Campus Hideaway Roll Cafe

  • 1119 Mass. Lawrence, KS 66044
  • 785-749-9700
  • NOTE: This establishment is now closed. This entry remains for historical records.


Note: As of September, the Hideaway is temporarily closed. Word is they will be reopening soon in a new location.

This new Korean restaurant is as family-style as it comes. From quaint decor to people who are are obviously happy to be cooking in their own restaurant, it's a rare experience. The food offerings include a variety of Korean dishes, Kim-chi, Bi-bimba, as well as several sushi options.

Located in the old Campus Hideaway space, it's a bit tough to spot, around the corner from Mass. facing South Park.


razz 15 years ago on Campus Hideaway Roll Cafe

It's closed! What the heck! One of my favorite places in town! Anyone know what happened?

Cimmy Sheldon 15 years ago on Campus Hideaway Roll Cafe

I absolutely love this place. The food is excellent (I always get the BBQ, but I've heard raves about the rice bowls, too), the service is extremely friendly and open, and the prices are great.

Emily Hadley 15 years, 5 months ago on Campus Hideaway Roll Cafe

I love this place!! The veggie roll is the cheapest and most fun lunch I have found downtown, and they are so friendly and gracious! For five bucks I can get a fresh, vegan hand roll (so fat it barely fits in my mouth) and a Korean fruit juice-- perfect. Anyone who isn't vegan would have a dozen other choices that are equally economical, fresh, fast, and tasty. Definitely recommended.

kolisach 15 years, 7 months ago on Campus Hideaway Roll Cafe

I really enjoyed my experience there. My one problem was that they didn't write our name on the order (or give us a number) and they ended up giving half of our food to someone else. Also, they bring everything out individually, so you end up getting your food 15 minutes before your buddy.

But, it was all worth it! The last time I was there, 2 rednecks came in to have dinner. They guy wanted beef and broccoli and the lady wanted sweet and sour chicken. The poor girl taking the order tried to explain that they served Korean food, but it didn't work out too well. They guy said to the lady "what do we order when we go to Junction City?". Yeah, like Junction City is the mecca of cuisine.

With all that said, the food is good and the people are nice. You will need to be patient, but it is worth it.

Scott Tichenor 15 years, 7 months ago on Campus Hideaway Roll Cafe

I agree this little joint is a gem. The people are just the nicest folks you'll every meet and really do seem to be enjoying serving their customers. For the money, this is some of the very finest chow downtown. The BBB is exquisite and the rice bowls are a hearty balanced meal. For a starving college student, the Ramen noodle (much better than the packaged stuff you make yourself) is enough to feed two and is delicious, all at a price of $3.69. The free ginger tea is a nice added bonus. Our newest favorite carry-out for game days.

roger_o_thornhill 15 years, 7 months ago on Campus Hideaway Roll Cafe

Doesn't seem to be much to this review (i mean the contribution). All I know is that it may be hard for some to find, the owners are happy about having a restaraunt, and it serves two things you would expect if you have heard anything about Korean food. Did the reviewer eat there? Was there even a "reviewer"?

Scott Tichenor 15 years, 8 months ago on Campus Hideaway Roll Cafe

Their rice bowls are some of the best chow to be had in downtown in my opinion, and the Ramen bowl at $3.69 is easily big enough to feed 2-3 people. If I was a hungry college student, this is where I'd be hanging for the best value in food in the downtown. Nothing compares. Great food served by some very, very nice people. We've been there three times in the past week. We'll slow down at some point but intend to try everything. Only thing I wasn't crazy about was the Korean version of sushi. I'll stick to their rice bowls and soups--they're superb. Oh, and the free hot barley tea is a treat as well. Very highly recommended.

Kpatkar 15 years, 9 months ago on Campus Hideaway Roll Cafe

The interior is interesting. The service is great and the food is really good. The Bulgogi is slightly sweeter than other korean places I have tried but still really good. The soups and noodle dishes are great. If you want to eat sushi, this is not the place. The price is really great. Lawrence needed a good korean restaurant like this one.

Kelly Powell 15 years, 9 months ago on Campus Hideaway Roll Cafe

I love this place.....It's so damm surreal to get korean food in a place that looks like little house on the prairie....needs more variety in the kim chi department.

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