Mike's Tavern

  • 5424 Troost Ave. Kansas City, MO 64110
  • 816-444-3399
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  • NOTE: This establishment is now closed. This entry remains for historical records.


It's not million-dollar decor. It's not staff with attitude. It sure as hell isn't fad beverages and fake scenesters. What makes an under-the-radar institution like Mike's Tavern thrive for over 40 years is embarrassingly simple: Unbeatable entertainment. A comfortable environment. Friendly people. Great eats. Cheap drinks.

Mike's is a place where the unexpected happens. David Bowie's band played here. George Wendt (Cheers) honed his beer guzzling character Norm at the end of the bar while a student at nearby Rockhurst University. When Paul Rudd (Friends, Clueless, Cider House Rules) visits family and friends in Kansas City, he makes it a point to stop by. You never know who you'll bump into here, so come on in and surprise yourself.

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