New in Oct. 2009, this restaurant features local ingredient with local food, with a dose of Italian influences. It has a casual vibe with hip decor that enhances the building's century-old architecture.

Full service lunch and dinner. Pizzas are served 'til midnight everyday and are just $7 after 10pm. Brunch runs from 9a-3p on both Saturday and Sunday.

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razatazz 11 years, 8 months ago on 715

Food was good, nice pairings of cheese and sauces - but I hesitate to say worth the price because the portions are very small. Super trendy clientele, so if you're into that - the price might be reasonable. Our staff was nice, but the food took forever to get out - even for a cheese and meat selection!

Overall, expect good food and a nice atmosphere, but high prices and a really long wait.

My spouse and I, who are definitely not opposed to spending a chunk of change for the right venue, would rather spend that amount somewhere else.

evilpenguin 12 years ago on 715

My first experience of 715 was very mixed! I found the food to be excellent - very tasty and a good variety of different and unique dishes. However, the service was atrocious! My group of 5 went for lunch and it took us two hours to get through lunch. We weren't eating slowly, in fact, we were trying to rush so we could get back to work, but the staff were very slow and not very attentive.

My 2nd experience was somewhat similar, when I visited the restaurant in the evening. I loved the feel of the place - very warm and inviting and the decor is cool after dark. Again, the food was excellent (lamb meatball pizza almost made me cry it was so delicious!) but again, service was poor. Slow and inattentive. Our server forgot to bring out two of the drinks for our table and had to be reminded.

I don't mind waiting a while for food if the server lets you know roughly how long it's going to be, it's not like they couldn't find that out. None of the servers even acknowledged that our food took forever to arrive, which seems poor.

Overall, the food is awesome but servers need to be given a kick up the butt!

wm_perkins 13 years, 3 months ago on 715

Excellent Food and Service. I stopped in for lunch at 715, I was impressed enough that I took my wife there for dinner the same day.

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