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pfeifer1 8 years, 4 months ago on Hastings Books, Music and Video

I always take my movies back the next day religiously so I can get store credit to get more movies. The store manager didn't think so this time. He insisted that I was wrong not him. No, in fact he was wrong, not me. I agree about the managers being rude. I'm considering not going there anymore, but if you do go there, talk to someone other than a manager that doesn't just care about the bottom line. Decent movies don't make up for bad PR.

Matt Torres 8 years, 11 months ago on Hastings Books, Music and Video

I'm never sure how I feel about this store. I like that it's a fairly small chain, and I like that once they're done renting out copies of a movie, they sell them for pretty cheap, so if you time it right you can get a great condition copy of a fairly new movie.

However, if you try to sell books there, they better be BRAND SPANKING new. I went in there with a perfect condition hard-back copy of a recent book. Dust jacket flawless, pages and binding flawless. But they wouldn't take it. I had purchased it at the Lawrence Library booksale and there was a teeeeeny tiny little "3" written just inside the front cover. Seriously no bigger than the fingernail on my pinky. The guy told me that they couldn't take it because of the "3" and when I looked at him incredulously he said I was welcome to go and erase it, but if it left any marks or indentation they wouldn't take it. Oh, and then he wouldn't give me an eraser. So yeah...if you've got books you want to get rid of, go ahead and go to Half Price Books. They may not give you as much, but they'll take more and they won't turn around and sell it to you for darn near full price. And they're nicer. I'm sure they'd loan you an eraser if you needed one.

tokenshi 9 years, 6 months ago on Hastings Books, Music and Video

The Managers at this location are incredibly rude and are way more concerned with the bottom line than customer satisfaction. The buyback policy is inflexible, even when a defective product is sold, and they make no bones about ripping you off under the guise of 'corporate policy,' which as it turns out is not published anywhere so we're forced to take their word at it. Games and BlueRay movies are overpriced, an average of 5-10 dollars higher than their next biggest competitor in Lawrence (Target.)

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