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Off the Beaten Plate: Nightmare on Massachusetts Street at Ingredient

It may not be an eating challenge, but this is one big burger. Finishing the whole thing could be nightmarish for some.

Easter eggs Benedict

Whip up a brunch classic, then top it with smoked trout

For something I used to think could only be created by a trained chef in a restaurant kitchen, eggs Benedict is actually quite easy to make at home.

Delicious/Nutritious: Bringing leeks out of hiding

My plan for this round of Delicious/Nutritious was to find some way to present our chosen ingredient for April — leeks — in a way where you could actually see them.

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Off the Beaten Plate: Chicken fried meatloaf at Basil Leaf

The full name of this dish is “Chicken Fried Filet of Three Meatloaf” — with the three meats being pork, bison and beef.

Spring greens: Six ideas to kick off salad season using fresh ingredients

It’s time to dust off those salad tongs and stock up on greens because salad season is here again.

Acai Bowl at Ramen Bowls

When we lived in Hawaii, surfers flocked island juice bars to get their hands on an acai bowl. For a long time, we wondered what ...

The presidential history of mac and cheese

Thomas Jefferson — who would be a youthful 271 years old on April 13 if he were still alive — has plenty of well-known achievements. But my favorite bit of historical trivia about the author of the Declaration of Independence is much more humble: Jefferson was partly responsible for importing the recipe for macaroni and cheese to the United States.

Strawberries sans shortcake

It’s not that often that I write about snacks on this blog, and I’m trying to make up for that this year, with a few ...

Afternoon snackwiches, better than bologna

Sometimes on the weekend, we forget to eat lunch. It's not that we don't love food and I don't ever miss a meal. It's more ...

Beyond vegetables: Array of food, other offerings at farmers market opening for the season on Saturday

The Lawrence Farmers Market opens for the season on Saturday. It’s easy to pick up everything you need for a whole meal at the market — even the centerpiece. Meet four of the many vendors ready to help set your table. By Sara Shepherd

Indian tacos raise money, fill bellies at church's monthly sale

Monthly Indian taco sales have been a tradition for more than 30 years at the Lawrence Indian United Methodist Church. Not only do they help the church raise needed funds, they give locals a chance to indulge in an Indian specialty rarely found on restaurant menus. By Sara Shepherd

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Lawrence Libations: New Moon at Encore Cafe

No need for any fancy infusions; this exotic lychee fruit libation will satisfy your sweet tooth while getting you that pleasant tipsy you’re looking for.

Homemade granola is great for trips

While I've been counting down the days to our warm, spring break vacation, I'm not excited about the plane travel.

Spinach stuffed portabellas for the adults in the room

Mr. Meat and Potatoes has very few things, anymore, on his "I don't eat that" list. The top two are still mushrooms and olives, much ...

The perfect pad thai

I’ve been a longtime lover of pad thai. A connoisseur, really. It’s one of my go-to treat foods after a marathon or ultramarathon. I’ve devoured ...

Lawrence represents on MTV reality cooking show

What happens when people stop being polite ... and become culinary masters? Doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue like a certain catchphrase of another MTV show, but it seems to be the concept of new reality show “House of Food,” where Lawrence native Jake Weber was selected from thousands of applicants to live with other aspiring chefs in competition for the apprenticeship of a lifetime. By Nadia Imafidon

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Off the Beaten Plate: Creamy Chicken Philly Pizza at Henry T’s

America, where even sandwiches can grow up to be anything they want to be — including pizza.

Celebrate March Mustard Madness by making some of your own

"Have you been for mustard yet?” my friend asked me, with an arched brow and a smile. “No, but soon!” I grinned excitedly. We're not members of a secret mustard society, just big fans of Free State Brewing Company's annual “March Mustard Madness” tradition.

Winner winner, chili mac dinner

"Sometimes you just have to make a big 'ole mess of chili mac." That was my Facebook update recently. We can't be gourmands all the ...

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Off the Beaten Plate: Deep fried Twinkies at Yokohama

On the one hand, fried Twinkies at a sushi place don’t make sense. On the other hand, the way Yokohama makes them, they kind of do.