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New Amsterdams please crowd with upbeat indie pop

Like any good basketball strategist, Matt Pryor had a plan B in case the preferred course of action didn’t work out. Had the Jayhawks, who had played North Carolina State in the Sweet Sixteen earlier in the evening, lost, the heartbreaking ballads were at the ready.

Record review: "Red Wedding" by Archetype

It’s not every time around an album comes right out and sums up what its creators are up to and where they’re going. Lawrence hip hop outfit Archetype spells out its status on “All In” and “Last Time,” the first two cuts on its third and final album.

Album review: Truckstop Honeymoon’s “Steamboat in a Cornfield”

Lawrence-based bluegrass-vaudevillian-cowpunk duo Truckstop Honeymoon proudly wears its duality on its sleeve on its latest “Steamboat in a Cornfield,” its eighth album.

2011 spotlight: Music

Local musicians, record store employees and music bloggers list their favorite music of 2011.

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Queen's Castle: Singer Joyce Castle celebrates her ruby anniversary

Mezzo-soprano singer Joyce Castle celebrates 40 years of performance at the Lied Center.

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Review: Legally Blonde The Musical

It was surreal. It was wonderful. It was awful.

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Review: Stona Rosa

After a long hiatus, the ACB's make a spirited return.

From another planet: Larry's beat scientist Spence beams down bumpin new album

Spence's new album, which comes down somewhere among his roots in drum & bass and a more chilled out electronic feel, will be unveiled Thursday at the Tap Room. The Lawrence producer — a.k.a. Danny Spence — is on the ...

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Lost in the Cosmos: Lawrence rock-fusion act finesses the art of 'Mental Hygiene'

Lawrence drummer Luke Stone made it a custom to pick up two Britney Spears stickers from a vending machine every week. He put them on his practice pad at home, inspiring him to practice his rudiments...

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Mariachi Divina: New film celebrates legacy of Kansas mariachi legends, Mariachi Estrella de Topeka

Teresa Cuevas is the prototypical abuela in virtually every way, save one — she's a member of the trailblazing band Mariachi Estrella de Topeka and is a living legend in Mexican music circles...

"INcense & Wine," a podcast preview of the new album by Miles Bonny

Who is Miles Bonny? The man, the myth, the legend, Lawrence ex-pat, residing in KC now. This podcast dives into the subconscious of Miles Bonny. A.D.D. tries to get to know every layer of Miles. He addresses how not to ...

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Kinetik Energy: Lawrence’s The Kinetiks up the ante and the tempo on second album “Science Is Magic”

In the midst of putting on silver tights and a cape prior to a recent show, Rani Waugh had a revelation about her band. "I don't understand why we aren't taken seriously'" ...

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Best Local Music of 2009

From indie-pop to hip-hop, the decade in local music came to an abundant end

Here's 10 albums from the Lawrence and Kansas City area that we truly, wholeheartedly enjoyed — and a nice long list of honorable mentions...

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Review: "Science is Magic," by The Kinetiks

The latest album from this Lawrence band is a carnival-ride fusion of disco, '80s pop-punk, darker '90s themes. It's a fun, synth-filled distortion fest ...

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Clear and Present Danger Bob

Irreverent pop rock “has-beens” reunite for first shows in six years

The group’s long and heckled history dates back to about 1992, when bands like Paw and Stick were all the rage. Danger Bob were the kids who snuck in the backdoor of the Bottleneck with a six-pack of silly. Once they learned to play their instruments, all bets were off, and the foursome went on to make five highly regarded albums and make a lot of locals very, very happy (or at least very, very drunk).

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Raising (Old) Canes

Chris Crisci returns from the basement to deliver long-awaited Feral Harmonic

Is it really already October? For many of us, 2009 may have gone hastily by without leaving much to show for it — but we can’t all be Chris Crisci. We can’t all release two albums through two different bands, all while raising a new baby. Show off...

Raising (old) canes

Is it really already October? For many of us, 2009 may have gone hastily by without leaving much to show for it — but we can’t all be Chris Crisci. We can’t all release two albums through two different bands, ...

Miss Allison: An interview with Allison Olassa

Allison Olassa’s plays a sort of timeless music that’s as free and loose as Gillian Welch, and she pays the bills by cleaning houses (with all-natural products, of course). Olassa’s songs are made of the stuff that Walnut Valley Festival ...

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Blue Genes

Brody Buster has the blues in his blood, but that doesn’t mean he has to play it

Most kids would kill for the kind of whirlwind notoriety Brody Buster experienced between the ages of 8 and 12. From Beale Street to Jay Leno to befriending B.B. King, Buster lived the dream before he was old enough to know it...