The Barrel House

  • 729 New Hampshire Lawrence, KS 66044
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  • NOTE: This establishment is now closed. This entry remains for historical records.


Inside the old Last Call space, The Barrel House is a billed as a "dueling piano bar," although rock shows and other non-piano events are held here, too.

"Barrel houses" were underground clubs in the '40s and '50s—typically jazz clubs that had improv piano playing. A dueling piano bar consists of two pianos on stage. The pianists know hundreds to thousands of songs played over the past decades. The show is not only a musical experience, but a comedic one as well—the audience plays an important part in the show.

Dueling pianos Friday-Saturday. Thursdays are "Thirsty Thursdays" - 18 & older night with live DJ.


thepianoman 12 years, 1 month ago on The Barrel House

It's hit and miss. The first time I was there, it was a cool experience. One of the pianists was kind enough to let me do some playing. I loved that. Each experience after that went down hill. The players were blah, the singing was horriffic and it was so ungodly LOUD.

The "dueling pianos" concept can only go for so long. After hearing the same songs performed over and over in the same style over and becomes very stale. I probably won't go back.

yestoavocados 12 years, 1 month ago on The Barrel House

I went there for the first time on Friday night, and...I won't be going back. I agree with most of the comments made before. The drinks were horrible and absolutely tasted watered down. They also didn't know how to make most of their "signature" drinks and they were out of several options. Again, this was on a Friday in a bar, you would think that they would be stocked. Honestly, most of the bartenders looked like lost teenagers. The place looks great, but the music is mediocre. Combine that with the terrible drinks and you are better staying at home with some friends.

thelonious 13 years, 5 months ago on The Barrel House

Well, they haven't bothered to clean their sidewalk 4 days after the blizzard, and I wouldn't go to any club or restaurant that shows such a lack of concern for its customers and the public. Hey, CLEAN YOUR SIDEWALK ALREADY!

swimchic 13 years, 8 months ago on The Barrel House

$2 Tuesdays are sooo much fun! They have great music and cheap drinks! You can get pretty much anything for only 2 bucks. I love it!!!

emele 13 years, 10 months ago on The Barrel House

The first time I went to The Barrel House I was in awe. Walking in the doors I felt like I had stepped into a Kansas City bar, there aren't any other bars in lawrence with that feel! I was also surprised on how great the place looked! The previous bar, Last Call, was a trashy place that many locals feared. I had been to several dueling piano bars before and barrel house is no different. Its a fun cool atmosphere with a wide range of music played. Barrel house also has two large bars to get drinks faster. Something different also about the barrel house compared to other lawrence bars is that there are servers. Instead of having to get up and get a drink every time you can order your drink through them and still enjoy the show from your seat. I would like to say that the bar is for everyone, but from the previous reviews its apparent that it isn't. Hope all of you can make it out there to see for yourself but I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND it!

float_on 13 years, 10 months ago on The Barrel House

I don't know what the negative reviews are about- the volume on the speakers are a bit loud, but other than that drink prices were reasonable from basic stuff to top shelf. It's well staffed with two bars, plenty of bar tenders, waitresses and bouncers. Good drinks. Friendly crowd. The pianists go way above and beyond to entertain and interact with the crowd. Definitely a happy median between just 'sitting around' and the bumping grinding club scene.. THANK YOU!!!!!

toodarnloud 13 years, 10 months ago on The Barrel House

bill self has been known to drop by. probably just checking it out cause it was the new place in town, though.

swimchic326 13 years, 10 months ago on The Barrel House

Being a local resident I was sick of not having somewhere fun to go at night...until this place opened. The second I walked in the door I was greeted by their employees, which is different from every other bar in this town. The concept of dueling pianos was new to me but I caught on fast. The piano players not only have great voices but great sense of humors!! I recommend this bar to anyone and everyone! I will be going back as often as possible!!!!!!

urthatguy66044 13 years, 11 months ago on The Barrel House

So I had heard mixed reviews about this place and decided to check it out Saturday night... It was a HUGE disappointment to say the least. First off, $4 bucks to get in the door... And for what? A guy that can hardly play the piano and can't sing to save his life. Secondly, $6 bucks for what was suppose to be a double, when I went back for a second drink I asked if he could make it a little stronger than the last and the bartender basically told me to get out... Talk about a major let down. I love how the place looks, they did a great job on the remodel, can't wait until a good cool downtown bar goes in there... I give this place maybe another 4 months of operation before they shut down, unless they actually get some talent and some bartenders that actually know how to make a drink!

itsagirl 14 years ago on The Barrel House

yeah this place is a big! thumbs down!!!!!!! It is boring and the piano players are NOT talented in the least !!!! It is too loud when its busy and too boring when its not. Do NOT go there if you are looking for a good night out.

loveandloss 14 years ago on The Barrel House

cool idea.... but this places fails as far as im concerned. two thumbs down.

jhardy 14 years ago on The Barrel House

Yeah I heard the same thing from a bunch of people, I think that is why it has not been that busy there lately, all of the newness wore off.

PS. Their drinks seem a little watered down:(

itsagirl 14 years ago on The Barrel House

I would NOT recommend going here! I was treated in a poor manner by one of the owners and then later heard "this person" screaming out obscenities in a loud, raucous manner.

itsagirl 14 years ago on The Barrel House

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Lissa516 14 years ago on The Barrel House

I visited The Barrel House for the first time on Friday night. I've always loved piano bars, and heard about this one opening in Lawrence but hadn't had a chance to go yet. It was worth the wait - the musicians were very entertaining, the crowd was into it, and it's great to have a place like this in the area!

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