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Chef's Choice: Crimson & Brews tacos with Greg Renck

For this month’s edition of Chef’s Choice, I joined Greg Renck, owner of Terrebonne Po’Boys at 805 Vermont St., for the taco special at Crimson & Brews, 925 Iowa St.

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Chef's Choice: Breaking out of the downtown box at Nagoya

It’s no secret that most often, the culinary gems of a city are typically found in the prime, downtown real estate. Zach Thompson, consultant chef for 715, agrees with such a point, but also has another message, which pretty much boils down to this: Don't overlook the strip malls.

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Chef's Choice: Mediterranean flavors meet Midwestern classics at Culinaria

When Taco Zone owner Brad Shanks opted for visiting Culinaria for this month’s Chef’s Choice, he explained that his affinity for the catering service and Mediterranean restaurant is twofold.

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Chef's Choice: Limestone's mushroom pizza is 'go-to' for Ramen Bowls owners

Pretty much the moment a server at a restaurant asks if I’d like to hear about the specials, I nod but usually drift off to a place where words just become sounds that don’t matter. I’m not trying to be impolite, I just have favorite menu items that I really look forward to everywhere I go. So, when Ramen Bowls and Luckyberry owners Shantel and Tim Grace told me they both order the mushroom pizza at Limestone, always, I knew I was in good company.

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Chef's Choice: Fried chicken from an unexpected source

Just when you thought you’d finished that 800-page novel on fried chicken restaurants in Lawrence, Reagan Petrehn, co-owner of 1900 Barker Cafe and Bakery, decided to write a new page with a visit to an unexpected restaurant. This month for Chef's Choice, we travel to Hank Charcuterie, for — yes — fried chicken.

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Chef's Choice: Pho with Lee Meisel

For this month’s edition of Chef’s Choice, Lee Meisel of Leeway Franks decided that Little Saigon Cafe was his spot for pho. Perhaps that's because Little Saigon owners Steve and Anna Nguyen have mastered the classic Vietnamese dish to the same degree that Meisel has mastered sausages and frankfurters.

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Chef's Choice: La Estrella and 'the perfect taco'

Some might call it serendipitous that Ladybird Diner owner Meg Heriford found her favorite taco in town while searching for a few staples for her restaurant. What’s most likely, however, is that she was lured just a little off the beaten path by a star, shining brightly, even in broad daylight.

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A Chef's Choice tour at Bon Bon! and a healthy dose of 'buns'

For this month’s edition of Chef’s Choice, T.K. Peterson, owner/chef of Merchants Pub and Plate decided that traveling to the “Far East” was a must for eating Katsu Buns. Happy to oblige, I booked my travel, packed my bags and journeyed to far East Lawrence, to eat my “Bunz” off at Bon Bon!.

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Chef's Choice: A Chicago dog with Chef Rick Martin

For the first installment of Chef’s Choice, I met with chef-owner Rick Martin of Limestone Pizza, 814 Massachusetts St., and invited him to a lunch at any restaurant in town other than his own. His choice: the Chicago dog at Leeway Franks.

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6 restaurants in 2 hours? Journal-World staffers take a chicken challenge

If you’ve kept up with Chad Lawhorn’s Town Talk and you’re anything like me, you’re probably wondering exactly what the cluck is going on with all of these fried chicken joints popping up around town. To further investigate the allure, as every journalist should, I enlisted the help of sports editor Tom Keegan and the fried chicken oracle of Lawrence himself, Chad Lawhorn, to eat at all of them.

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Whether you call her Cheese Whiz or Big Cheese, Lawrence resident now in most exclusive of cheese clubs

After waiting for six weeks, on Sept. 2, Knickerbocker, who heads the Murray’s Cheese Shop at the Dillons at 4701 W. Sixth St., said that she received word that she had passed the three-hour, 150-question Certified Cheese Professional exam.

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Food truck owner planning new culinary festival in Lawrence

A new culinary festival is being planned in Lawrence this fall as a bookend to food truck season.

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