Style Scout


Style Scout: Jordan K. Dimond

Fashion trends you hate: Cover up! I don’t like seeing people’s private parts hanging out. Looking presentable, instead of trashy, is key.

Style Scout: Garrett Rathbone

Fashion influences: Mainly skateboard culture. A lot of skateboard companies make fantastic clothing. They’re usually well-made and stylish.

Style Scout: Sam Nitcher

Fashion trends you hate: The lack of a people not making decisions based on what Disney cartoon characters wore.

Style Scout: Maggie Haden

Fashion trends you love: Right now, I like a really romantic look so hopefully I can build toward that. But right now, it’s all about comfort.

Style Scout: Michelle Amarin Rose Metzger

What would you like to see more in Lawrence? Where are the men? Truly, the men, not the boys!

Style Scout: Pedro Julio Tovar Ballagh

Fashion influences: I usually get my influences when I go out to a bar to listen to music. If I see a band that looks cool, then I appreciate their style and make note.

Style Scout: Danielle Brooks

Describe your style: I would just call it “eclectic chic.” Hairstyle-wise, I love the natural look.

Style Scout: Connor Barnes

Whom do people say you look like? Captain Kirk

Style Scout: Nick Carswell

Describe your style: Modern/urban cowboy

Style Scout: Jordan Ashley Hocker

Fashion influences: It’s a little bit of ’50s housewife.

Style Scout: Gabriella and Chelsea Martin

Tattoos or piercings: Three (tattoos) and all very meaningful. Although my dad wishes I had none.

Style Scout: Joel Vandervelde

Fashion influences: Honestly, my dad has really been a functional guy. I want to be able to look good and just be able to be outside, run around and have fun in whatever I’m wearing.

Style Scout: Shay Hlavaty

Whom do people say you look like? Shaun White, the flying tomato! Maybe that’s not a compliment.

Style Scout: Cecil Keyes

Describe your style: I guess it’s like “preppy” slash… I don’t know. I just like J.Crew a lot!

Style Scout: Molly Connor

Fashion trends you hate: Crop tops need to die! Unless you’re like a double zero they just make everyone look so bad! I’ve seen very few people look good in them.

Style Scout: Bret Ivy

Describe your style: Normally, I try to appear classy every day. I usually wear a collar, sometimes a tie and dress shoes almost every single day; it’s just something that kind of makes my personal brand, and me, stand out a little bit more.

Style Scout: Julia Zukus

What would you like to see more or less of in Lawrence? More neutral and less neon colors.

Style Scout: Maxwell Gustav Moore

Fashion trends you hate: A flock of girls wearing neon Nikes. I call them the Neon Nike warriors!

Style Scout: Anne and John Hedeman

Fashion influences: John: My fashion has not changed in four decades. I have yet to be influenced by fashion trends.

Style Scout: Lars Erickson

Describe your style: My style, I’d say, is pretty unique. I definitely go for cheap. So you know Goodwill? That’s where it’s at!