Biemer's BBQ



kujames 13 years, 11 months ago on Biemer's BBQ

great pulled pork sandwich! I love how they throw some burnt ends in there too, which were good! I am slowly becoming addicted to this, best BBQ in town IMO. And the service is actually friendly.

BrokeKUalumn 14 years ago on Biemer's BBQ

I am very impressed with Biemers BBQ. Very friendly service, which is rare these days. I got the beef brisket sandwich with spicy vinegar sauce and it was one of the best I've had. The sauce had just the right amount of heat and was delicious, the beef was very very tender. The fried pickles with spicy ranch was pretty good, I prefer friend pickles to be the chip size pickles and not quarter cut. You get a little too much pickle that way and overwhelms the batter. But overall I have to give it an A. Great BBQ! I will be back

bogo 14 years ago on Biemer's BBQ

a lot of things on this page are wrong but the biggest one is that they deliver on orders of 4 or more, I work there so I know that they only deliver large catering orders usually of 50$ or more.

Izabelsmom 14 years, 8 months ago on Biemer's BBQ

This is my favorite BBQ place in town...I used to eat Vermonts and Biggs and once I tried Biemers, I never looked back...Biggs meat is so dry...Biemers ribs just fall off the bone and need no BBQ although its tasty!

Erin Pfannenstiel 14 years, 8 months ago on Biemer's BBQ

This place is seriously AMAZING! I really love the loaded baked potato drenched in the awesome vinegar sauce they make in-house.Do yourself a favor and go here! Yum!

akuna 14 years, 8 months ago on Biemer's BBQ

I am giving them a lower overall score because of the last four times that I have been there they didn't have ribs. A barbecue joint without ribs is no barbecue joint at all in my opinion.If you want ribs, I would call ahead to make sure they have them.Otherwise, the food there is good, save for their fried pickles which aren't that good.

Sakuraba 15 years, 3 months ago on Biemer's BBQ

Just had my first taste, and it was pretty damn good. As advertised, it's a welcome taste of Carolina style BBQ way too close to Kansas City. The pulled pork was just as tender as Vermont Street without the greese, not that I really mind the greese, but my stomach does (we disagree on that point). The sauce had a good hickory flavor and let the flavor of the meat come through with it's lack of sweetness. It is actually pretty similar to the hickory sauce at Vermont St. (sorry, don't mean to keep comparing it, but I think enough people have eaten there that it makes a good refference). The real treat was the coleslaw. I loves me some coleslaw, but everyone round here puts mayo or whatever in it to make it suck. Not the case here. It is strait out of N. Carolina, where coleslaw is as much a topping as a side dish, and I strongly recomend using it as such. Hell, even skip the sauce altogether and just pile it as high as you can on the sandwich. The sandwich looked kind of small at first, but I'm as full as I want to be. It was $5 and the slaw was $1, so $6 for the experience without a drink. Same as anywhere in Lawrence, sans pricy Big's. I went through the drive through, which is great, but I'm assuming it's not much inside, and it doesn't have to be. It's always been a great spot for a hole in the wall restaurant. I will be going back, and I only work half a block from Vermont St., so that's saying something. As far as BBQ in Lawrence goes, I'll put it like this: If you've got $10+ to spend on lunch, go ahead and go to Big's. For the rest of us, this place can easily hang with Vermont St., which has been slipping for a while, and beats the inconsisntancy, crappy coleslaw and dried out, K.C. style meat at Granddad's in N. Lawrence. Although G-daddy's still has my favorite sauce ever. Put it on anything and it will taste great, especially the fries there, which are likewise hard to beat. I'll have to give it a few more tries before it's final, but right now this little hole in the wall has two thumbs up from me. So go get you some!

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