Jasmin Restaurant


andrealp 14 years, 11 months ago on Jasmin Restaurant

This makes an excellent novelty excursion, nothing beats nachos as an appetizer for chinese food. We found that after the nachos the three of us could have easily split one entree rather than ordering three.... the portions are comically large - This is a good thing! We left with three boxes of extra food. The food is good, though it tastes like they shake a little black pepper on their fried rice which is odd. The service is friendly, and the whole establishment appears to be family run. It feels like a small town restaurant, because it is and is decorated accordingly so: A little tacky but still comfortable. If you have a need to be in Eudora, I would heartily suggest trying it out, or if you are in Lawrence and want to do something unique for dinner, the 15 minute drive is worth it

Susan Roberts 15 years, 5 months ago on Jasmin Restaurant

This place is worth a trip to Eudora, even with high gas prices. The food is super delicious -- both chinese and mexican -- and the prices are inexpensive. The setting is not fancy but it is comfortable. Go to downtown Eudora and look for the bright blue building! Go NOW; you can thank me later

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