Montana Mike's Steakhouse


LHC 10 years, 11 months ago on Montana Mike's Steakhouse

I have eaten at many restaurants and have never commented on any, good or bad; but this evening, I had the ultimate displeasure of being served food that was blatantly spoiled. Unfortunately, the signs of spoilage were not apparent and I proceeded to eat my meal; however, the taste was appalling and immediately sickening. Following that taste, I smelled the food to better understand what I tasted and the smell confirmed the food was obviously spoiled. My daughter smelled the food and was also sickened by it. I notified one of the waitresses who asked if we wanted to speak to the manager. We agreed; however, the manager simply confirmed the food was spoiled and indicated the kitchen manager had been reprimanded. Needless to say, we could not finish our meals. I would strongly discourage anyone who is considering eating at Montana Mike's to think about our experience and choose an alternative restaurant. Eating out is supposed to be a pleasurable, enjoyable experience and not one to make you feel like regurgitating your food. I would not recommend this place to anyone and would encourage the board of health to investigate.

tribhuvan 14 years ago on Montana Mike's Steakhouse

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my2cjms 15 years ago on Montana Mike's Steakhouse

My kids and I eat at Montana Mike's in Danville, IL approx. once a week - until now.
Last nite we ate there, I had teriaki chicken and they split a full order of ribs. Their ribs were extremely dry and the meat was actually hard, roughly 50% we could not even get off the bone. My chicken was super dry and the cut was very small. I commented to our server how dissatisfied with the entire meal we were, she made no concessions. Will be our last trip to Montana Mike's and that is too bad since it was our favorite place to dine in Danville.

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