Angler's Seafood House

  • 1004 Mass. St. Lawrence, KS 66044
  • 785-856-9287
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  • NOTE: This establishment is now closed. This entry remains for historical records.


Featuring flown in fresh seasonal fish and shellfish paired with local seasonal ingredients and produce. The majority of the menu is seafood, but being in Kansas, local ribeye and tenderloin steaks are also on the menu, along with top-shelf burgers.

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bill_welch 12 years, 3 months ago on Angler's Seafood House

I worked with owner of Anglers at The Tenth Street Vegetarian Bistro for about two months and was paid a salary of 150 dollars a week-- which equaled out to about 3 dollars an hour.. At one point, I was asked to forfeit 40 percent of my tip money to help support the cost of operating and to hire a cook.

When I left, I filed a complaint with the Federal Department of Labor regarding Nancy and her wage issues and have recently been informed that she supplied "documents" to the DOL showing that she paid me minimum wage and that I only worked a few hours a week there.

This is not true.. I worked about 48-50 hours a week while employed with Nancy and she knows that. I also hope she knows that falsifying documents for the federal government is a crime.

Nancy has become successful by walking on the backs of students and needy employees who didn't know better-- until now. I would urge you to think about it,

I, for one, choose not to frequent any of her establishments and am waiting patiently for the day that Karma kicks her in the ass.

danielni1981 13 years, 2 months ago on Angler's Seafood House

I posted a comment about this Seefood House but it was removed. I went to this place and order the "SEA SCALLOP & JUMBO SHRIMP KABOB". The price is $12.50. When it arrived, it was 90 percent white rice, and 2 medium pieces of scallops and 2 medium pieces of shrimp. It did not taste anything special either, it was mediocre. I never felt more robbed. Avoid this place unless u do not mind spending a lot of money and not getting anything in return.

danielni1981 13 years, 2 months ago on Angler's Seafood House

AVOID this place at all cost, unless you do not mind giving away your money and not get anything in return. I ordered the "Sea scallop and jumbo shrimp kabob" for $12.50. When I got my food, it was a plate full of rice, 90 percent of it was just white rice, and on top of it, just 2 small pieces of scallops and 2 medium size shrimps. A total of 4 pieces. I didn't know that rice was so expensive.

Before going to this place, check the menu. You will find that there is no variety at all. I will never, never, EVER go back to this place.

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