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Lawrence native played role in rescuing Chilean miners who are now subjects of 'The 33'

When the San Jose mine collapsed in August 2010 and left 33 workers trapped 2,000 feet beneath Chile’s Atacama Desert, it took the efforts of several Chilean government ministries, NASA, approximately a dozen multinational corporations and one quick-thinking Lawrence native to get them out. Selina Jackson, a 1984 graduate of Lawrence High School and 1988 alumna of Kansas University, helped facilitate the transportation of the 13-ton drilling equipment that brought the miners safely above ground in October 2010.

Weekend Guide: Bizarre Bazaar; 'Black Friday;' Holiday Lighting Ceremony and Santa Rescue; Van Go Adornment Holiday Art Show and Sale

On the docket this weekend: plenty of holiday fun, from the artsy to the classic and beloved tradition that sees Santa "rescued" from the Weaver's roof every year. (Is St. Nick not familiar with Einstein's oft-quoted definition of insanity?) And, for those of us who won't be heading to the mall the day after Thanksgiving, "Black Friday" on Black Friday.

Style Scout: Isabella Koch

Tell us a secret: I've always been afraid of the dark. I don't know if that's a secret, but it's kind of embarrassing because I'm 19.

Style Scout: Setsuna Steelefang

Describe your style: Just me. I'm a traveler; I don't really have a style, per se. I wear what's comfortable and whatever's dark enough to hide me when I hop on a freight train.

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Free State High trumpeter to march in Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade this week

More than 50 million TV viewers tune in every year to watch the balloons, floats and various entertainers strut down New York City streets in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

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Lawrence artists answer: What are you thankful for?

"What makes you thankful to be an artist in Lawrence?" In advance of this week's holiday, we posed that question to a handful of Lawrence artists working in a variety of disciplines, among them visual art, theater, music and film.

Style Scout: Jim Heintzelman

What’s your spirit animal? I'd like to think it's a cat because I got lost in the woods one time and I followed this white cat, for some reason, and I found my way out — and the cat disappeared. I don't know why he was there — or not — but it kind of makes me think that's something significant.

Weekend Guide: Beading at Haskell; TJ5K and Family Fun Run; Vintage Motorcycle and British Car Show; Right Between the Ears and 'Trading Spaces'

On the roster this weekend: beading workshops, a charity run, a car show and, for those experiencing the pre-Thanksgiving jitters, plenty of comic relief with a holiday bent.

Style Scout: Ardyn Pannell

Tell us a secret: I love Justin Bieber. I cannot get enough of Justin Bieber.

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2015 Holiday Arts Preview

Whether you're dreaming of a white Christmas or lean more toward Scrooge, you'll easily find something to do in Lawrence this season.

Style Scout: Sydney Hensley

What’s your spirit animal? Probably an all-black cat. I have an all-black cat and he’s very sassy like me and very cuddly as well, so he’s a loving introvert. His name is Ford after Harrison Ford.

Style Scout: Logan Gossett

What’s your spirit animal? For some reason, I was instinctively going to say a giraffe but I’m not really sure why, but the fact that that came out of me probably means it’s a giraffe.

Style Scout: Danielle Ashner

Fashion trends you hate: I feel like people can wear pretty much anything as long as they feel comfortable in it.

Style Scout: Clay Burkhead

Tell us a secret: I don't trust bicycles. I don't ride them. I know how, but I don't ride them. It could be called a fear, but I'd rather say a vigilant distrust.

'Spectre' pays tribute to the ghosts of Bond films past, for better or worse

“Spectre,” the 24th official James Bond movie in the Eon Productions series, is the most “Bond” movie since Daniel Craig took over the lead role ...

'Our Brand is Crisis' and 'Steve Jobs' mine true stories to create complete fiction

Where do you draw the line when a movie is based on a true story? It’s a tough question for every filmgoer to answer, and ...

Style Scout: Susan Burke

Fashion trends you love: 1960s mod. My hair is based on Mia Farrow from "Rosemary's Baby."

Style Scout: Taylor Rivera

Tell us a secret: I've been told I have a very deep belly button by multiple doctors.

The Poe Show: Arts Center's 'Midnight Visit' turns writer's dark life and works into a rock opera

Once every year for seven decades, a shadowy figure dressed in black paid tribute to Edgar Allan Poe by visiting the author’s grave in Baltimore. ...

Style Scout: Gina Russ

Tell us a secret: I only wear my hair up so I don't have to wash it.