Off The Beaten Plate


Off the Beaten Plate: Maryland Crab Cake Sliders at R Bar & Patio

It’s not every bar that prides itself on not owning a fryer. But R Bar, which launched its new — and first-ever — menu of ...

Off the Beaten Plate: Ranchalicious pizza at Pyramid Pizza

Hey, I don't create food trends — I just report on them. That's what I often find myself telling my fish oil-supplementing, yoga-practicing mother when ...

Off the Beaten Plate: Kunafa at Aladdin Cafe

This exotic dessert (check out that Day-Glo color, man) has been referred to as the Middle East’s answer to the cheese Danish. Sure, Aladdin Café’s ...

Off the Beaten Plate — Salvadoreña Enchiladas at La Parrilla

Before getting down to brass tacks here, let’s settle the difference between “yucca” and “yuca,” only one of which made its way into my stomach ...

Off the Beaten Plate: Bulgogi beef at Oriental Bistro

Literally meaning “fire meat” in Korean (sounds fairly Neanderthalian, no?), this dish consists of thinly sliced beef that’s been marinated (traditionally in a mixture of ...

Off the Beaten Plate: Deconstructed guacamole at 23rd Street Brewery

Guacamole broken down to its parts.

Off the Beaten Plate: Sesame balls at Red Pepper Chinese Restaurant

These sweet little morsels are popular in China, where they’re traditionally eaten on birthdays or New Year’s celebrations.

Off the Beaten Plate: Corn nuggets at Jefferson's Restaurant

A trip to Jefferson’s just isn’t complete without a sampling of one of the restaurant’s many fried delicacies. This week’s visit — our first after the January fire that shuttered Jefferson’s until its grand reopening last week — included a basket of the Lawrence staple’s corn nuggets.

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Off the Beaten Plate: Meatloaf po' boy at Terrebonne Cafe

At Terrebonne, homemade slices of (very hefty) meatloaf are piled onto a toasted French roll with cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato, onions and the cafe’s special po’ boy sauce.

Off the Beaten Plate: Dulce de leche chimichanga at Tres Mexicanos

You’re likely to find a chimichanga — basically a deep-fried burrito — at almost any Mexican restaurant in town. What’s a little more off the beaten plate (ahem) is Tres Mexicanos’ sweet reworking of the Tex Mex favorite, which in this case involves dulce de leche. So, yum.

Off the Beaten Plate: Chocolate Cheese Smoke Burger at KC Smoke Burger

At KC Smoke Burger, chocolate and 100-percent Angus beef have been merged into one smoky, sweet creation.

Off the Beaten Plate: Tempeh Parmesan at Yello Sub

For a sandwich modeled after chicken Parmesan that doesn't actually contain any animal protein, Yello Sub's Tempeh Parmesan offers a surprisingly meaty taste and texture.

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Off the Beaten Plate: Inari at Dondon

These sweet little pouches take their name from the Shinto god Inari, who is believed to have a fondness for fried tofu — the more you know, as they say.

Off the Beaten Plate: The Waldorf at Glory Days Pizza

Looking through the hallowed archives of Off the Beaten Plate, it's pretty clear that my colleagues and I have a thing for innovative pizza creations.

Off the Beaten Plate: Salted caramel bacon pops at Ted's Taphouse

They might look like a couple small pieces of chocolate cake from far away (remember Hostess Zingers? I do, because my mom never let me near them as a kid) but the salted caramel bacon pops at Ted’s Taphouse are a mostly savory affair.

Off the Beaten Plate: Red bean pancake at Panda and Plum Garden

Off the Beaten Plate visits Panda & Plum Garden to try the red bean pancake.

Off the Beaten Plate: Red bean pancake at Panda and Plum Garden

Trying out a dessert that's like China’s version of a crepe.

Off the Beaten Plate: Spaghetti Pie at Tad's Pizzeria

Off the Beaten Plate visits Tad's Pizzeria to try a pizza topped with spaghetti and meatballs.

Off the Beaten Plate: Spaghetti Pie at Tad's Pizzeria

I was a little suspicious upon catching my first glimpse of the spaghetti pie at Tad's Pizzeria, which despite the menu's description — a pizza topped with spaghetti, meatballs and Parmesan cheese — didn't exactly look like how I'd pictured it.

Off the Beaten Plage: Southwestern chicken egg rolls at La Familia

Off the Beaten Plate visits La Familia for a taste of their southwestern chicken egg rolls.