Haskell Diner

  • 1910 Haskell Ave Lawrence, KS 66046
  • 785-832-1378
  • NOTE: This establishment is now closed. This entry remains for historical records.


Small, cheap, old school, with good waitresses and no frills, it's the kind of place there should be more of. Eggs, hash browns, sausage and hamburgers washed down with coffee and orange juice. Mmm.

Open for breakfast and lunch Monday through Saturday, and breakfast on Sundays.


c_doc77 14 years, 4 months ago on Haskell Diner

This place is in the classic tradition of the small town diner. The breakfast is very good, better than anything else in town that I know of. Their burgers are okay. Nothing to write home about, but a great value on Wednesdays because they're half off. A burger and fries is only $3.20 total, including tax.

Jocelyn Craft 14 years, 5 months ago on Haskell Diner

Kelly's Diner is the quintessential greasy-spoon. The food there speaks to my down-home soul, and is a far cry from the fancified cuisine of many other local Lawrence restaurants. Classic selections, no substitutions, this is simple, hearty fare in unassuming environs.

There are times I really need this simplicity. Kelly's Diner is a place I can feed it.

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