Style Scout


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Style Scout: Ashley Barton

Tell us a secret: Always keep a lint roller — in your car, at work, at home, in your purse — lint rollers are key. That’s my secret.

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Style Scout: Sarah Allen

Tell us a secret: Find time for yourself — that’s the biggest thing; your passions, whatever you like to do. Yoga, guitar — those are my things.

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Style Scout: Raven Milam

Tell us a secret: My secret to life is just to make the art that you wanna make, and really love it and enjoy it.

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Style Scout: Cedric Vinson

What’s your spirit animal? A lion because he's mighty within, the king of the jungle, and doesn't fear anything or anyone.

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Style Scout: Shannon Barry

Fashion trends you love: I like that the trend is oversized things because everything is always oversized on me because I'm so small, so I'm glad it's a "trend" now. I don't look weird if I wear things that are drastically too big for me.

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Style Scout: Katelyn Gilland

Tell us a secret: A second-grader punched me in the face when I was in third grade; that's not a secret, that's just something that happened to me. But it's kind of funny.

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Style Scout: Brogan Sievers

What’s your spirit animal? I like bats, I like armadillos, I like things with big ears. Armadillos roll into balls; I feel like that says something about me, maybe.

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Style Scout: Nikki Collins

Tell us a secret: One of my secrets is I really like Justin Bieber for some reason. He's just perfect.

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Style Scout: Daniel Bradshaw

What’s your spirit animal? Maybe the sloth, because the sloth doesn't seem to bother that many people and it's very casual.

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Style Scout: Isi Castaneda

Whom do people say you look like? People say Bob Marley, but that's just because of the dreadlocks. I don't really resemble him at all.

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Style Scout: Amy Quirin

What’s your spirit animal? A cat. I admire their sleeping schedules.

Style Scout: Cassidy Sinlasath

What’s your spirit animal? Maybe a bunny… They just hop along. They’re cute but they’re quiet; low-key.

Style Scout: Jesus Leos

Whom do people say you look like? Pedro from “Napoleon Dynamite,” or Mulan when I have my hair in a bun.

Style Scout: Krys Arkeketa

Tell us a secret: "Moulin Rouge" was not a bad movie.

Style Scout: Robert Stauffer

Tell us a secret: I think a smile is probably the most important asset a person has.

Style Scout: Isabella Koch

Tell us a secret: I've always been afraid of the dark. I don't know if that's a secret, but it's kind of embarrassing because I'm 19.

Style Scout: Setsuna Steelefang

Describe your style: Just me. I'm a traveler; I don't really have a style, per se. I wear what's comfortable and whatever's dark enough to hide me when I hop on a freight train.

Style Scout: Jim Heintzelman

What’s your spirit animal? I'd like to think it's a cat because I got lost in the woods one time and I followed this white cat, for some reason, and I found my way out — and the cat disappeared. I don't know why he was there — or not — but it kind of makes me think that's something significant.

Style Scout: Ardyn Pannell

Tell us a secret: I love Justin Bieber. I cannot get enough of Justin Bieber.

Style Scout: Sydney Hensley

What’s your spirit animal? Probably an all-black cat. I have an all-black cat and he’s very sassy like me and very cuddly as well, so he’s a loving introvert. His name is Ford after Harrison Ford.