Lawrence Libations


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Lawrence Libations: Italian Margarita at Paisano's Ristorante

If you’re craving Italian food but hankering for a refreshing Mexican cocktail on a warm spring day, Paisano’s has your solution: the Italian margarita.

Lawrence Libations: Paisano's Italian Margarita

Lawrence Libations visits Paisano's Ristorante, 2112 W. 25th St., and tries an Italian Margarita.

Lawrence Libations: Poached-pear mulled wine at John Brown's Underground

There’s nothing like a hot, literally steaming glass of wine on a chilly winter day.

Mulled wine at John Brown's Underground

Lawrence Libations visits John Brown's Underground for a glass of poached-pear mulled wine.

Lawrence Libations: Bleeding Kansas at Five Bar & Tables

With Kansas celebrating its 154th birthday last week, it only seemed appropriate to follow up that momentous occasion with a Kansas-centric martini for this month's Lawrence Libations.

Lawrence Libations: Cap'n Frank's Rum Punch in the Throat at Frank's North Star Tavern

Warmer weather may be months away, but even in these frigid temperatures, bartenders at Frank's North Star Tavern are serving up a little taste of summer.

Lawrence Libations: Bourbon Hot Cocoa at Milton's Café

Now that fall has officially hit its stride, the winter months aren’t far off. It may be time, then — for those of you who like to break out the twinkle lights and holiday jams before Thanksgiving — to once again enjoy that favorite wintertime drink, hot chocolate. It’s a treat that’s often tied to childhood memories, but the folks at Milton’s Café are shaking things up a bit with an adults-only version spiked with bourbon.

Lawrence Libations: Sake flights at Ramen Bowls

For those looking to dip their toes into the waters of sake, try one of Ramen Bowls' sake flights, a sampling of five varieties served in shot glasses nestled inside a wooden tray.

Lawrence Libations: Hog Wash Sazerac at 715

It may not be the most appetizing of names, but true fans of the classic sazerac cocktail will swoon over this smoky signature 715 rendition.

Lawrence Libations: Apple Mint Bourbon Iced Tea

It’s absolutely mandatory to sip on an iced tea this summer, whether there’s a porch in your life or not.

Lawrence Libations: Cereal Milk at The Roost

Those who enjoy slurping up the milk sitting in the bottom of the bowl once the cereal has been eaten will enjoy this breakfast cocktail.

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Lawrence Libations: Leaning Tower at Paisano's

If you’re going to take a trip to Italy via large plates of pasta (and endless breadsticks and salad), it would be foolish not to check out the Leaning Tower.

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Lawrence Libations: New Moon at Encore Cafe

No need for any fancy infusions; this exotic lychee fruit libation will satisfy your sweet tooth while getting you that pleasant tipsy you’re looking for.

Lawrence Libations: Tower of Beer at Yacht Club

This 60-ounce beer dispenser houses the beer you just can't seem to get enough of.

Lawrence Libations: Shiner's Punch at Famous Dave's

“Get your ‘Shine on” with Famous Dave’s new selection of Moonshine beverages as of last week.

Lawrence Libations: Hawk Bomb at Yokohama

Chanting, pounding on tables and school spirit.

Lawrence Libations: Ruest at Bourgeois Pig

Taking the classic hot hard cider, and kicking it up a notch.

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Lawrence Libations: Mariposa Azul at Mexquisito

Lots of people either love tequila or cringe at the thought of it. Same goes for the flavor of anise (tastes like black licorice). Love both? Try the Mariposa Azul.

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Lawrence Libations: Key Lime Pie Martini at Saints

Like key lime pie in liquid form — sweet, limey and alcoholic.

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Off the Beaten Plate: Bloomin’ Bloody Mary at Dempsey’s

A drink with a small meal sticking out of it will turn heads at the bar.