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BongoTini Celebrates Retro Cocktail Hour’s 20th Anniversary

Friday, May 6
7 p.m. N/A Music

BongoTini celebrates Retro Cocktail Hour's 20th Anniversary

Friday, May 6
7 p.m. – 9 p.m. N/A Music

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kbee 8 years, 9 months ago on The Jackpot Music Hall

David Bazan is actually playing on September 20th, according to his website...


kbee 8 years, 9 months ago on The Jackpot Music Hall

David Bazan is playing on Sept. 20th according to his website...


David Ryan 9 years ago on The Jackpot Music Hall

I'd like to say that my nearly 3-year old comment doesn't do the Jackpot justice anymore.

I've been to many shows at the Jackpot since Oct. 2004, and the difference between then and now is nearly enough to make it seem a different and far better place to see shows than the one I commented on before.

Nick and his crew there have done excellent work beefing up the sound system, raising and increasing the size of the stage, creating more room (at least, that's how it seems; and that's good enough for me) for people to see bands.

So, my 2007 self would like to disagree with my 2004 self (hey, that's my prerogative).

Joltshot_Miner 9 years, 10 months ago on The Jackpot Music Hall

I don't know what these guys are talking about. Whenever I go to see a show at the Jackpot, I have a f***ing blast. The selection of bands that they bring to town is wide ranging and unlike any other place in Lawrence. I go to see Charlie Parr every time he comes through and plays at the Jackpot. One of the best live shows that I've ever seen was Rocky Votoloto and it sounded fantastic and I had plenty of room even though the place was packed. Yes, the Jackpot is a medium sized venue, but that is the point. You get to see the bands you love, up-close and personal! I think the Jackpot has remodeled since the comments from 2004 and 2005. I'm not sure, but if they haven't I can't understand how anyone would have ever not enjoyed a show at the Jackpot.

Danger_Prone_Daphney 10 years, 11 months ago on The Jackpot Music Hall

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chango 10 years, 11 months ago on The Jackpot Music Hall

The Jackpot (while small) is a needed and successful addition to downtown Lawrence. I've seen Viva Voce, The Starlight Mints, Of Montreal, Arcade Fire, Buck 65 there just to name a few of the amazing national acts. Most of these names have gone on to bigger places and garnered (sp) lots of recognition, and i think its due to place like the Jackpot that give the band a chance to get personal with the crowd. I love being packed in and strugling for a spot to see a band that I probably wont ever get a chance to again. the starlight mints are playing at the 'Neck now and so are Of Montreal, so i say DONT EVER MISS A CHANCE TO SEE NATIONAL ACTS AT THE JACKPOT! Not to mention local bands like Connor, Ghosty, Blackout Gorgeous, Golden Republic, Appleseed Cast, Minus Story, Namelessnumberheadmen, etc. F*ck, anyone in Lawrence better not bitch about venues. we are riding high!

Emily Kennedy 11 years, 2 months ago on The Jackpot Music Hall

um, it doesn't show up there yet, but it might very soon... a very cool band is coming to play in lawrence on thursday, March 10th at the Jackpot. they are called del cielo.

and i know for a fact that the show will be populated by at least two suicide girls! yessss!

because yeah. the weather's warming up, and it's a good time to go to a show!

richard 11 years, 4 months ago on The Jackpot Music Hall

yeah, i agree with "hell yes". another venue never hurts. i'd rather have a couple complaints than no arcade fire show etc...

slipping 11 years, 4 months ago on The Jackpot Music Hall

Great, great venue! My band ( just played for the first time last night & it was great. Nice people, a sound guy who actually pays attention, cool atmosphere...highly recommended!

hellyes 11 years, 4 months ago on The Jackpot Music Hall

Now that Brett and the Bottleneck have lost and/or fired the majority of the booking/promotion staff that was actually trying to enhance our local music scene in debt of their undying love for all things music,,,,, i'm sure glad there is a place like the Jackpot Saloon & Music Hall. It's quite frightening to realize that without the brave souls who have put up the money/ time/ and quite possibly their careers to make the Jackpot a unique and enjoyable place to see live music IN THE heart OF DOWNTOWN, we would not have the opportunity to see half of the great but unknown bands who are on tour on a very small scale, almost always with no label or record contract tour support. There will always be someone who is not content with the way things are, and the way things may become. Thank ALLAH herself we all don't have to think the same. I, myself, sincerely hope that any of the staff of the LAWRENCE JOURNAL WORLD or LAWRENCE.COM don't use their own pens to generalize their experience of one band and one show at a brand new venue, obviously still trying to stand on it's own feet. SUPPORT LOCAL MUSIC or we all lose.

David Ryan 11 years, 6 months ago on The Jackpot Music Hall

Let's face it: the Jackpot is no place to have a show with a band reasonably likely to bring in more than 75 people.

More than 75 people makes a show at the Jackpot not a show but closer to a rip off.

The Decemberists SOUNDED good: but one doesn't go to a show simply to HEAR a band.

And last night this patron was better served standing outside listening to the show than by trying to squeeze into the Jackpot's far-not-large-enough floor space.

Great bands, but a terrible place for them to play.

Oh -- the bartenders are absolutely TOP NOTCH. Same for the door persons.

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