Cadillac Ranch

Past events


David Borys 15 years, 1 month ago on Cadillac Ranch

This is a bar and nightclub, a really good one, with a mix of crowds on different nights. They do not server any food or have a kitchen.

SuperScrotch 17 years ago on Cadillac Ranch

I don't know what the other fellah was talking about but I had a shit ton of fun going there thursday night. The place is stacked with beautiful girls, none refused to dance, the music was good, getting to the bar and getting what i wanted didn't hardly any time at all. The music is really fun, new songs and classics. I would go here over "The Hawk" any day of the week. The Hawk plays crap techno music and charges too much for drinks. The Ranch is worth a try, you will enjoy yourself.

TheBowman 18 years, 1 month ago on Cadillac Ranch

I have only one thought as to what I wanted to do when I was there: leave....

There were too many obnoxious twentysomethings girls there who thought their pooh didn't stink and...well, it was annoying...

If I really want to have a really bad night, I'll be going back....

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