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Jordan Geiger, former Kwikee Mart employee. "(Kroger) sent us
probably 50 to 100 giant Big Gulp cups that had 'K-State' on them
... and the Kwik Shop that I work at is literally two blocks from
the football stadium ... I hate Kroger. I hate them to the very
depths of my soul."

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In it for the money: When Lawrence's finest aren't rocking your ass off, they're slumming it for chump change

For every great and famous musician who's ever won a Grammy, had a hit single or packed stadiums with lighter-toting superfans, there's no doubt a lowly day-job story to be told. As legend has it, Flaming Lips frontman Wayne Coyne wrote much of the band's early material while slinging hush puppies at a Long John Silvers; Johnny Cash spent three years going door-to-door selling appliances before walking into Sun Studios; Alex Van Halen nearly lost his finger working as a machine operator -- the list is long and frequently hilarious. For Lawrence's elite crop of working-class guitar slingers, day jobs aren't a footnote in some VH1 documentary but rather a way of life.


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