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You've been eating fast food for a week and your body is wilting; time to reenergize with a smoothie. Juice Stop packs enough vitamins to qualify as a fossil into a single delicious fruit shake. Add hip new-age additives like Ginko Balboa and you're sure to leap oceans in a single bound.

We also feature on our menu Hot Soups, Hot Pretzel,s Hot Cider, Hot Chocolate, Herbal Teas and Coffee, as well as several vegan-friendly items.


Caller Hunsaker 17 years, 8 months ago on Juice Stop (Downtown)

The smoothie menu has so many selections and the staff is always ready to help you pick one out depending on what your tastes are. They will also allow you to create your own! The selection of HOT pretzels is great. (They recently changed vendors and the pretzels are about 50% larger than they used to be.) If you get a pretzel and smoothie you can get a combo and save $$$. They also carry veegan friendly items like cookies and oat cakes and even some of these items have no wheat. These people at Juice Stop go out of their way to find stuff for everyone of every taste and food lifestyle to enjoy. They have been under new management since spring of 2005 and you can see a difference in the operations and quality of products and selection.

ireland53 19 years, 4 months ago on Juice Stop (Downtown)

I will try to make it brief: threw up all day from drinking a smoothie, manager says come in and get a refund, then employees argue over whether or not the manager told me I could have a refund, only get half of my money back, was told that I was the 2nd case of food poisoning in 7 years and manager argues with me saying I couldn't have food poisoning and I just must have been allergic, then find out that this business had gotten many calls from people that week who were sick in the hospital from drinking their smoothies.

ShootingStar 19 years, 8 months ago on Juice Stop (Downtown)

Well, not "food" poisoning, but definately smoothie poisoning. My friend and I were vomiting all day long after we got the same smoothies. Employees were discouragingly rude to me upon requesting a refund, stating that the reason I was puking was not their fault. After ten minutes of arguing pointlessly with the owner, I decided to walk out with only half the amount of money I had spent the day before. Another thing that deeply troubled me was the inacurate information provided to me by the owner. He told me that my case of sickness was the second incident in seven years. After the fact, I had spoken with a collegue whom was a friend of a Juice Stop employee. This anonymous employee informed my collegue about a weeks worth of people calling in complaining of being in the hospital sick from a new batch of blends received earlier that week. Hopefully this story will help Juice Stop customers to think twice before purchasing a smoothie.

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