Style Scout: April Czarnetzki

Describe your style: I look in my closet, and I think, “We gotta get dressed today. Let’s make this work.”

Style Scout: Shea Greenwell

Fashion trends you love: James Bond and skinny jeans

Style Scout: John Flynn

Dream job: Guitarist for Emmylou Harris

Style Scout: Lorene Lewis

What were you doing when scouted? Going to Signs of Life to listen to a piano player.

Style Scout: Erin Spurlock

Tell us a secret: I’m going to throw my husband under the bus and tell you that he once thought an earthworm was a snake.

Style Scout: Joe Thurston

Describe your style: I was a Lawrence hipster, and then I moved to D.C. so I had to calm down.

Style Scout: Cait Bubna

Fashion influences: That scene from the first “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” movie where the kids are in that warehouse and they’re skateboarding and spray-painting stuff and it’s all so ’90s.

Style Scout: Drew Perry

Fashion influences: David Bowie, David Bowie and David Byrne

Style Scout: Laura Smith

Fashion trends you hate: The '80s. I'm sad that they're here again.

Style Scout: Milan Rathod

Dream job: Probably a TV anchor on "Inside the NBA" with Charles Barkley

Style Scout: Kate Hartland

What is your spirit animal? A dark alley.

Style Scout: Mark Maiden

Whom do people say you look like? Eraserhead

Style Scout: Samantha Hayes

What is your spirit animal? A tiger. They’re calm, but strong.

Style Scout: Stanton Nelson

Tell us a secret: I’m a pretty decent shot with my shotgun.

Style Scout: Terrah Schultz

Describe your style: Prairie witch

Style Scout: Ian Roozrokh

Tell us a secret: I wish I could shave my legs

Style Scout: Justin Curry

What's your spirit animal: A koala bear

Style Scout: Brittany Jones

Who would you choose to have dinner with, living or dead? Bernie Mac

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Annual Fourth of July event expands, changes name to Party in the Parks

Those perusing local events calendars recently may have noticed a subtle change to a Fourth of July tradition. For the first time in the event’s seven-year history, Party in the Park will be spread across both Watson and Constant parks, hence a new name: Party in the Parks.

Style Scout: Danielle Hodges

Fashion influences: Rhianna, Miley Cyrus, MIA and FKA Twigs