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Style Scout: Ashley Barton

Tell us a secret: Always keep a lint roller — in your car, at work, at home, in your purse — lint rollers are key. That’s my secret.

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Style Scout: Sarah Allen

Tell us a secret: Find time for yourself — that’s the biggest thing; your passions, whatever you like to do. Yoga, guitar — those are my things.

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Weekend Guide: 'Peter and the Wolf'; Read Across Lawrence pizza party; Kid Karaoke at Frank's; 'They Also Ran: America's Would-Be Presidents'

Kids (and kids at heart) will have plenty to do in Lawrence this weekend, with "Peter and the Wolf," a Read Across Lawrence pizza party and kiddie karaoke all on the table. Also, a Dole Institute lecture on the unfulfilled aspirations of 19th century politicians, for history buffs young (there have to be a few of them out there) and old.

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Style Scout: Raven Milam

Tell us a secret: My secret to life is just to make the art that you wanna make, and really love it and enjoy it.

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Style Scout: Cedric Vinson

What’s your spirit animal? A lion because he's mighty within, the king of the jungle, and doesn't fear anything or anyone.

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Style Scout: Shannon Barry

Fashion trends you love: I like that the trend is oversized things because everything is always oversized on me because I'm so small, so I'm glad it's a "trend" now. I don't look weird if I wear things that are drastically too big for me.

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Style Scout: Katelyn Gilland

Tell us a secret: A second-grader punched me in the face when I was in third grade; that's not a secret, that's just something that happened to me. But it's kind of funny.

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Style Scout: Brogan Sievers

What’s your spirit animal? I like bats, I like armadillos, I like things with big ears. Armadillos roll into balls; I feel like that says something about me, maybe.

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Style Scout: Nikki Collins

Tell us a secret: One of my secrets is I really like Justin Bieber for some reason. He's just perfect.

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Style Scout: Daniel Bradshaw

What’s your spirit animal? Maybe the sloth, because the sloth doesn't seem to bother that many people and it's very casual.

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Future of Lawrence Arts, Part II: Local leaders weigh in

This time last year, the Journal-World reached out to various leaders in the Lawrence arts community to gauge their hopes and predictions for the new year. At the time, Lawrence was on the precipice of several major changes, including the hiring of a new director of arts and culture and the development of an arts corridor with the East Ninth Project. With 2015 behind us, we checked in with some of those leaders (and one relatively new kid on the block) to reflect on the past year and gauge their thoughts on what's ahead. By Joanna Hlavacek

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Style Scout: Isi Castaneda

Whom do people say you look like? People say Bob Marley, but that's just because of the dreadlocks. I don't really resemble him at all.

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Style Scout: Amy Quirin

What’s your spirit animal? A cat. I admire their sleeping schedules.

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The top 10 films of 2015

Looking back at a madcap year in movies

2015 was an unpredictable year for movies.

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Former KU, NBA star Scot Pollard to compete on next season of 'Survivor'

Former Kansas University and NBA player Scot Pollard will compete on the 32nd season of CBS' "Survivor," Entertainment Weekly reports.

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Jazzhaus Big Band still swinging in third decade of Christmas Formal

On Dec. 19, Jazzhaus owner Rick McNeely will be leading a 17-piece band in its 33rd year of the Jazzhaus’ Big Band Christmas Formal. Revelers will dress up in their holiday finest and dance the night away to big band music while dozens of horn players blast lively tunes through the air.

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Weekend Guide: 'A Kansas Nutcracker;' Holiday Farmers Market; 'Big Band Christmas'; organ vespers concert

Another holidaze of a weekend in Lawrence, with everything from seasonal shopping, big band and vespers concerts, and an annual local twist on "The Nutcracker."

Style Scout: Cassidy Sinlasath

What’s your spirit animal? Maybe a bunny… They just hop along. They’re cute but they’re quiet; low-key.

Style Scout: Jesus Leos

Whom do people say you look like? Pedro from “Napoleon Dynamite,” or Mulan when I have my hair in a bun.

Style Scout: Krys Arkeketa

Tell us a secret: "Moulin Rouge" was not a bad movie.