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Hands down the best burritos around. And not just because they're big (many might make two meals outta one). Fresh ingredients all assembled in front of you to your specs ensure you'll get the right wrap. If you should hesitate because this joint is a chain (with Mickey D's at the apex even), let your appetite be eased knowing the Chipotle Corp. is socially conscientious...and cool.

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J. Basil Dannebohm 16 years, 2 months ago on Chipotle (Downtown)

I've visited Chipotle's in several US cities. I must say, this location has the friendliest staff by far. And it's not just one or two "great eggs" everybody seems happy to be at work. Certainly rare in the "fast food" industry, this team has it together and has fun doing it. I love it!

saringa 17 years, 5 months ago on Chipotle (Downtown)

I am actually out here in Kensington, MD. But my brother just moved to Lawernce so i figured i would sent up somthing here.

Getting back to chipotle I know here they just ran a big promo with cards they sent out in the mail, and there were a million people in line but out here, they move that line fast, and know how to roll.

I guess I kind of love the food and alot more too.

melrich2002 18 years ago on Chipotle (Downtown)

I use to love this place until the last time i ate there. It was on Memorial Day. All day I was craving thier chicken soft tacos and was pumped up to eat one but on my second bite into it I had to spit it out and pull out a very long blonde hair. Man, its ruined for me now.

drunkagain 18 years, 1 month ago on Chipotle (Downtown)

Food is very good for a chain but very good for a chain is still average to above average for actual quality. As much as I want to hate a McDonalds chain, their chips and guac are good, won't say great, but very good.

womensright4ever 18 years, 4 months ago on Chipotle (Downtown)

Chipotle in my mind will suck forever. I will stand by that till the day I die. If you went behind the swinging mexican doors and worked there for even a hour, you would personally shoot yourself for ever eating there. Not only is their food not as fresh as you think, but their management sucks.They are irresponsible and lack proper training. They hire dumb asses and child molesters.I wish i could have thought twice before being a employee, now a former employee. I would take back anything to still have my security and dignity. I now refuse to even look at a Mcdonalds or chipotle establishment. I hope you guys think twice too, especially if you have young children or even just one person you care about in this world. Who deserves as a woman or man to have their rights taken away and violated. NO ONE.

elmersleznick 19 years, 5 months ago on Chipotle (Downtown)

I'm the first to admit that it's easy to partake of Chipotle's fast-food fare when you're too tired to think and your stomach is growling. But that's precisely the problem with this McDonalds-owned "pre-fab hip" chain's downtown location. Sure, it's affordable and relatively healthy vs. the Golden Arches and most of the other fried-food joints that claim the majority of overweight America's dining dollars. But the overstuffed burritos, limited choices (no variation allowed - just try asking!) and dumbed-down Cal-Mex food makes for a bland, shove-it-down-the-hole dining experience that attracts the generic frat boy and sorority girl crowd with Johnson County license plates on their brand-new, daddy-bought SUVs. Does downtown Lawrence really need a place like this, replete with faux-designer decor and tinny, blaring pseudo-rock? It's a dine-and-dash ethos here. Why not put it in a strip mall where it belongs and free up this space for a creative, locally owned eatery. Or, better yet, a grocery store that serves downtown residents real needs and doesn't strive to bring more Buckle and Jocks Nitch shoppers downtown.

I have nothing against the staff who work here, especially the friendly, hard-working Mexican-American servers (who are probably shaking their heads in amazement at the stupid Americans forking over $5.99 for a bastardized version of peasant food without the authentic flavors). But we do have to remain vigilant against brands that posture to be friendly, approachable and local, when they're really just props set up by corporate megaliths like McDonald's to siphon off more of our spending money by co-opting grass-roots trends.

Put your money where your heart is and go to La Parrilla or La Familia, and boycott Chipotle. And while you're at it, try to educate your fellow bland countrymen and remind them that the place is pronounced Chi-POT-lay, and not Chi-POL-tee. Argh!!!!

Tonya 19 years, 7 months ago on Chipotle (Downtown)

For the person that was griping about the wait, if close by or have the time visit the one out on the northstrip. Less of a line. Same good food!! Was really impressed. Just moved here about 4 months ago and for about the first few weeks we ate there about every four days. Also when our friends come up we take them there. Can't beat the prices and are confident that anybody we take there they will like it. Gotta try it!!

Rob Curley 19 years, 11 months ago on Chipotle (Downtown)

But I love Chipotle.

The food is great. The portions are huge. And the magic number on the menu is $5.

Most of my friends get the burritos, but don't overlook the crunchy tacos or the burrito bols. If you order one of the bols, order them with a bag of chips (which are great because they have the best tasting salt of any tortilla chip in the world), and then use the burritto bol as the best damn chip dip in the world.

And speaking of tasty dip, the guac is usually very good, too.

I only have one bitch, and it's only because Chipotle is no longer my little secret. When the line is outside of the door, that sucks. I love their food, but this Generation X'er doesn't normally have that kind of patience.

Besides that, I can forgive Chipotle for being owned by McDonalds. It seems to me that the two restaurants have nothing in common other than a fondness for red.

Oh wait, I do have one other complaint. They need to run coupons every once in a while, or start one of those clubs where you get a free burrito after you eat 10, or something like that. Chipotle has great food, but imagine how great it would be if it were free or cheap every once in a while.

If you haven't eaten there, go. Now.

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