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Linda Cottin: Best Handy (Wo)man, Best of Lawrence 2016

Linda Cottin: Best Handy (Wo)man, Best of Lawrence 2016

Linda Cottin

1832 Massachusetts Street ● 785-843-2981

Linda Cottin, co-owner of Cottin’s Hardware, doesn’t consider herself a handywoman. She just gives good advice. “When someone comes in and they don’t think they can fix something, you walk them through it and give them confidence … that’s a great feeling,” she says. “Or, on the other hand, when they think they can do a major project on their own, I’ll say, ‘Maybe you should call somebody.’” Something she sees frequently: people wanting to replace something that just needs fixed. “People come in and think they need a new faucet because it’s leaking,” Cottin says. “I’ll tell them they don’t need a new faucet, they need a $2 part.”

Best of Lawrence 2016


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