El Matador Cafe


The quaintest Mexican juke joint in Lawrence and probably the Midwest. The servings are small and abundant, the wait staff feels like family, and the environment isn't "authentic" -- it's genuine.


BobbyBoucher 4 years, 8 months ago on El Matador Cafe

This is seriously the worst place I have ever eaten at. There was absolutely no one else there, and the "burrito" was cold canned beans served in the smallest excuse of a tortilla I've ever seen.

El Matador Café should be shut down.

Kyunuba 5 years, 1 month ago on El Matador Cafe

My family and I visited the El Matador this evening and it was not a very pleasant experience. First the bathroom had no toilet paper. The waitress would not allow us to order off the menu saying the kitchen was too backed up. We were forced to eat off the buffet or not eat - which was the wise choice of my Grandmother, even though there is a dish named after her on the menu. When I got to the buffet the rice was empty and the tortillas were cold. The waitress returned once to ask if we wanted more water and I said yes but she never actually came back with any water. The kitchen is NOT always open during business hours.

thecaptain 7 years, 3 months ago on El Matador Cafe

Is this place a joke??Horrible. Absolutely horrible.It took forever to get any menus/water. We waited forever for our food, meanwhile munching on overly greasy chips. The wait staff totally ignores you, even in an empty restaurant (what could they possibly be so busy with?). By the time they bring you something that you ask for, you'll need something else.I tried to order the simplest thing on the menu: cheese quesadillas. They were literally dripping with grease. It was inedible.The only good thing I can say about this place is that they have excellent cheese dip (if it ever gets to your table, that is).

mmarchin 9 years ago on El Matador Cafe

I love the homey feeling of this place. The food is tasty too.

readit 9 years ago on El Matador Cafe

Went last night with the family for the first time. Waited over five minutes for menus and water. Then waited 50 minutes for our food. We did get two bowls of unsalted, tasteless chips. At the 40 minute mark, we asked our waitress, (when she finally came back by with more water--my husband's glass had been empty for 15 minutes), if our food was coming soon. She informed us that they make each dish to order as it's ordered and it takes awhile.

When our meals finally came out, they were nothing but greasy, bland, awful-looking and -tasting blobs. All I could taste on my soggy taco/burrito?? was the bad cooking grease. After the long wait in the dirty, smelly back area of the restaurant and then the disappointment of the food, I can honestly say I'd rather eat at a dive in Tijuana, (and I have), than there again. Yuck.

r_doke 9 years, 9 months ago on El Matador Cafe

i love this place. never dissapoints. be patient with the waitstaff.

krazychiklet 10 years, 5 months ago on El Matador Cafe

we come here a lot. the food is amazing, especially the sopa and the enchiladas. if you really want to enjoy real mexican food, not tex-mex, but the real deal, come to el matador.

lawrence 11 years, 5 months ago on El Matador Cafe

The menu is not confusing at all. I love that this place honors its long time loyal customers by adding their name to the menu. The food is fantastic!

elmersleznick 11 years, 11 months ago on El Matador Cafe

We'd eat here more if they could help us navigate the confusing menu (all entrees named after a local resident who eats there often) and add some more vegetarian choices. Fantastic old-time vibe, with a jukebox that plays real 45-rpm records. Imagine that...

knightofdreams 12 years, 5 months ago on El Matador Cafe

Best american/mexican food you can find. Ive been from Vallejo california to new york new york to miami florida. Aside from La Familia this is the second best mexican resturant in america

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