El Torreon

  • 3101 Gillham Kansas City, MO 64109
  • 816-561-8349
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  • NOTE: This establishment is now closed. This entry remains for historical records.


El Torreon is an all-ages show spot located in the historic Hyde Park area of Kansas City, a few blocks east of Main Street in midtown. El Torreon regularly features local, national and even international underground rock'n'roll, garage, punk, powerpop, rockabilly, surf, & indie bands.

Open in 1927, its majestic ballroom (currently undergoing restoration) celebrated a great jazz history in the late twenties and thirties hosting Cab Calloway and other luminaries of that time.

In the 1950s it hosted rock & roll shows as well as a rollar skating rink, and in the 1970s as The Cowtown Ballroom, Kansas City music fans watched bands such as Van Morrison, Frank Zappa and Alice Cooper.

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jolliejeanne 15 years, 7 months ago on El Torreon

This club is very fine. The people are very friendly, even to a middle-aged lady like me...

My 18-year-old daughter kept asking me where to to "to meet the cute boys." One day while I was driving along 31st Street I saw a lot of cute boys in the parking lot of the El Torreon. I went home (in the neighborhood) and got my daughter and brought her there.

I thought I would just drop her off so I brought the dog. To our surprise, they let in all three of us, me, my daughter and Thunder -- for free! Of course, both my daughter and my dog are very attractive.

The music took some getting used to. The interesting thing was, my dog did not mind the very loud noise. And this band, Expendable Youth, even dedicated one of their loud songs to "the lady with the dog." Which was very smart because then I had to buy their CD and get them to sign it.

Anyway, I have been there a number of times since and heard some music I liked very well, particularly Red Fox Grey Fox.

The group that runs the club now have a magazine called Red Rocket, Since I am a writer I will write an article for the next issue.

Check it out!

Jeanne Bojarski xanga

quietdrive_fan11 16 years ago on El Torreon

Where can I find tickets to the March 21st show. The concert is QUIETDRIVE and A CHANGE OF PACE...

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