lawrence Arts, Part II: Local leaders weigh in

This time last year, the Journal-World reached out to various leaders in the Lawrence arts community to gauge their hopes and predictions for the new year. At the time, Lawrence was on the precipice of several major changes, including the hiring of a new director of arts and culture and the development of an arts corridor with the East Ninth Project. With 2015 behind us, we checked in with some of those leaders (and one relatively new kid on the block) to reflect on the past year and gauge their thoughts on what's ahead. By Joanna Hlavacek

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'Friends of Dennis' photographer John Clayton finds beauty in fleeting moments

John Clayton is the mastermind behind the Friends of Dennis Facebook page, which for three and a half years has documented the zany outfits and everyday interactions of Dennis Abbott, Lawrence’s “sweetest grouch and most brilliant stylist.”

Friday, January 1

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Style Scout: Isi Castaneda

Whom do people say you look like? People say Bob Marley, but that's just because of the dreadlocks. I don't really resemble him at all.

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Style Scout: Amy Quirin

What’s your spirit animal? A cat. I admire their sleeping schedules.