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  • NOTE: This establishment is now closed. This entry remains for historical records.


The new restaurant venture by the Krauses officially opened in the old Round Corner Drugstore space in April 2010. It's a sharp space (although it can be Free-State-caliber noisy), and the food — a straight forward selection of tacos and Nuevo Latino cuisine — is delicious.

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K Meisel 12 years, 2 months ago on Esquina

I am very disappointed in Esquina. The order setup is awkward to navigate and moves slowly, the menu board is difficult to read and the menu itself is over-worked and contrived. We tried five different tacos and each was worst than the one before. Every protein was over-cooked and dried out, the tortillas were cold, rubbery, and slimy, the rice was under-cooked. The food was bland, the sauces were weak and uninspiring, the chimichurri seemed to be spoiled. I will never eat at Esquina again and I will discourage others from eating there as well.

Sorry Krauses, this concept just doesn't fly. The space looks great, but I cannot recommend the food. When it comes to tacos, the focus should be on the flavor and the components should make sense. I left Esquina hungry and saddened by the poor quality of the food.

dubstep 12 years, 5 months ago on Esquina

My girlfriend and I were excited to try Esquina, as we are avid fans of the Burger Stand and the idea of a mexican-with-a-twist (we were worried about La Parrilla having direct competition, but after eating there, I don't think that's an issue). However, we were very disappointed with the fare and the service. I had the steak tacos, while my girlfriend had one steak, one fish, and one potato taco. None had much flavor, and none were very warm. (Tip 1: cook everything fresh! I saw the heat lamps keeping the food warm, but in tasting it, it clearly was not fresh). Despite descriptions that sounded like the tacos would be bursting with flavor, all four varieties were pretty bland. The queso was the one redeeming thing about this place. I can't imagine the Krauses designed the menu to be reflected this way, maybe they need a new manager.

As for the service, I was very disappointed. Just like La Parrilla, you order and pay (and tip) before getting your food. With a bar at the front, you can order drinks with your food in the back, and the bartenders receive the order over the computer. They do not have a soda/water station that customers can access (like at La Parrilla), so you are reliant on an employee refilling water, etc. I understand the role of servers in this format of a restaurant can be a bit ambiguous, but here's what really "grinds my gears." We ordered two alcoholic ($6) drinks, and the bartenders made them, and set them at the end of the bar. It was not busy AT ALL, and I recognized the busser/server girl from Milton's, so she obviously was not new to food service. While she milled around at the food counter, we sat there looking at our drinks at the end of the bar. After a couple of minutes, I went and got the drinks myself, which seemed to surprise the bartender. When I ran out of water, I placed the glass at the end of the table, while the server/busser sat there at the counter doing NOTHING for a solid five minutes. When I went to the counter to get a refill, she said something like "Oh, do you want more water?"

I realize I shouldn't expect a true waitress, but having a tip line on the receipt and a tip jar, one would assume they would receive some form of service, especially when one gives more than 15% BEFORE even receiving the service. One tip for future customers: DON'T TIP because you won't get service worth the tip.... unless they have shaken things up.

Overall, I was really disappointed, and after speaking with about five or six friends and family members, only one person was not equally disappointed, and their review was not exactly glowing.

La Parrilla, have no fear, Esquina just doesn't cut it.... Krauses, please step in and fix this, I know it could be MUCH better. Good concept, poor management and please start cooking everything FRESH, not under a da*m heat lamp!

oolert 12 years, 6 months ago on Esquina

As an omnivore (and avid fan of most anything made from pigs), i'd have to say Esquina is amazing. I grew up eating really spicy food and on certain dishes (like the soup this week) Krause really delivers! The only tacos I've had so far are the pork, fish (walu), and potato. The fish and pork were wonderfully balanced in flavor and texture. The Peruvian potato was more like garlic mashed potatoes wrapped up in a tortilla, pretty bland, I wish the potatoes had been crispy. The queso is excellent, and is good even after it stops being pipping hot (instead of turning into plastic). My one gripe is the lack of a good non-alcoholic drink, because whatever kind of coca cola product lemonade they have doesn't cut it. Even Cocobolos in Manhattan, KS has fresh squeezed lemonade (with free refills). I vote for a lime spritzer infused with cilantro/mint, or some horchata. The inside is gorgeous, with great atmosphere and furniture, that is at once modern and familiar/warm/friendly. Highly recommended 4/5.

djdeadpool 12 years, 6 months ago on Esquina

I ate at this place yesterday. I would maybe give it 2 out of 5 stars. I had the Tofu tacos which I thought were pretty terrible. They are advertised as "chorizo style tofu with potatoes and vegetables". What I got was 3 tacos filled with bland unflavored tofu and a ton of raw red cabbage. There were no potatoes or other vegetables. The tacos overall just tasted bitter(due to the large amounts of red cabbage). After eating the first one I didn't even want the other 2 but I choked them down anyway remembering that I just shelled out $3 a piece for them. I also had the chips and queso, which is the only reason I'm giving them 2 stars instead of just 1. The queso was pretty good. The cheese was nice and creamy and had what I believe was some pureed habanero pepper dropped into the middle of it. I can't speak for the meat tacos. Like I said I only had the tofu tacos. If you are a vegetarian like me and you're looking for a good taco I would recommend going down the street to La Parilla or Chipotle, or trekking across town to Tortas Jalisco. They are far superior. Cheaper too.

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