Buffalo Bob's Smokehouse

  • 719 Mass. Lawrence, KS 66044
  • 785-841-6400
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  • NOTE: This establishment is now closed. This entry remains for historical records.


JillGold23 10 years, 10 months ago on Buffalo Bob's Smokehouse

All of the BBQ is...MICROWAVED to perfection before arriving at your table. If you like your BBQ dry, at least 2-6 days old, and bought in extreme bulk from the company who could deliver it for the cheapest price for the week, Buffalo bobs is the place for you. The meat is the SAME stuff you can buy at your local Dillons or Checkers. Literally. Take it from someone who knows what it's like behind the scenes.

ThePilgrim 11 years, 1 month ago on Buffalo Bob's Smokehouse

I have to say this is the worst BBQ anywhere, and the worst meal I've had in Lawrence. Dry meat with no flavor.

Blessed4x 11 years, 2 months ago on Buffalo Bob's Smokehouse

Average BBQ with absolutely horrible fries. I do commend them for operating a BBQ joint in the middle of a city like Lawrence, but please, spend the money to drive into the metro and go to a real BBQ joint. For Lawrence, it's okay. Just don't compare it to anyplace in the metro or some of the small surrounding BBQ joints.

lionheart72661 11 years, 2 months ago on Buffalo Bob's Smokehouse

I have eaten at Buffalo Bob's twice and both times I have had excellent service and delicious food and plenty of it for the low price. I had the full brisket meal for $9.99 and when they brought my food i couldn't see the plate! THAT, is a good thing!

MCrow 12 years, 10 months ago on Buffalo Bob's Smokehouse

It's saddening to see all these negative responses to a well-established restaurant like Buffalo Bob's. I really enjoy the food, enjoy the atmosphere, enjoy the Bloody Mary's, and did I mention enjoy the food? There are different tastes and varying degrees of "BBQ," (as opposed to some of these other opinions), but Bob's does a great job at being a staple that I can return to time and time again. And 'time and time again' is because I usually take a huge box of leftovers home. So for the price paid, the amount and quality of food received cannot be beat.

notigers4me 12 years, 11 months ago on Buffalo Bob's Smokehouse

We have dined at Buffalo Bob's many times over the years and we have always had an meal that we would rate as very good. We have lived in lawrence for over 40 years and have dined at Buffalo Bob's since they first opened. The service is always decent and the food is always very good and the value is excellent.

pops333 12 years, 11 months ago on Buffalo Bob's Smokehouse

Terrible, and its a travesty for it even to be called barbecue. Burnt ends were chewy. Ribs were tough. The smoked meats looked and tasted like something off of a grocery store shelf.

It's absolutely ridiculous that barbecue of this "quality" would exist so close to Kansas City.

bstoppel 13 years ago on Buffalo Bob's Smokehouse

I went to the Dynamite Saloon/Bob's Smokehouse to watch the KU v. MU game. It is a great place to watch games. Lots of well-placed HD TVs and quality interior design.

But the food. I got a combo lunch deal with a many-meats sandwich, a chicken leg, beans, fries, and some sort of cinnamon and sugar ball of dough. It was a ton of food and I was starving. Unfortunately, the only palatable item was the ball of dough - and just barely.

I ended up leaving most of the food behind. It was awful. The meats were okay but the bbq sauces were tangy, ketchupy nastiness. The sauces don't classify as BBQ sauce in my book. The chicken was sadly marinated in one of the sauces. The beans were okay but definitely not good. The fries were so greasy that my heart jump out of my chest and had a heart attack on the table in front of me. And the doughy thing is far from beignet from Cafe du Monde.

I would not return there to eat. I will return to watch a game and drink. If I can find a menu item that is decent all the better, but for now, I don't have much hope.

BTW - maybe Bob should buy Vermont St. BBQ recipes. That space and good BBQ would be a deadly combo.

kushet 13 years, 8 months ago on Buffalo Bob's Smokehouse

This is by far the worst BBQ I've had in Lawrence. Though I've lived here for almost 5 years, this was my first time to Buffalo Bob's and it will be my last. The service was fine and they gave you a large glass of water; as for the food, it was completely tasteless. The sauces were also completely bland. For the price, you'd be better of going just about anywhere else.

poetcomic1 16 years ago on Buffalo Bob's Smokehouse

I got a bunch of certificates last year for Bob's. Tried four or five different things. TERRIBLE dreary indifferent food, The chicken wings appetizer was inedible rubber.

christinvandam 16 years ago on Buffalo Bob's Smokehouse

First BBQ place I went to in Lawrence was Biggs. Buffalo Bob's doesn't compare. My pork was luke warm and some fries frozen. Not worth another try.

Mike Pritchard 16 years, 6 months ago on Buffalo Bob's Smokehouse

Last time I was at Bob's...well was the last time at Bob's. They have quite possible the worst meat cuts. I remember asking for smoked turkey and I got "Louis Rich Sliced meat from the grocery store" instead.

JazzEgle 16 years, 10 months ago on Buffalo Bob's Smokehouse

It's perfect for a cheap lunch or dinner and large groups. Can't be the Family BBQ dinner for the food for the price. Also, it's pretty quick, and the fries are terrific.

hllymllr21 17 years, 3 months ago on Buffalo Bob's Smokehouse

I love to eat at the "Smokehouse". It is always very relaxed and the service is always top notch. You get alot for your money and the food is great-because its homemade, even the fries.

Wesley35 17 years, 4 months ago on Buffalo Bob's Smokehouse

For the price, its the best bbq deal in town. good service and fun different dining rooms

happymob 17 years, 6 months ago on Buffalo Bob's Smokehouse

I used to really like Buffalo Bob's, but as more interesting ethnic restaurants have opened up, I find myself eating here less and less. That said, it still serves tasty food and if you are hungry is a very nice value.

Snoop 17 years, 10 months ago on Buffalo Bob's Smokehouse


Putting barbecue sauce on cooked meat does not make it barbecue people.

Auscrazy 18 years, 8 months ago on Buffalo Bob's Smokehouse

As a graduate student at KU, I'm always looking for a bargain. I've been in Buffalo Bob's a number of times and have never ONCE come away disappointed in anything. I've never been to a restaurant outside a buffet that gave you as much food for your dollar as Buffalo Bob does. I usually order a half rack of the St. Louis style ribs. Along with it came a heaping mountain high full of fries, a sweet roll, and another side. This comes out to about $8.00, a wonderful value given the amount of food. The vibe is most wonderful there, as I am able to relax after a difficult day at the university. I've not once been disappointed with the service at Buffalo Bob's, as the waiters and waitresses are very courteous. Overall, I couldn't think of any other place I would want to take my friends and family if given the opportunity. Buffalo Bob's IS the place in Lawrence.

kataboom 18 years, 9 months ago on Buffalo Bob's Smokehouse

i love Buffalo Bob's...why? well their vibe is certainly the reason why alot of people love the place. the setting is great with the 3 levels & the smokers roost. the servers are cool & friendly & the food isnt bad at all. i had complaints about 3 years ago. i voiced my complaint & within a week it changed! the food is good & hey this isnt a BBQ cook-off at the fair so when you want the hankering for some good BBQ, go to Bob's.

Kelly Powell 19 years, 2 months ago on Buffalo Bob's Smokehouse

I'll eat there if everyone else wants to go, but it is far down on my list.....Contraversey about bob aside(and theres a bunch) I just try to steer away from the place...But it has been in business forever, so they must be doing something right.

petey 19 years, 3 months ago on Buffalo Bob's Smokehouse

I don't know what that guy was talking about... The owner of Buff. Bob's and Mass. St. Deli lives in Lawrence, KS and his name is Bob Schumm. I even used to work at this place. I know of no one that was dissatisfied with the work environment. In fact, it was a great place to work, very laid back and flexible. Rusty (the manager) has been there over 20 years. A good guy, and be sure to say 'hello' to him. Granted, it's not the best BBQ in the world, but it is excellent for the money and service.

So before you go running your mouth about local business Mr/s. "pc", look into who you're talking about.

Eat at Bob's!!!

Rob Curley 19 years, 5 months ago on Buffalo Bob's Smokehouse

It's not the best BBQ in the world, but it's well worth the money. Especially if you use those coupons that sometimes run the in newspaper. You'll get a ton of food for $5. And it's generally pretty quick if you're in a hurry over lunch.

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