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Azzrian 12 years, 7 months ago on Hookah House

Lovely place! I smoke a LOT of Hookah at home, but have only been to one other hookah bar before. This hookah bar has a nice relaxed atmosphere compared to the more cafe type hookah bar I went to in Kansas City. I like BOTH atmospheres and find nothing wrong with either but it was so enjoyable to lay back, kick my shoes off and feel like I was a guest at someone's home as opposed to out and about at a cafe.

I was able to purchase some Starbuzz Bluemist at the Hookah House which I was DELIGHTED to know they sell it! I used to have to order online and pay an extra shipping fee! They also have a lot of other shisha selections and I found another new favorite as well!

Good selection of coals to purchase including natural cocoa coals.

The guy working there (I feel bad I do not recall his name) was wonderful, friendly, knowledgeable etc. I learned a lot from him and I have been smoking hookah for a good year now.

He was so kind to write down some of the music selections for me as I was unable to find anything like they play in the hookah bars on my own.

We did in fact get some free drinks and not just fountain drinks but some specialty canned beverages (imported) one with actual mango chunks in it that was amazing! We did not get free hummus but then we also did not ask - I know for sure had we asked he would have been happy to oblige! We simply were not hungry as we had just eaten dinner before going.

I can not express how enjoyable of a time we had, as adults with teen kids it is nice to get out and away from home for a while but still feel comfortable and feel you can kick off your shoes and lay back on tons of pillows!

IT was not too busy when we went as we arrived right around 5pm (when they open) and I am sure when we go back later sometime it will be livelier - but for a mellow relaxed evening out it was A+

We will definitely be back!

We live in Topeka so the half hour drive is more than worth it!

Thanks Hookah House!

kurtmoeri 15 years, 4 months ago on Hookah House

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mrkaleb 15 years, 5 months ago on Hookah House

this is the best place in the world i mean girls love it i have no idea why she would say that. by the way it is rose water lemonade LEMONADE not tea you where probably drunk. i always recieve complimentary hummus and rose water LEMONADE you should have just asked and you guyz are the best you are just nice people. keep it up HOOKAH HOUSE

LilMissy 15 years, 8 months ago on Hookah House

When we went we didn't receive any complimentary drinks or food. I bought the rosewater tea...I think it was Crystal Light

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