Off the Beaten Plate: Salted caramel bacon pops at Ted's Taphouse

They might look like a couple small pieces of chocolate cake from far away (remember Hostess Zingers? I do, because my mom never let me near them as a kid) but the salted caramel bacon pops at Ted’s Taphouse are a mostly savory affair.

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Hank Charcuterie's secret to making perfect pork chops

Pork chops are a favorite of Hank Charcuterie owner/chef Vaughn Good’s all year round, but he says those cooking the sweet meat at home this summer might need to pay special attention to their pork chops when using a grill.

Off the Beaten Plate: Red bean pancake at Panda and Plum Garden

Trying out a dessert that's like China’s version of a crepe.

Setting the tables: Restaurant turns wine cellar into fine dining experience

If it grows together, it goes together. That’s the idea behind the new fine-dining pop-up restaurant that’s located, funnily enough, below ground.

Off the Beaten Plate: Spaghetti Pie at Tad's Pizzeria

I was a little suspicious upon catching my first glimpse of the spaghetti pie at Tad's Pizzeria, which despite the menu's description — a pizza topped with spaghetti, meatballs and Parmesan cheese — didn't exactly look like how I'd pictured it.

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2015 Free State Festival events run gamut of art and ideas

A performance by comedian Tig Notaro kicks off a week chock full of arts and culture events in downtown Lawrence.

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New restaurant Prime Blu alight with sushi

With laser lights darting across the ceiling, a huge doughnut-shaped bar lit from underneath by LED lights, and massive floor-to-ceiling columns that change colors powered by more lasers, Prime Blu isn’t your average sushi spot.

Off the Beaten Plate: Southwestern Chicken Egg Rolls at La Familia Cafe & Cantina

You wouldn’t expect to see egg rolls at a traditional Mexican joint, but that’s what we found during a recent lunchtime trip to La Familia Cafe & Cantina.

Lawrence Libations: Clockwork Orange at 715

Summer isn’t here officially — that won’t happen for another three weeks or so — but since school is out and temperatures have begun to creep up, we thought we’d take this month’s Lawrence Libations in search of a refreshing, hot-weather drink.

Off the Beaten Plate: Pig ear sandwich at Kingfish Soulfood Bistro

It’s a popular item at Kingfish Soul Food and Bistro, but you won’t see folks eating the pig-ear sandwich on a daily basis down South. At least that’s what the restaurant’s owner, who goes simply by Kingfish, tells me during a recent trip to the eastern Lawrence eatery.

Off the Beaten Plate: Chicken gizzards at Set 'Em Up Jack's

When in doubt, fry it. That’s the takeaway from this week’s Off the Beaten Plate, which took us to Set ‘Em Up Jack’s in search of chicken gizzards.

Off the Beaten Plate: Chinese Burger at 8 Flavors

It’s easy to walk into 8 Flavors and assume that the advertised “Chinese burgers” are some sort of wacky, modern riff on an American staple. After all, Americans invented the hamburger, right? Wrong.

New Crepes & Taters restaurant window offers sweet and savory pancakes, Belgian-style fries

Crepes & Taters boasts 20 different varieties of the thin French pancake, from sweet to savory, along with Belgian-style fries.

Lawrence Libations: Draft Brew at Alchemy Coffee and Bake House

How does a glass of cold-press coffee come to look like (and sort of taste like) a pint of Guinness? That's the question we hoped to answer in this week's Lawrence Libations.

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Off the Beaten Plate: Strange Chicken at Jade Garden

At a place where you can dine on such Chinese delicacies as “pork blood with innards” and “spicy intestine with tofu,” we have to admit that we were expecting something a little more, well, weird, when we ordered up a plate of Jade Garden’s “Strange Chicken” earlier this week.